World of Jazz 472

Exploring jazz from around the world this show has music from Mark Lockheart, Jorge Rossy, Daniel Carter, Joaquin Muro, Nicholas Bridgmen, Pepa Päivinen and Mario Laginha. Kicking off with the funky sounds of the Shuffle Demons.

  • Shuffle Demons “All In” from All In (Stubby Records) 00:00
  • Mark Lockheart “Dreamers” from Dreamers (Edition) 07:01
  • Jorge Rossy, Robert Landfermann, Jeff Ballard “Post Catholic Waltz” from Puerte (ECM) 12:52
  • Daniel Carter, Ayumi Ishito, Eric Plaks, Zach Swanson, Jon Panikkar “Blues” from Open Question Vol 1. (577 Records) 19:36
  • Joaquin Muro “Astenia” from Contracara (ears&eyes) 32:05
  • Nicholas Bridgman “Morning Showers” from Blue Horizon (Self Released) 37:33
  • Pepa Päivinen “Personal Breath” from Personal Breath (Orbit 577) 42:59
  • Mario Laginha “Short Shore” from Short Shore (Edition) 50:01
  • Mark Lockheart “Jagdish” from Dreamers (Edition) 1:00:00
  • Jorge Rossy, Robert Landfermann, Jeff Ballard “Maybe Tuesday” from Puerte (ECM) 1:02:25
  • Daniel Carter, Ayumi Ishito, Eric Plaks, Zach Swanson, Jon Panikkar “Synchronicity” from Open Question Vol 1. (577 Records) 1:10:17
  • Nicholas Bridgman “Serpentine” from Blue Horizon (Self Released) 1:16:45
  • Pepa Päivinen “1.5.1918” from Personal Breath (Orbit 577) 1:21:09
  • Mark Lockheart “Fluorescences” from Dreamers (Edition) 1:30:53
  • Joaquin Muro “Sonar-La oscuridad del lecho marino” from Contracara (ears&eyes) 1:35:44
  • Shuffle Demons “Strange Days” from All In (Stubby Records) 1:41:11
  • Whit Dickey, William Parker, Matthew Shipp “Village Mothership” from Village Mothership (Tao Forms) 1:46:34
  • Nicholas Bridgman “Beautiful Memories” from Blue Horizon (Self Released) 1:58:07

Shuffle Demons

‘All In’ is the exciting new all-instrumental album from Canada’s iconic Shuffle Demons. Featuring compositions by four of five band members, the music ranges from brilliantly composed contemporary jazz to groovy funk jazz reminiscent of the JB Horns or Average White Band, all played with the inimitable Shuffle Demons style and unique sound. With standout solos and dynamic group playing, this album adds a new instrumental-only twist to the Shuffle Demons repertoire and is one of their finest albums to date. Recorded and engineered by Jeremy Darby and Julian Decorte at Canterbury Music Company, Toronto, October 2-4, 2020. • Produced, mixed and mastered by Jono Grant at Victory Drive Music • Cover Art by ‘J.’ • Layout and design by Matt Lagan • The cover art was painted by artist ‘J’ who was a camper in Trinity Bellwoods park. To help the homeless in Toronto, $1 from the sale of each CD will be donated to
The Shuffle Demons:
Richard Underhill – alto and bari saxes
Kelly Jefferson – tenor saxophone
Matt Lagan – tenor saxophone
Mike Downes – acoustic bass
Stich Wynston – drum

Mark Lockheart

Dreamers is the new project from the legendary British saxophonist and composer Mark Lockheart featuring Elliot Galvin (Dinosaur, Elliot Galvin Trio), Tom Herbert (Polar Bear, The Invisible) and Dave Smith (Robert Plant). Stylistically free and psychedelic in nature, the release of Dreamers signals a new trajectory for the musician who has already featured on a wide ranging and diverse catalogue of albums including Radiohead’s Kid A. As a founding member of Loose Tubes and Polar Bear, Mark Lockheart has always remained ahead of the curve and has constantly explored new directions in his own music. Dreamers epitomises this adaptation and evolution, allowing the music to speak beyond the boundaries of genre and predictability. Mark has created an album which is direct and unpretentious but also surprising and unexpected.

Mark Lockheart – saxophones
Elliot Galvin – keyboards
Tom Herbert – bass guitar
Dave Smith- drums

Jorge Rossy, Robert Landfermann, Jeff Ballard

Jorge Rossy makes his leader debut for ECM on vibraphone and marimba, carving out a diversified musical programme in interplay with Robert Landfermann on bass and Jeff Ballard on drums. The Spanish musician’s switch to mallets follows his contribution on drums to guitarist Jakob Bro’s trio with Arve Henriksen on Uma Elmo. Puerta sees Jorge leading his trio through a set of original compositions.

The album’s inception can be traced back to Jorge’s growing interest in the vibraphone, going back over a decade. “With this trio the objective was to leave a lot of space for the instruments to breathe and unfold by playing fewer, essential notes. It is also something I finally felt ready to do, after having played it safe in the comfort of harmonically dense line ups in the past,” explains Jorge. Thus, Puerta proves a collaboration based on an equal footing – each instrument sharing the spotlight to the same degree.

Daniel Carter, Ayumi Ishito, Eric Plaks, Zach Swanson, Jon Panikkar

Open Question Vol. 1 — soon to be followed by a second volume—is the first of two albums that rely on stellar, warm, collective, and freely improvised music. The band formed organically in 2019 from weekly jam sessions in Harlem; it is comprised of tenor saxophonist Ayumi Ishito, pianist Eric Plaks, bassist Zach Swanson, and drummer Jon Panikkar, and later, multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter. Recording an album with only free improvisation was Ishito’s long-time dream, stalled by the pandemic, and realized only this year. Open Question’s music today, while fully improvised, remains firmly rooted in the jazz tradition. This is best heard on “Synchronicity,” the last recorded piece of the session, where each musician’s trajectory diverges even as the piece holds together. On the track, Carter starts out with soprano sax then later switches to tenor toward the middle of the piece, as Carter and Ishito playfully spar with competing tenor melodies. This album marks Ayumi Ishito’s second album on 577 Records, following her widely-acclaimed Ayumi Ishito & the Spacemen Vol. 1 (2021).

Joaquin Muro

Joaquin Muro – trumpet
Camila Nebbia – tenor saxophone
Pía Hernandez – piano
Diana Arias – double bass
Martín Freiberg – drums

After releasing his first album as a leader, Joaquin Muro quickly returns with his second work: Contracara. It is presented as a B-side of his first album, Oxímoron. Recorded in the same session as the latter, the album has its roots in the free improvisation meetings Joaquin had with his friend and colleague Camila Nebbia (with a musical bond that goes back many years, having shared important projects such as the Juan Izkierdo Grupo and Richard Nant’s La Big Nant) during the 2020 lockdown in Buenos Aires. Invited to record on one track of the first work, the original idea was to record two free improvisations that would serve as separators of the album’s tracks. Having plenty of time in the studio, these sonic experimentations resulted in 7 tracks (3 as a duo and 4 with the full band) that ended up spontaneously becoming the material for a second album.

The music of Contracara is presented as the complementary opposite of the music of Oxímoron, a very arranged album, with a lot of written passages and a high presence of counterpoint and irregular metrics as main compositional resources. In this case, the common thread of the album is free and spontaneous improvisation, a field in which Joaquin feels very comfortable and which is also a faithful reflection of his profile as an artist.

Nicholas Bridgman

This project took shape in the summer of 2020, when Nicholas collected 12 of his best compositions from the last five years. He wanted to record them with a band, but it was the middle of COVID, and live performances were hard to come by. So he went on the online jamming site, Jamkazam, where he met Jim, Craig, and Dan in various virtual jam sessions. They each took an interest in the project, and they committed to spending the next year recording from their hometowns around the U.S. Jim provided exceptional work arranging the songs in collaboration with Nicholas, and Craig and Dan brought exciting new angles to each piece with their accompaniment and solos.

All songs composed by Nicholas Bridgman, arranged by Jim O’Sullivan and Nicholas Bridgman, and performed by Nicholas Bridgman (piano), Craig Hall (guitar), Dan Koloski (bass), and Jim O’Sullivan (drums). Mastered by Nicholas Bridgman using Apple Logic Pro X.

Pepa Päivinen

Using classic instruments and simple composition, Pepa Päivinen and Jussi Miettola illuminate a tale from their national history, bringing to life a story set in the deep of Scandinavian winter. A thrilling, and ultimately tragic, recounting of Finland’s 1918 civil war is brought to life by Woodwinds, Flutes, Seagull Merlin, Voice and Percussion. On “Personal Breath,” Päivinen’s layered melodies take center stage as lush instrumental overlays, inspiring emotion and building tension that’s released in the album’s natural arc. In the artist’s words, the project emulates a “warm breath on a cold winter day,” an overwhelmingly human feeling in Finland’s harsh invernal climate. The track 1.5.1918 is inspired by the play ‘Veriruusut’ (Bloodroses) KOM-theatre (Helsinki), about a Finnish Red Guard company, 36 women aged 15-23 years old who were caught and shot by the White Guard without trial on May 1, 1918. It was an event that changed the course of the war, involving the destiny of these women with that of a nation—and beautifully retold through rich baritones, whistling flutes and tempered percussion.

Pepa Päivinen – Woodwinds, Flutes, Seagull Merlin, Voice and Percussion

Jussi Miettola – Drums and Percussion

Recorded January 2021 by Jussi Miettola in Sipoo, Finland

Mario Laginha

A hidden gem of a pianist and composer, Portugal’s Laginha beautifully inhabits the space between the European and the African, wrapped in playing of Chopin-like elegance. Jangada, meaning raft, originates from the idea of ‘picking up pieces of driftwood and binding them together to form a whole’ – a beautiful metaphor that describes the organic collation of influences that are channelled into the music. This is a single from the forthcoming album

Bernardo Moreira (double bass) and Alexandre Frazão (drums)

Whit Dickey, William Parker, Matthew Shipp

Recorded February 11, 2020, Park West Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Matthew Shipp: piano
William Parker: bass
Whit Dickey: drums

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