Aural Delights on the Overflow 99

A selection of some the great releases from German Shepherd Records in 2021

Boz Hayward “History Lesson” from V Years
Dan Ecclestone “I Forever Dream Of Home” from Hidden Music
2 Lost Souls “Simple Creatures” from Another’s Insomniac Dreams
The Wonders of Undo “Rolling Thunder” from CtrlZ
Longsight “I’m Talking To You” from I’m Talking To You
Staggs “The Officer’s Mess” from Unfinished Cadence
The Screaming Love Collective “Lucid” from Life In Orbit
Lizard Brain “Featureless Zone” from Confection
Mark Corrin “Electric Dimension Colonel” from Electric Dimension Colonel
The Parasite “Peeler’s Squealer” from True Crime Stories
Auster Boys “Sentimental Towers” from Let ‘Em Dangle
Filed Fangs “Conduit” from Conduit
Inferior Complex featuring Dominic Carlton Jones “Believe In Me” from Believe In Me
Adventures of Salvador “Skin ‘n’ Bones” from Skin ‘n’ Bones
Moff Skellington “I Would Rather Be A Fungus” from Mr Kipling’s Palace Ceiling
Cosmic Panthers “Manchester” from Life And Death At The Red Wall

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