World of Jazz 469

On this weeks show all new releases from Matías Formica, Nori Tani, Carn Davidson 9, Ayumi Tanaka, GNP and Edward Simon plus Posi-tone records with their tribute to Wayne Shorter.

  • Matías Formica Trios “Inexorable” from Hastio y Paranoia (Numeral) 00:00
  • Nori Tani “Portrait in Black & White” from Tomodacho (Friends) (Robin/Tani Media Factory) 05:34
  • Tom Severino & Nori Tani “Not Yet (Featuring Peter Erskine & Jimmy Haslip)” from New Step (Robin/Tani Media Factory) 13:47
  • Carn Davidson 9 “A New Life” from The History Of Us (Three Pines Records) 20:26
  • Ayumi Tanaka Trio “Black Rain” from Subaqueous Silence (ECM) 29:27
  • David Ashkenazy “Chief Crazy Horse” from Shorter Moments (Posi-Tone) 34:41
  • GNP “JC” from Codes (ears&eyes) 41:33
  • Edward Simon “Lush Life” from Solo Live (Ridgeway) 48:31
  • Matías Formica Trios “Infausto” from Hastio y Paranoia (Numeral) 55:24
  • Ayumi Tanaka Trio “Subaqueous Silence” from Subaqueous Silence (ECM) 1:00:35
  • Nori Tani “Samambaia” from Tomodacho (Friends) (Robin/Tani Media Factory) 1:09:33
  • Alexa Tarantino “Lady Day” from Shorter Moments (Posi-Tone) 1:15:27
  • Carn Davidson 9 “Wisely If Sincerely” from The History Of Us (Three Pines Records) 1:21:52
  • GNP “Rise and Grind” from Codes (ears&eyes) 1:29:30
  • Matías Formica Trios “Observa” from Hastio y Paranoia (Numeral) 1:34:38
  • Tom Severino & Nori Tani “Obrigado (Featuring Peter Erskine & Jimmy Haslip)” from New Step (Robin/Tani Media Factory) 1:40:55
  • Orrin Evans “Water Babies” from Shorter Moments (Posi-Tone) 1:45:38
  • Ayumi Tanaka Trio “Ruins” from Subaqueous Silence (ECM) 1:52:27
  • GNP “Scrubs” from Codes (ears&eyes) 1:58:53

Matías Formica Trios

Matias gathered 12 musicians from different places (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Rosario and the United States), and put together trio sessions, where he plays with two different musicians each session. The idea was to have different trio formations, with varied instrumentations, to generate different sound combinations

Inexorable – featuring Pablo Ledesma & Pablo Bianchetto

Infausto featuring Lucas Albarracín & Marcos Edward

Observa featuring Lucas Albarracín & Marcos Edward

LARA ALARCÓN / voice, live processing and tape
JONATAN SCHENONE / acoustic bass
JUAN CRUZ CERASA / bass clarinet
PABLO LEDESMA / soprano sax
ROCÍO GIMÉNEZ LÓPEZ / piano and synthesizer
MATTHEW GOLOMBISKY / electric bass, likable noise, tibetan bowl and elephant bells.
MARCOS EDWARD / electric guitar
MATÍAS FORMICA / tenor sax alto sax flute and alto flute (6-11)

Nori Tani

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Nori studied classical flute from age 9 and started playing alto sax during high school when he taught himself Jazz. He became a studio and back up musician for many famous singers in Japan during his collage years. Nori came to Los Angeles in 1980 where he studied flute with Janet Ferguson (LA Philharmonic principal), James Newton and Jim Walker. He became friends and played with jazz legends including Ray Brown, Gene Harris, Sam Most, Hubert Laws and many other great players.

Core band is …..

Hiro Morozumi (Piano, Guitar & Trumpet)
Edwin Livingston (Bass)
Peter Erskine (Drums & Percussion)

Tom Sevirono & Nori Tani

Tom Severino Keyboards & Nori Tani Flute

Alex Sevino – Guitar
Jimmy Haslip – Bass
Jereon De Rijk – Percussion
Peter Erskine – Drums

Remotely recorded! They have never met!!

Carn Davidson 9

Tara Davidson – Alto & Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo
Kelly Jefferson – Tenor & Soprano Sax, Clarinet
Shirantha Beddage – Baritione Sax & Bass Clarinet
Jason Logue – Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Kevin Turcotte – Trumpet & Flugelhorn
William Carn – Trombone & Bass Trombone
Christian Overton -Bass Trombone
Andrew Downing – Acoustic Bass
Ernesto Cervini – Drums & Percussion

The Carn Davidson 9 (CD9) was formed in early 2010 as a collaborative project between JUNO Award-winning artists, trombonist William Carn and saxophonist Tara Davidson. CD9 is a 9-piece chordless ensemble that utilizes its seven horns as melodic, harmonic and rhythmic devices, anchored by bass and drums. This co-led ensemble presents an opportunity for both artists to craft compositions for a unique chamber jazz instrumentation, and for a formidable collection of guest arrangers to shine new light on existing repertoire by Carn and Davidson

Ayumi Tanaka Trio

Subaqueous Silence, Japanese pianist Ayumi Tanaka’s leader debut for ECM – following two critically acclaimed releases with Thomas Strønen – is a strikingly original statement, conveying a musical atmosphere all its own, with its intensities and silences, its sense of mystery and dramatic tension. No other contemporary piano trio sounds like this.

Tanaka met bassist Christian Meaas Svendsen and drummer Per Oddvar Johansen shortly after arriving in Oslo a decade ago and they have been developing their musical language together since then, exploring the implications of Ayumi’s compositions, which draw inspiration from both eastern and western sources, from the sounds of nature and more.

Various Artists Shorter Moments – Exploring The World Of Wayne

Posi-Tone wants to show their profound appreciation and affection for Wayne Shorter with a musical bouquet. They celebrate his music with a special compilation of his compositions, lovingly performed by a wide variety of artists from their talented roster.

  1. Chief Crazy Horse from the 2008 album David Ashkenazy “Resonation” – David Ashkenazy – drums, Matt Otto – tenor saxophone, Steve Cotter – guitar, Roger Shew – bass
  2. Lady Day from the 2021 album Alexa Tarantino “Firefly” – Alexa Tarantino – alto saxophone, Art Hirahara – piano, Boris Kozlov – bass, Rudy Royston – drums
  3. Water Babies from the 2014 album Orrin Evans & The Captain Black Big Band “Mother’s Touch” – arranged by Tatum Greenblatt; soloists Stacy Dillard – tenor sax, and Tatum Greenblatt – trumpet


GNP is a jazz trio featuring Tyler Giroux on piano, Matt Niedbalski on drums, and Dylan Perrillo on bass. Tyler, Matt, and Dylan have been playing together for several years. They first began playing together at the Speakeasy 518 in Albany, New York, a cocktail bar known for its prohibition-era ambiance and live jazz. Through countless gigs the trio grew together as a unit, playing as a stand-alone group as well as backing up instrumental soloists and vocalists.

In 2020, a shared passion for original music led to the decision to record their debut album as a group, “Codes.” “Codes” is a reference to the band’s musical communication, the unique vocabulary, and cues the group developed over years of playing and growing together. The album consists of 9 original pieces composed by Tyler, Matt, and Dylan, as well as one standard, Gershwin’s “But Not For Me.”

Edward Simon

On his 15th album as a leader pianist Edward Simon delivers a gorgeous statement with Solo Live, his first unaccompanied recording

Edward Simon has been at the center of the jazz scene for the past quarter century, helping shape the music’s evolution through a series of seminal ensembles and recordings. Now acclaimed as a pianist, composer, arranger, educator and bandleader, he provided a jolt of inspiration as a young sideman in bands led by Bobby Watson, Greg Osby and Terence Blanchard. As a leader, he’s recorded a series of groundbreaking albums featuring renowned peers similarly devoted to merging kindred currents in jazz and Latin American music. But he’s never made an album like Solo Live, released on Ridgeway Records on October 15, 2021.

Recorded at Oakland’s Piedmont Piano Company on his 50th birthday in 2019, Solo Live is Simon’s first unaccompanied recording (and only his second album documenting a concert). Unedited, it’s a ravishing portrait of one of jazz’s most eloquent improvisers investigating a setting that’s become one of his primary outlets during the pandemic. Long leery of performing alone, a situation that leaves a pianist “really exposed,” he described the Piedmont Piano date as “a leap of faith. But I plan to be doing more solo piano playing and recording.”

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