Aural Delights 473

  • The Harveys “Fast Way To Heaven” from Beyond Our Kennel (2021)
    • From the Charity Compilation Album
  • Tropical Fuck Storm “Maria 63” from Maria 63 (2021)
    • Maria 63” taken from ‘Goody Goody Gumdrops’ (A Tropical Fuck Storm Film). Set over three days, Goody Goody Gumdrops is an absurd, comic observational musical documentary cum live album launch for Tropical Fuck Storm’s new album Deep States.
  • Danny Short “Christmas Moment” from Christmas Through Fresh Eyes (2021)
    • I don’t normally play Christmassy tunes but willing to make an exception for Danny
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore “Wilco Got No Wilco (Demo Version)” from Everything Was Funny (2021)
    • An extra track from the recent album sessions
  • Charlie Marshall “Cry and Go Wild” from Change Has Got To Come (2021)
    • A great new album from Melbourne’s Charlie Marshall finds him keeping it in the family with support from Louie Marshall on tenor and alto sax, keyboards, guitar
  • The Resonant Rogues “How Far We’ve Come” from The Magnolia Sessions (2021)
    • The fourth instalment of the new Magnolia Sessions season now sees release, with a record from THE RESONANT ROGUES, whose dark Appalachian folk paints a picture of their lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina and on the road. Anchored by the songwriting duo of Sparrow (banjo, accordion) and Keith Smith (guitar), the duo has traveled the byways and highways of America and crossed the oceans with instruments in tow. From riding freight trains to building their own homestead, the pair are no strangers to blazing unconventional trails. At once rooted and adventurous, each song tells a story of real experiences, friendships, and challenges.
  • The Right Side Of Reason “When WIll I See You Again” from Beyond Our Kennel (2021)
    • Andy Missons of Inferior Complex in solo mode with a new track for the charity compilation. He promises new releases in 2022
  • Wailing Souls & Ranking Trevor “War (Extended 12″ Disco Mix)” from Wailing Souls At Channel One (2003)
    • Classic reggae – the first of a few on this show
  • Witches Broom “Get Me High” from Witches Broom (2022)
    • Recorded by the band direct to 8-track tape in a basement behind a cemetery, nine timeless teenage anthems and jukebox rippers tackle love and drugs with a counterculture sneer and trickster’s wink. Fueled by Savage Sam’s fiery guitar and Farfisa leads, vocal snarl, and arsenal of self-built custom analog effects pedals, the trio offers fresh and lucid hallucinations of various Seeds-y, Fugs’ed up strains of American underground rock and freakbeat rave-ups at the farthest edge of the British Invasion. Crucially, the group laces each composition with more than enough personality to ensure that this joyful noise couldn’t be coming from anybody else’s garage. An upbeat singles band to the core. Labels: Cardinal Fuzz (Europe), Flower Room Records (USA) Release Date: 21st January 2022
  • Lembryon Popstars “A Brendyl Scoat” from Brendyl Scoat (Kennel Bones (v)) (2021)
    • Abstercots new boy band – discovered by Moff Skellington – they sing in a unique dialect
  • The Janitors “Rymdamnden” from Noisolation Vol. 2 (2021)
    • In March 2020 The Janitors from Stockholm had their new album written and studio time booked in the north of Sweden – ready to unleash their latest shamanic fuzz meltdowns and follow up to the Horn Ur Marken album from 2017. Then corona hit and everything changed. The band figured they would go down into their own studio to work on those tunes some more until things passed over but instead they ended up recording other songs that turned into Noisolation Sessions Vol. 1 released in 2020 including some of the best songs The Janitors ever produced. As corona kept a tight grip on us all the band didn’t really know what to do next. So they started to record again and the result is Noisolation Sessions vol. 2, a collection of eight dark and noisy songs that are not aimed at the faint of heart. Instead The Janitors display a hypnotic, monotone and evil drone that fuzzes in all the right places. The Noisolation Sessions Vol. 2 LP is a co-release between Cardinal Fuzz (UK), Little Cloud Records (US) and Bad Afro Records (Denmark).
  • Charlie Marshall “Everywhere You Sail” from Change Has Got To Come (2021)
  • Dave Graney “I Need Some Scratch (feat. Clare Moore) [Fearful Acoustic Version]” from Fearful Wiggings (2014)
    • Concluding my deep dive into the Fearful Wiggings album
  • Robin Guthrie “Starfish Prime” from Riviera (2021)
    • Following the October release of his ‘Mockingbird Love’ EP and the November release of his full-length album ‘Pearldiving’ (his first album in nine years) comes another unique release by legendary Scottish music sculptor Robin Guthrie – the 4-track ‘Riviera’ EP, a collection completed earlier this year..
  • Witches Broom – On My Mind -Witches Broom
  • Danny Short “Christmas Through Fresh Eyes” from Christmas Through Fresh Eyes (2021)
  • Big Youth “Tippertong Rock” from Screaming Target (1972)
  • Lembryon Popstars “Bakes Im Gunted Varse” from Brendyl Scoat (Kennel Bones (v)) (2021)
  • Dr. Alimantado “Can’t Conquer Natty Dreadlocks” from Best Dressed Chicken In Town (1978)
  • Telefís “Falun Gong Dancer” from Falun Gong Dancer (2021)
    • Producer/ mixer/ composer Garret “Jacknife” Lee (U2, R.E.M., Modest Mouse, The Cars, The Killers, Snow Patrol, Crystal Castles, Editors, Taylor Swift) and singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan, frontman of Microdisney and The Fatima Mansions and acclaimed for his many solo works (including his latest solo album ‘Song Of Co-Aklan’) present ‘Falun Gong Dancer’ – their new single under the moniker Telefís (the Irish Gaelic word for Television, pronounced Tele-feesh). “Falun Gong Dancer’ is the latest taste of their debut album ‘a hAon’ (Number One), which will be released on February 11 via London-based Dimple Discs,
  • The Resonant Rogues “Fool Of The Rules” from The Magnolia Sessions (2021)
  • The Screaming Love Collective “Ritual” from Beyond Our Kennel (2021)
  • Lembryon Popstars “Lembryon Popstars” from Brendyl Scoat (Kennel Bones (v)) (2021)
  • Burning Spear “Jah A Guh Raid” from Hail H.I.M. (1980)
  • Charlie Marshall “You’re Not Alone” from Change Has Got To Come (2021)
  • Moff Skellington “Kennel Bones (iv)” from Kennel Bones (2021)
  • I Roy “Buck And The Preacher” from Don’t Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff (1973)
  • Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes “The Oblivion Seekers” from The Devil Drives (1997)
    • Mining the DG back catalogue – this time it’s the turn of the last full Coral Snakes album

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