Aural Delights on the Overflow 97

  • Es. “Drive” from Single (2021)
    • New project from Daniel Cunnington of sycloner
  • Ron S Peno and The Superstitions “The Strangest Feeling” from Do The Understanding (2021)
    • Single from the outstanding new album
  • Mark Lockheart “Dreamers” from Dreamers (2021)
    • new project from the legendary British saxophonist and composer Mark Lockheart featuring Elliot Galvin (Dinosaur, Elliot Galvin Trio), Tom Herbert (Polar Bear, The Invisible) and Dave Smith (Robert Plant).
  • Mark Corrin “A Quiet Carnival” from Beyond Our Kennel (2021)
    • Another track from the forthcoming charity album from German Shepherd Records
  • The Birthday Party “Zoo Music Girl” from Prayers On Fire (1981)
    • Groundbreaking sounds from 1981
  • The Jesus Bolt “Flaming Car” from The Kid Got Electric (2021)
    • Hazel Winter and Gerard Starkie with their debut album
  • Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne “Los” from HIldring (2021)
    • Norwegian collective Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna) & Dei Farne announce the new album Hildring (meaning mirage) arriving on 26th November via By Norse. Hildring is Lindy-Fay’s second album, following the release of Seafarer in 2019 which was released in her own name. Dei Farne are musicians; Roy Ole Førland and Ingolf Hella Torgersen, and with them, Lindy-Fay has found kindred spirits.
  • Michael James Pollard “Another’s Eyes” from Beyond Our Kennel (2021)
  • Roy Harper “Forget Me Not” from HQ (1975)
    • Classic Roy
  • Tiny Fighter “Rewind” from Rewind (2021)
    • Swedish-Australian indie pop outfit Tiny Fighter presents their new single ‘Rewind’, the first taster and the title track of their new album of the same name, releases in the first week of December.
  • Karhide “Display Angles” from Abort (2021)
    • Karhide, AKA Tim Waterfield, Tim’s electronic upbringing in the East Midlands was through the industrial-strength beats of Godflesh and Frontline Assembly. Cutting his teeth in the now-legendary ‘Big Black-but-one-louder’ Nottingham duo Ann Arbor, Tim has been refining and distilling a long lineage of electronica and guitar music for more than a decade, reaching his purest statement of intent with Karhide, more than twenty years since he picked up his first drum machine.
  • Mark Lockheart “Jagdish” from Dreamers (2021)
  • Jed “Spiral” from Beyond Our Kennel (2021)
  • Robin Guthrie “815” from Reverie (2021)
  • Steve Hillage “The Salmon Song” from Fish Rising (1975)

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