World of Jazz 466

On this weeks show new releases from Lara Alarcón, Manu Codjia with Giuseppe Millaci & Lieven Venken, Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio feat. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein, Emitime, Emma Famin, Kazemde George, Luís Lopes Lisbon Berlin Quartet, and, another selection from the excellent recently released live version of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.

  • Lara Alarcón “El Influjo”from Elogio (ears&eyes) 00:00
  • Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio feat. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein “Rough” from Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You (Orbit 577) 11:56
  • Manu Codjia, Giuseppe Millaci, Lieven Venken “Frozen Boots” from Phases (Hypnote Records) 20:10
  • Emitime “Scarce” from Scarce (ears&eyes) 25:44
  • Emma Famin “Gas” from Limbo (ears&eyes) 33:13
  • Kazemde George “Coasts” from I Insist (Greenleaf) 37:36
  • Lara Alarcón “Pocket” from Elogio (ears&eyes) 45:03
  • Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio feat. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein “Metamorphosis” from Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You (Orbit 577) 51:08
  • Emitime “Exilio” from Scarce (ears&eyes) 1:00:43
  • Manu Codjia, Giuseppe Millaci, Lieven Venken “My one and only love” from Phases (Hypnote Records) 1:05:21
  • Emma Famin “Lennie’s Pennies” from Limbo (ears&eyes) 1:11:30
  • Luís Lopes Lisbon Berlin Quartet “Werther’s Memories” from Sinister Hypnotization (Clean Feed) 1:17:05
  • Lara Alarcón “Apócrifo” from Elogio (ears&eyes) 1:22:21
  • Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio feat. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein “Leaning On A Leash” from Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You (Orbit 577) 1:27:56
  • Manu Codjia, Giuseppe Millaci, Lieven Venken “Phase 1” from Phases (Hypnote Records) 1:35:35
  • Emma Famin “Shuffle Boil” from Limbo (ears&eyes) 1:37:31
  • John Coltrane “A Love Supreme, Pt. II – Resolution” from John Coltrane : A Love Supreme : Live in Seattle (Impulse!) 1:44:00

Lara Alarcón

Lara Alarcón (La Plata, 1991) is a vocalist, improviser and composer now living in Berlin.
She has been active in the fields of experimental, contemporary and improvised music from a
young age.

Based on the book The Praise of Folly by Erasmo of Rotterdam the lyrics of ELOGIO sing in a
satirical and delusional way about love, foolishness, deception, introspection, and the loss of

This six-track album was recorded in 2017 in Casa Frida (Buenos Aires), dropped and then
mixed again by Ponche Abraham in Nakao Studio (La Plata).

Lara ALARCÓN – vocals, electric guitar.

Valentino SAMPAOLI – bass

Isaías GADÁN drums

Trueno GONZÁLEZ- keyboards

Juan Cruz CERASA – clarinets

Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio feat. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein

Lior Milliger’s Free Improv Trio has been working, performing and recording in NYC’s Free improvised music scene for years, but Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You is their first album together. Though a largely improvisational project, the tracks present fully developed musical ideas that build plot, tension and story. In their interpretation, the musicians describe each sound and intensity—Hilliard Greene’s bass, Lior Milliger’s inquiring saxophone and Joe Hertenstein’s simmering drums—as competing, interacting characters. The album’s songs are diverse, ranging from delicate and balanced compositions towards escalating tensions, the same familiar instruments transforming themselves with delightful musicality. Hilliard Greene is also a longtime member of The Telepathic Band, which has multiple releases on 577 Records. Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You will be released digitally December 3, 2021.

Manu Codjia, Giuseppe Millaci, Lieven Venken

The trio formed by Manu Codjia (guitar), Lieven Venken (drums) and Giuseppe Millaci (doublebass) takes us into an electric and sensitive universe, brilliantly carried by a zestful group energy. At the crossroads of jazz and rock, this album is the fruit of mixed horizons, in which the talents of three exceptional soloists mingle;

Giuseppe Millaci, hyperactive double bass player with considerable talent, whose productions in recent years have given new impetus to the Belgian jazz scene, confirms in this album his prowesses a musician, composer and producer. His acolyte Lieven Venken, multi-instrumentalist with anunstoppable rhythm, exploits his ease and prints a jubilant movement in which merges the electric riffs and dazzling solos of Manu Codjia, this multi-award-winning chameleon guitarist (Django for the guitar 2007, 1st prize of soloist of the National Jazz Competition of La Défense1999). A masterpiece penetrating finesse and character.


Tobias Pfister – tenor sax
Santiago Leibson – piano
Santiago Lamisovski – bass
Samir Böhringer – drums

Emitime´s debut album Scarce is the result of a collaboration between musicians living in three different cities: Buenos Aires, New York, and Zurich. Their experiences and distinct musical backgrounds find a common ground in these chamber-jazz compositions where all the voices create something bigger. The recording was made after touring in Switzerland (January 2020) and in New York (March 2020).

Emma Famin

Emma Famin – Bass clarinet and compositions
Juan Bayón – Double bass
Andrés Elstein – Drums

After many years of participating in the jazz scene in Buenos Aires as a saxophonist, Limbo is Emma Famin’s first project as a bass clarinetist. In this way, the album fulfills a kind of “new letter of introduction”, in which Famin appears playing this instrument in all the songs, something rare in our country.

The project arises from the interest in the sounds that can be achieved between the bass clarinet and the rhythmic base, without the contribution of harmonic instruments, as well as in the exploration of the instrument’s registers, particularly as a soloist. It is a combination that allows you to clearly appreciate the audio of each instrument, and at the same time a very well achieved group sound is perceived.

The songs are mostly original by Famin, to which some compositions by Monk, Mingus and Tristano are added, and they leave a lot of room for improvisation.

Kazemde George

Making his auspicious debut as a leader, Brooklyn-based tenor saxophonist, composer and educator Kazemde George is proud to present I Insist, a vibrant collection of original music with a stellar band featuring Sami Stevens (vocals), Isaac Wilson (Wurlitzer, piano), Tyrone Allen II (bass) and Adam Arruda (drums).

Both in his fluid improvised solo flights and his expressive writing, George exhibits a gift for streamlined, emotionally direct melodies, articulated with a warm tone and a certain guiding restraint. The title I Insist, however, is meant to be assertive. It is at once a shout-out to Max Roach’s landmark 1960 protest album We Insist! Freedom Now Suite, and a statement of George’s own determined disposition, not to mention an acknowledgement of our turbulent times and the role of artists in building awareness. The music is unapologetically swinging and fully engaged, whether simmering on a low flame or reaching climactic heights of intensity.

Luís Lopes Lisbon Berlin Quartet

Luís Lopes: electric guitar
Rodrigo Pinheiro: Fender Rhodes
Robert Landfermann: double bass [with effects]
Christian Lillinger: drums

Recorded by Sebastian Maschat at Butterama Recording Center, Berlin, May 5th 2018

John Coltrane

After nearly six decades, a private recording of a rare, nightclub performance by John Coltrane of his magnum opus, A Love Supreme, has a commercial release. Recorded in late 1965 on the culminating evening of a historic week-long run at The Penthouse in Seattle, A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle is a musical revelation of historic importance, capturing Coltrane as he began to expand his classic quartet—adding Pharoah Sanders on second saxophone and Donald Garrett on second bass—and catapulting him into the intense, spiritually focused final phase of his career. The album A Love Supreme Live in Seattle released on October 8, on Impulse! Records

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