World of Jazz 461

  1. Juan Bayon “Alicates y Alambrados” from Silencio Ensordecedor (ears&eyes) 00:00
  2. Mathias Eick “Turning” from When we leave (ECM) 09:19
  3. Ivo Perelman with Aaron Parks “Chapter Two – Tale Four” from Brass and Ivory Tales (Fundacja Słuchaj) 15:41
  4. Pablo Ledesma Trio “Quien es Percy Clarke” from El Visitante (Numeral) 26:28
  5. Dan Weiss and Miles Okazaki “The Memory Palace Part II” from Music for Drums and Guitar (Cygnus Recordings) 34:11
  6. Vladimir Luchansky “As A Whole” from Transitions (Orbit 577) 40:29
  7. Juan Bayon “Primavera” from Silencio Ensordecedor (ears&eyes) 52:49
  8. Mathias Eick “Arvo” from When we leave (ECM) 1:00:46
  9. Ivo Perelman with Agusti Fernandez “Chapter Six – Tale Six” from Brass and Ivory Tales (Fundacja Słuchaj) 1:06:10
  10. Pablo Ledesma Trio “Retorno” from El Visitante (Numeral) 1:13:20
  11. Beth McKenna “Perspective” from Beyond Here (Self Released) 1:18:43
  12. Juan Bayon “Fumbo” from Silencio Ensordecedor (ears&eyes) 1:26:02
  13. Mathias Eick “Begging” from When we leave (ECM) 1:31:46
  14. Ivo Perelman with Sylvie Courvoisier “Chapter Eight – Tale Five” from Brass and Ivory Tales (Fundacja Słuchaj) 1:36:18
  15. Dan Weiss and Miles Okazaki “Middlegame Part V” from Music for Drums and Guitar (Cygnus Recordings) 1:43:52
  16. Pablo Ledesma Trio “Decimas” from El Visitante (Numeral) 1:57:02

On this weeks show it’s all brand new releases from Juan Bayon, Mathias Eick, Pablo Ledesma, Beth McKenna, Dan Weiss and Miles Okazaku, and Vladimir Luchansky plus a further look at Ivo Perelman’s Brass and Ivory Tales box set.

Juan Bayon

Juan Cruz de Urquiza, trumpet, Lucas Goicoechea, alto and tenor saxes, Leo Genovese, piano, Juan Bayon, contrabass, Fran Cossavella, drums

“Silencio Ensordecedor” (or deafening silence) is a song cycle composed between his son’s birth in September of 2019 and his father’s passing in January of 2021. It is deeply influenced by the seemingly opposite feelings that both experiences convey: life and death, love, despair, hope, and that crushing, deafening silence that seems to appear when there are no words or acts that
can contain the situation we are going through. It’s been my goal to turn absence into music that would transform the emptiness into something better.

Mathias Eick

Mathias Eick: trumpet, keyboard, voice; Håkon Aase: violin, percussion; Andreas Ulvo: piano; Audun Erlien: bass; Torstein Lofthus: drums; Helge Andreas Norbakken: drums, percussion; Stian Carstensen: pedal steel guitar

Release: September 24, 2021

Mathias Eick is among the most immediately recognizable soloists to have emerged from the Norwegian jazz scene, and his wistful trumpet sound and strongly melodic compositions have met with a positive response around the world. When his ECM leader debut The Door was issued in 2008, US magazine JazzTimes described the trumpeter’s tone as “plaintive and spare,” while emphasizing that, “like all good bandleaders, his focus is on the interaction of his musicians. The contrast of his restraint and the energy around him constitutes the album’s driving tension.”

Ivo Perelman

Great saxophonist, improviser Ivo Perelman celebrates his 60th birthday this year. Brass & Ivory tales – 9 CDs box-set is a gift for this phenomenal musician, great human being, and marvelous artist. Nine studio sessions with nine top and most creative pianists like Dave Burrell, Marilyn Crispell, Aruan Ortiz, Sylvie Courvoisier, Angelica Sanchez, Aaron Parks, Agusti Fernandez, Craig Taborn, and Vijay Iyer in a beautiful box with liner notes from Grammy Award Winner writer Neil Tesser. I’m featuring all of the release over three weeks.

Pablo Ledesma

Pablo Ledesma / soprano sax , alto sax
Hilliard Greene / bass
Pocho Lapouble / drums

Recorded and mixed : Mariano Zelada. Gilardo Gilardi conservatory Study, La Plata

Dan Weiss and Miles Okazaki

Miles and Dan have been playing in a duo setting for more than two decades, having met in 1997 at The Manhattan School of Music, and almost immediately embarking on a musical partnership. Although these musicians have appeared on numerous projects with various groups, this recording offers the listener, for the very first time, a beautifully recorded document of an individualized language that they have developed over the course of twenty-five years. The opportunity to record their musical alliance/partnership, which is a marvel to behold, came about as a result of a commission from John Zorn.

Vladimir Luchansky

In an experimental tour-de-force, Russian multi-instrumentalist and electronic musician Vladimir Luchansky offers an elegant and compositionally bold new album, Transitions. Performed entirely on alto saxophone, the album reflects his unique musical sensibilities as well as a deep appreciation of his instrument, the first horn he ever had and his steady companion for more than a decade. Transitions’s 5 tracks are liminal explorations, recorded on saxophone and manipulated by exploratory electronic production. Luchansky has long been thinking about transitional processes from acoustics to electronics, a transformation of sound and also a reflection of his own relationship with horn instruments. This album, then, is also a tribute to “personal transitions, evolutions, transformations, ubiquitous personal changes—and, of course, love.” With every change, we can choose to react or to accept it—these interruptions and surrenders are reflected with the random character of sonic modifications throughout the album, compelling each piece forward with force and a curious sense of relief. Transitions available digitally via 577 Records from October 30, 2021.

Beth McKenna

Beth McKenna – Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet
Guillaume Martineau – Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer
François Jalbert – Guitar, Effects
Olivier Babaz – Electric and Upright Bass
Peter Colantonio – Drums
Sarah Rossy – Voice

Born in Nova Scotia and a Montrealer since 2008, Beth McKenna is one of Montreal’s most versatile saxophonists, bandleaders, and composers. A Prix Opus Laureate (Concert of the Year – Jazz/World Music) and a 2-time fnalist for Revelations RadioCanada (Jazz).

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