Aural Delights on the Overflow 90

  • Struggles with Syntax – Jung Dreams
  • Moff Skellington – Keith, The Happy Chegwin
  • Kowloon Walled City – Utopian
  • Pennies By The Pound – The Waters
  • The Kundalini Genie – Stupid Girl
  • Gemma – Ikaros
  • Manu Codjia, Giuseppe Millaci, Lieven Venken – Turn Over
  • Red Guitars – Steeltown
  • Tad – Jinx
  • Amon Tobin – Rise to Ashes
  • Lusitanian Ghosts – Never Less Than Lonely
  • Star Rover – The Springs
  • Lara Alarcón – Apócrifo

Struggles With Syntax

From the new album Petrichor which is released November 15th

Moff Skellington

From the new album Mr Kiplings Palace Ceiling

Kowloon Walled City

From the new album Piecework (Neurot Recordings/Gilead Media), the band’s fourth album and first in six years, Kowloon Walled City reaches new levels of restraint. Songs are bleak and slow, but also shorter and more concise. (Seven songs clock in at about 30 minutes.)

Pennies By The Pound

Prog rock outfit Pennies By The Pound present ‘The Waters’, a great sonic cleansing experience and invigorating shot of fresh air, beautifully expressing their own unique ideas and sound through the prism of fantastic British progressive rock. Finnish trio from their album ‘Heat Death of the Universe’ via the Lilith label.

The Kundalini Genie

Scottish psychedelic rock’n’roll outfit The Kundalini Genie has announced they will release their fifth studio album ‘Half In, Half Out’ by the end of 2021 this is another track from it


GEMMA is also the title of their first album, released a couple of months ago. It includes 8 tracks, of which 3 are instrumental. GEMMA album is an exploration that includes elements from the tradition of their homeland assimilated into modern sounds. They create original compositions; and covers as well (such as the traditional Rizitiko “Bellos”). Electronic post-rock aesthetics, synths, loops, guitars, bass and drums. Prog & psychedelia, brainwave and traveling melodic lines, ethereal vocals that preserve the Cretan language idiom. GEMMA consists of Danili Evangelia (voice, loops), Kaparos Giorgos (production, composition, loops, synths, guitars), Mavrogiannakis Nikos (drums), Paschidis Anastasis (bass) & Spinthourakis Apostolis (percussion, lyrics).

Manu Codjia, Giuseppe Millaci, Lieven Venken

From the new album Phases – The trio formed by Manu Codjia (guitar), Lieven Venken (drums) and Giuseppe Millaci (double
bass) takes us into an electric and sensitive universe, brilliantly carried by a zestful group energy. At the crossroads of jazz and rock, this album is the fruit of mixed horizons, in which the talents of three exceptional soloists mingle;

Red Guitars

Red Guitars are back and will be touring around the UK April 2022.

19th April 2022 – The Old Woollen, Leeds
21st April 2022 – Night & Day Café, Manchester
22nd April 2022 – The Attic at the Garage, Glasgow
23rd April 2022 – The New Adelphi Club, Hull
28th April 2022 – Green Door Store, Brighton
29th April 2022 – 100 Club, London
30th April 2022 – o2 Institute 3, Birmingham


8-Way Santa is the second album by the Seattle grunge band Tad. It was released on February 15, 1991 through Sub Pop.

Amon Tobin

How Do You Live is Amon Tobin’s first new album since he launched his Nomark Records label with the #1 Fear in A Handful of Dust and its sister album, Long Stories, in 2019.

Lusitanian Ghosts

Portuguese-Canadian-Swedish indie folk rock collective Lusitanian Ghosts will release their second album ‘Exotic Quixotic’ in November, recorded on analogue tape and mixed by Sebastian Muxfeldt (Elbow, Peter Doherty, Teenage Fanclub) at Hamburg’s Clouds Hills Studios and featuring ancient Portuguese chordophones and other European string instruments. Another track from the album

Star Rover

For their debut album as Star Rover, guitarist Will Graefe and drummer Jeremy Gustin began with the music of John Fahey and ended up in their own corner of a skewed, over-driven, weird America.

Lara Alarcón

Vocalist, improviser and composer from Argentina now living in Berlin.
She has been active in the fields of experimental, contemporary and improvised music from a young age. Her strong project is her solo VQ, with which she has been touring and recording with different set ups. She also maintains ongoing collaborations and (had or) performs with artists from Argentina, São Paulo, New York, Bern, Zurich, Berlin, and continues expanding. From her new album Elogio

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