World of Jazz 459

  1. Benjamin Deschamps “Unfinished Business” from Augmented Reality (Self Released) 00:00
  2. Ed Neumeister Quartet “Riverwalk” from What Have I Done? (MeisteroMusic Records) 06:40
  3. Paulo Santo “As she swings, as a po(o)p song” from Agueda (Robalo) 13:21
  4. Takatsuki Trio Quartett with Tobias Delius and Axel Dörner “With Axel Dörner (Edit)” from Berliner Quartette (577 Records) 18:59
  5. Brandee Younger “Spirit U Will” from Somewhere Different (Impulse!) 28:07
  6. De Beren Gieren “A Funny Discovery” from Less is Endless (Sdban Records) 35:50
  7. Esinam “Morning Memories” from Shapes In The Twilight of Infinity (W.E.R.F Records) 43:52
  8. Benjamin Deschamps “Healing Chant : The Resurrection” from Augmented Reality (Self Released) 47:19
  9. Ed Neumeister Quartet “Ridgewood” from What Have I Done? (MeisteroMusic Records) 53:16
  10. Paulo Santo “Tomate com óculos” from Agueda (Robalo) 1:00:50
  11. Takatsuki Trio Quartett feat. Silke Eberhard “Hotspot Kühlspot (Edit)” from At Kühlspot (577 Records) 1:06:42
  12. Brandee Younger “Somewhere Different” from Somewhere Different (Impulse!) 1:16:14
  13. De Beren Gieren “Less is Endless” from Less is Endless (Sdban Records) 1:21:28
  14. Esinam “New Dawn feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi” from Shapes In The Twilight of Infinity (W.E.R.F Records) 1:24:49
  15. Benjamin Deschamps “Healing Chant : The Incantation” from Augmented Reality (Self Released) 1:30:25
  16. Ed Neumeister Quartet “What Have I Done?” from What Have I Done? (MeisteroMusic Records) 1:33:32
  17. Mareike Wiening “Northern Sail” from Future Memories (Greenleaf) 1:36:42
  18. Paulo Santo “Freefall” from Agueda (Robalo) 1:42:11
  19. Takatsuki Trio Quartett with Tobias Delius and Axel Dörner “With Tobias Delius (Edit)” from Berliner Quartette (577 Records) 1:49:51
  20. De Beren Gieren “Animalcules” from Less is Endless (Sdban Records) 1:53:53

On this weeks show new releases from Benjamin Deschamps, Ed Neumeister, Paulo Santo, Takatsuki Trio, Brandee Younger, Esinam, Mareike Wiening and De Beren Gieren.

Benjamin Deschamps

Saxophonist and composer Benjamin Deschamps has established himself as a staple of the Canadian jazz scene with his first 3 albums: What Do We Know (2014), Demi-Nuit (2017) and No Codes (2018). He has successfully presented his music across Canada, performing at several jazz festivals across the country and in France. His new project, Augmented Reality (2021), takes a more electric, powerful and lyrical direction. Deschamps is inspired by the works of musicians who are fond of this fiery jazz, such as Donny McCaslin and Ben Wendel. This new album is introspective, more robust, more mature, but just as ingenious as the previous ones.

  • BENJAMIN DESCHAMPS composition and arrangement, alto and
    tenor sax, bass clarinet
  • NICOLAS FERRON electric guitar
  • CHARLES TRUDEL piano, rhodes, wurlitzer and synthesizers
  • SÉBASTIEN PELLERIN upright bass and electric bass
  • AL BOURGEOIS drums

Ed Neumiester Quartet

Composed and arranged by Ed Neumeister, the new album, What Have I Done? (available October 15) is the latest offering from an artist who has been at the forefront of creative music for more than forty years. Neumeister has said that it is his mission in life to create thought-provoking music for curious ears; music that challenges and inspires. Through composing, performing, improvising and teaching, Neumeister has always explored the possibilities, pushing and expanding the envelope in the process. His output is inclined to bring about a torrent of the creative juices, in himself, his band-mates and his audiences. That is certainly the case with his latest offering, What Have I Done? Listening to the album one might be aware that there is a strong unimpeded connection between Neumeister’s heart, soul and brain, the composer’s pen and the trombone – his ability to express ideas, convey emotion and “speak” with his bandmates and to us, the listener, through his music, is unrivaled in today’s creative music landscape.

  • Ed Neumeister (trombone)
  • Gary Versace (piano)
  • Drew Gress (bass)
  • Tom Rainey (drums)

Paolo Santo

released June 21, 2021

  • Paulo Santo – vibraphone
  • Francisco Brito – doublebass
  • João Lopes Pereira – drums
  • João Mortágua – saxs alto /soprano
  • Luís Cunha – trumpet

Takatsuki Trio Quartett

As the world tentatively emerged from the pandemic in the summer of 2020, under the strict impositions of COVID regulations, Berlin-based Takatsuki Trio Quartett celebrated by organizing a monthly concert series at Kühlspot Social Club in Berlin. The Takatsuki Trio Quartett is comprised of three core members, Rieko Okuda (Piano, Voice), Antti Virtaranta (Bass) and Joshua Weitzel (Guitar, Shamisen) but they exclusively play as a larger ensemble, inviting other musicians to lend energy to their improvisational dynamic. Playing under the name, the “Berliner Quartette,” the album documents their performances with two influential figures in the German improvised music community. The first track, an experimental 30-minute collaboration with Axel Dörner (Trumpet) makes space for Dorner’s bold command of his instrument alongside the track’s other avant-garde components. It gives way to the second track featuring Tobias Delius (Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet), an upbeat reprise with warm swingtime melodies and competing tensions. I play edits of both of those tracks.

The second recording, At Kühlspot, documents one of those encounters with saxophonist Silke Eberhard, just days after she was awarded the prestigious Berlin Jazz Prize. The band itself derives their name from the Japanese city Takatsuki, located directly between two major metropolises Kyoto and Osaka. Drawing from their namesake, they maintain a similar multi-directionality through structured ambiguity: Trio or quartet? Jazz or experimental sound? Minimalist composition or uninhibited crescendo?

Brandee Younger

Brandee Younger releases her major label debut album, Somewhere Different, on Impulse! Records. The compositions are a luminous blending of genres. Forging new ground, Somewhere Different breaks down the barriers between classical music and contemporary forms of R&B, hip-hop, jazz and funk. It encapsulates the contemporary musical hybrid that represents Brandee’s newfound artistic liberty and showcases her instinctual weaving of musical genres. The album was produced by Dezron Douglas and recorded at the legendary Van Gelder Studios, and in New York City from November 2020 to February 2021. The eight-track collection features Allan Mednard on Drums, Rashaan Carter on Bass, Trumpeter Maurice Brown, Tenor Saxophonist Chelsea Baratz, Flutist Anne Drummond, and Drummer & Drum Programming by Marcus Gilmore.

De Beren Gieren

In the space between expectation and surprise you will find De Beren Gieren, providing robust evidence that gold can still be mined from the union of piano, bass and drums. The electro-acoustic trio, founded in 2009, is without any doubt part of the top of the Belgian jazz scene

  • Fulco Ottervanger (piano, fx, synths)
  • Lieven Van Pée (double bass, electric bass)
  • Simon Segers (drums, fx)


Built on futurist flute sounds, elaborate rhythms and sensitive melodies, ‘Shapes in Twilights of Infinity’ unfolds like a dreamlike path into an unparalleled musical universe. With her highly anticipated first full album, multi-instrumentalist ESINAM invites us on a cosmic journey, a trip towards horizons coloured with sounds and influences that reach as far as the eye can see.

  • Esinam Dogbatse – Flute, voice, percussion, keyboards, effects, loops, samples, compositions
  • Pablo Casella (Guitars)
  • Axel Gilain (Electric bass, double bass, moog)
  • Martin Méreau (Drums, vibraphone)

Mareike Wiening

Preview track

Future Memories is the new album from New York-based German drummer and composer Mareike Wiening, featuring her longstanding band that includes saxophonist Rich Perry, pianist Glenn Zaleski, guitarist Alex Goodman, and bassist Johannes Felscher. Recorded in one day in the midst of an extensive tour, the album captures the live group energy and cohesion that only comes from playing together regularly.

Featuring eight of Wiening’s originals inspired by her band members, the compositions are emotional, rhythmical and most importantly, always lyrical. The music was captured in January 2020, just before the first pandemic lockdown, and the album’s title encapsulates Mareike’s feelings: the unexpected value of our future interweaves with various levels of past experiences, memories and the unknown. Balancing great compositions with soaring solo explorations, this is exciting, thoughtful, and engaging creative jazz.

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