World of Jazz 458

  1. André Carvalho “Luftmensch” from Lost in Translation (Outside In Music) 00:00
  2. Levi Dover “Galapogas” from Imaginary Structures (Three Pines Records) 07:10
  3. Michaël Attias, Nataniel Edelman, Santiago Lamisovski, Nicolás del Águila “Ping Pong Angel Fold” from Los Ángeles (ears&eyes) 15:30
  4. Sean Conly “The Jake Leg” from The Buzz (577 Records) 28:17
  5. Splinters “The 100 Club Phase 1” from Inclusivity (Jazz In Britain) 34:51
  6. Cong-Fusion “The World As We Know It” from The World As We Know It (Self Released) 51:01
  7. André Carvalho “Alcheringa” from Lost in Translation (Outside In) 55:00
  8. Levi Dover “In Hindsight” from Imaginary Structures (Three Pines Records) 1:00:58
  9. Michaël Attias, Nataniel Edelman, Santiago Lamisovski, Nicolás del Águila “Mumbo Jumbo” from Los Ángeles (ears&eyes) 1:06:56
  10. Sean Conly “Euterpe” from The Buzz (577 Records) 1:11:13
  11. Splinters “The 100 Club Phase 7” from Inclusivity (Jazz In Britain) 1:15:21
  12. André Carvalho “Boketto” from Lost in Translation (Outside In) 1:26:14
  13. Levi Dover “Imaginary Structures” from Imaginary Structures (Three Pines Records) 1:28:48
  14. Michaël Attias, Nataniel Edelman, Santiago Lamisovski, Nicolás del Águila “My Ideal” from Los Ángeles (ears&eyes) 1:35:50
  15. Sean Conly “Shades” from The Buzz (577 Records) 1:42:11
  16. Splinters “Grass Roots Phase 3” from Inclusivity (Jazz In Britain) 1:47:56

On this weeks show new music from albums led by bassists André Carvalho, Levi Dover, and Sean Conly. Also new music from Michael Attias working with three young Argentinian musicians and English group CongFusion. There’s also some classic British Jazz from 1972 from Splinters.

André Carvalho

Double Bassist/composer André Carvalho, originally from Lisbon, Portugal and residing in NYC since 2014, is proud to present his fourth recording as a leader, Lost In Translation, to be released October 15 on Outside In Music, and featuring his trio of internationally acclaimed musicians, saxophonist José Soares, guitarist André Matos and special guest, João Almeida (trumpet).

Musically, the song cycle that comprises Lost In Translation was also born from the influences that Carvalho has absorbed in recent years, including being part of the New York City jazz scene, which continues to leave a huge impression on the bassist, and also regular travel for performances to many countries. As a composer, Carvalho’s relentless search for new sounds has led him to discover and explore musical avenues such as improvised music, experimental and contemporary classical music. Lost in Translation embraces the unknown, by having a very strong improvisational and spontaneous component, making each performance completely unique to this ensemble, and this recording.

Levi Dover

Imaginary Structures is the debut album from Montreal based composer and double bassist Levi Dover. This singular recording consists of eight original compositions for sextet, brought to life by an ensemble of musicians with an individualistic and contemporary approach. The album as a whole establishes a stylized vision of improvised music, fusing jazz with elements of progressive rock and 20th century classical music, brought together in a post-bop setting.

Lex French – Trumpet
Erik Hove – Alto Saxophone
Olivier Salazar – Vibraphone
Andrew Boudreau – Piano
Levi Dover – Double Bass, Compositions
Kyle Hutchins – Drums

The music is set against the backdrop of an impressionistic landscape which at times recalls the infuence of composers such as Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Bobby Hutcherson, and Andrew Hill. The improvisations are tightly woven into the structure of the pieces, giving the musicians the freedom to explore the universe that the compositions reveal. Throughout the album, a dreamy atmosphere and contemplative mood is balanced against a tight rhythmic undercurrent that propels the music forward, creating a narrative that unfolds gradually over the course of these eight pieces, exposing different facets of the composer’s imagination

Michaël Attias, Nataniel Edelman, Santiago Lamisovski, Nicolás del Águila

Los Ángeles is the collaborative musical outcome of the relationship between four musicians of different generations and places. New York-based saxophonist and sound poet Michaël Attias and three young Argentinian musicians: Nataniel Edelman (piano), Santiago Lamisovski (bass), and Nicolás del Águila (drums). The record here presented is a document of fearless improvisation, a strong sensitivity for compositions and songs, and a compassionate stand on musical dialogue. After a tour in Buenos Aires and other cities of Argentina in 2019, and a remarkable performance in Buenos Aires’ Jazz Festival the band entered the studio to record the music that was to become part of the album. Some of the material was part of the book the band was playing on tour and other stuff was let to grow in the moment of recording. Most of the songs recorded were written by different members of the band, bringing a singular colour to the whole. Also two Paul Motian compositions (Mumbo Jumbo and Mode VI) are included in the record along with the old standard “My Ideal”.

Sean Conly

Exploring the iconic trio format, Sean Conly (Bass), Francisco Mela (Drums) and Leo Genovese (Piano) mix composition and improvised music into a shared language. Inspired by both contemporary and traditional musical arrangements, the musicians’ distinct inclinations blend together in playful form, delivered in an easy dialogue between the members of the trio. The Buzz’s 10 tracks are gentle and warm, displaying the comfort that the artists have with each other, and lending the album a similarly inviting aura throughout. This marks Sean Conly’s debut on 577 Records, the second album on the label for Leo Genovese (following Trio Sin Tiempo: Ritmos De Agua) and will be Francisco Mela’s third album on 577 Records, following MPT Trio (2021) and Music Frees Our Souls, Vol. 1 (2021).


Newly mastered from Trevor Watt’s original tapes. The complete recordings of the original Splinters lineup, including for the first time, the entire legendary 100 Club show (22nd May 1972) and the previously unheard Grass Roots concert (12th September 1972). The latter is believed to be the final recording of drummer Phil Seamen who died two weeks after this performance.

Phil Seamen – drums (left channel)
John Stevens – drums (right channel)
Tubby Hayes – tenor sax, flute
Trevor Watts – alto sax
Kenny Wheeler – trumpet, flugelhorn
Stan Tracey – piano
Jeff Clyne – bass


The first single from a planned album

Cong-Fusion consists of:
• Renowned drummer, Joseph Malone
• Award-winning saxophonist, Tom Ridout
• UK jazz scene favourite, Alan Short, on flute
• Up-and-coming bassist, Flo Moore
• Percussionist, Andy Sedman
• Composer and keyboardist, Ryan McCaffrey
• Trumpeter and co-writer, Rowan Porteous

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