Aural Delights on the Overflow 87

  • The Scaramanga Six – An Error Occurred
  • The Persian Leaps – Sweeps
  • Antoine Pierre – Shaades
  • Traitrs – Mouth Poisons
  • Adam Stone, Dead Sea Apes, Black Tempest – Skull Pilot
  • Pink Turns Blue – Not Even Trying
  • The Limiñanas & Laurent Garnier – Saul
  • Mahogany Frog – Cube
  • The Answer Lies in The Black Void – Rubicon
  • Jed – Retribution
  • Cabaret Voltaire – No Escape
  • Cabaret Voltaire – Kino

The Scaramanga Six

Ever found yourself in a kitchen sink drama all about the contents of your kitchen sink? ‘An Error Occurred’ is the soundtrack to it.

This is the second track to be released from the forthcoming album ‘Worthless Music’ – the tenth studio album by The Scaramanga Six. As an album, this takes the band back fully to their punk guitar roots with a relentless set of upfront songs. There is still the trademark cinematic arrangement and slabs of vocal harmony amongst the scratchy playing and intense performances. This is still pop music, but played using darkly textured chords and savage attack. Recorded and mixed at 2Fly Studios, Sheffield, UK by Lord Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys & Pulp). Produced by The Scaramanga Six and Lord Alan Smyth.

TyrannoPop? Luxury Rock Noir? Schitzophonic Splattercore? – whatever you want to call it, this suave and enigmatic unit have carved their own scenester-defying niche since the mid-90’s as the most unique and creative underground rock band in the UK, gaining massive industry support from the likes of Rocksound, Kerrang!, Gideon Coe at 6 Music, The Quietus and more along the way.

The Persian Leaps

As The Persian Leaps move closer to releasing their new ‘Drone Etiquette’ album, they present ‘Sweeps’, the second taster of the new release, following lead track ‘When This Gets Out’, a song born of frustration during the Trump presidency. The long-player will be released on October 1 via Land Ski Records.

Hailing from St.Paul – Minneapolis, The Persian Leaps has gone through various lineups but has always surrounded principal songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Drew Forsberg. Embedded on a magnetic alternative rock foundation, the latest musical output continues The Persian Leaps’ tradition of producing power pop earworms with midwestern charm and an inherent element of 90s ‘college rock’.

Antoine Pierre

Surrounded by his own unique android of drums and electronics, Antoine Pierre is widening his already broad musical spectrum quite a bit with VAAGUE. For this brand new solo project, the Brussels based drummer and producer created a collection of samples to fuse organically — and manually! — with his own drum grooves.

From pulsating synths over otherworldly vocal snippets to dark and dreamy droplets of sound: each electronic element is blending in perfectly with Antoine’s live played beats. Sometimes hypnotically captivating, then again thriving on downtempo dub vibes, but always inventive and surprisingly layered: this first collection of tracks presents itself as the colorful gateway into a new and exciting musical universe, which is clearly far from finished.

The VAAGUE concerts are accompanied by a special, digital live scenographie, created by Nils Houtteman.


Canadian post-punk rising stars TRAITRS present their new single ‘Mouth Poisons’, the new taster of their forthcoming long-player ‘Horses In The Abattoir’, to be released in mid-November via Freakwave, a Berlin-based label that is part of the Schubert Music Europe group, with distribution by The Orchard. Not long ago, the duo released the single ‘Oh, Ballerina’. with a short moody art-house horror film meets 80’s new wave music video, directed and edited by Shawn Tucker.

Recorded by and produced with Josh Korody (F*cked Up, Japandroids, Dilly Dally, Beliefs, Nailbiter) at Candle Recording Studio, the new output was mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Linkin Park, Katy Perry).

Based in Toronto, TRAITRS was formed in 2015 by Sean-Patrick Nolan and Shawn Tucker. With a cinematic blend of post-punk, goth, alternative and post-rock, their emotive melodies, propulsive rhythms, angular guitars and dark cinematic electronics quickly led to the duo becoming one of the dark music scene’s fastest rising independent artists.

Adam Stone, Dead Sea Apes, Black Tempest

Enter two new recordings from Dead Sea Apes, Adam Stone and Black Tempest in the form of a limited edition 10″ lathe-cut single, on Misophonia Records. ‘Skull Pilot’, a six minute ode to an acid trip in a dismal Midlands terrace house in the early nineties, was born out of the recording sessions for ‘Dataland’. This is a track that would have been on the album if not for the constraints of time and length. The 7 minute B side, ‘Unconscious’, emerged from the fresh jams laid down by Dead Sea Apes working from a nagging synth refrain offered up by Black Tempest, and builds a rising oral narrative over great layers of amplified guitar. Both tracks represent the culmination of a fertile collaborative period for all three artists.

Pink Turns Blue

Iconic post-punk / darkwave outfit Pink Turns Blue presents ‘Not Even Trying’, the final single to be released before their new ‘Tainted’ album is released via Orden Records.

This long-player is the result of time well spent during a lockdown year – writing, recording, mixing and mastering the new album in their Berlin recording studio. On ‘Tainted’, the band added an electronic element to their classical vocals, guitar, bass and drums. The album title itself relates to the state of our world: climate change, its effects, the reaction to it, the split within society, isolation, health risks and financial uncertainty.

The Limiñanas & Laurent Garnier

The psychedelic garage duo The Liminanas and French techno pioneer DJ/producer Laurent Garnier with a new album “De Pelicula”.

The result is neither a Limiñanas techno record nor a Laurent Garnier rock album. A mix of psychedelic grooves and electronic rock.

Mahogany Frog

Mahogany Frog’s ‘In The Electric Universe’ is the seventh studio album – and third on MoonJune Records – by Canadian instrumental electro-psychedelic outfit Mahogany Frog. Six years in the making, the recording illustrates a foray into forms of sonic searching previously unexamined by the group. Building from approaches in orchestration captured on their 2012 effort SENNA, the group aims to create infinitely morphing waves of sound that transcend conventional perceptions of instrumentation, while simultaneously offering melodic and rhythmic closure. Utilizing the gradual unfolding of themes, extensive repetition, textural layering and crunchy, downbeat-heavy grooves, the tunes invoke a listening experience that is trance-like and hypnotic. The extensive employment of synthesized arpeggiators, often detached from the rhythm and irresolute in tempo, generate warm and disorienting backdrops to otherwise approachable structures. Tape loops and tape delay are used experimentally, highlighting decay and fragmentation. The compositions serve as foundations for melodic layering, tonal examination and deconstruction, resulting in a dynamic and colorful collection of music rich in expression, playfulness and resolve.

The Answer Lies In The Black Void

The Answer Lies In The Black Void is a collaboration between Martina Horváth (singer for the avant-garde metal project Thy Catafalque) and Jason Köhnen (Celestial Season, Bong-Ra, ex-The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble) born out of their shared passion for doom. The debut album, Forlorn is an enveloping exploration of the doom genre and the myriad means of expression within it – journeying from a classic old-school sound to something more contemporary, then expanding further into sludge and industrial terrain, also incorporating elements of Martina’s background in Hungarian folk music. The Answer Lies In The Black Void seeks to embrace beauty in darkness and fragility in heaviness.

In their own words, “Forlorn explores the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine, the light and the dark, the shadows that hide within and the trials of love, lust and loss”

Burning World Records released album on all formats on 24th September.

Forlorn was written and recorded during the pandemic. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Azar Arendarski, and with guest contributions from Tamas Katai of Thy Catafalque and Olly Smit of Celestial Season. The duo predominantly work together in their music project MANSUR accompanied by Dmitry El Demerdashi (ex-PHURPA) releasing their albums on Denovali Records. Martina has been part of Thy Catafalque since 2017 and with MANSUR since 2020. Studying Hungarian folk music since the age of five. Participating in traditional folk bands and singing in several choirs including the St. Paul’s Cathedral’s choir in London. Her musical career started with electro/folk band (Zombori), a folk metal band called (Niburta) and her own doom metal band called Nulah.

Jason was a founding member of Celestial Season back in 1992, founding member of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (2001) and the Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation. Jason has performed solo as Bong-Ra since 1998 with which a John Peel Session was recorded and two performances at Glastonbury, and founded MANSUR in 2020.


The second single from the forthcoming album “Hi Tech Low Life”

Cabaret Voltaire – Tribute to Richard H. Kirk

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