World of Jazz 456

  1. John Coltrane_”A Love Supreme, Pt. IV – Psalm” from A Love Supreme – Live In Seattle 1965 (Impulse) 00:00
  2. Bob Gorry “Safecracker” from GoBruCcio (NHIC Records) 08:33
  3. Dave Mullen Ensemble “Like Rahsaan” from Solace (Mullsoul Music) 19:42
  4. Jared Schonig “Climb” from Two Takes Vol 2 Big Band (Anzic Records) 26:56
  5. N∆BOU “You Know” from You Know (Outnote Records) 36:33
  6. Javier Subatin “Mountain #5/Rocks” from Mountains (Habitable Records) 43:38
  7. Javier Subatin “Mountain #1” from Mountains (Habitable Records) 56:10
  8. Dave Mullen Ensemble “The Grind” from Solace (Mullsoul Music) 1:00:48
  9. Jared Schonig “Nuts” from Two Takes Vol 2 Big Band (Anzic Records) 1:08:42
  10. Roy Campbell, John Dikeman, Raoul van der Weide, Peter Jacquemyn, Klaus Kugel “When The Time Is Right (Edit)” from When The Time Is Right (577 Records) 01:17:15
  11. Dave Mullen Ensemble “Mane Tronk” from Solace (Mullsoul Music) 01:25:42
  12. Bob Gorry “Magic City Madness” from GoBruCcio (NHIC Records) 01:31:32
  13. Jared Schonig “Eight Twenty” from Two Takes Vol 2 Big Band (Anzic Records) 01:41:29
  14. Javier Subatin “Mountain #3” from Mountains (Habitable Records) 01:50:24

On this weeks show new releases from Bob Gorry, Dave Mullen, Jared Shonig, Nabou, Javier Subatin and live music from Roy Campbell with John Dikeman, Raoul van der Weide, Peter Jacquemyn, and Klaus Kugel. To kick things off a previously unreleased live recording of John Coltrane playing A Love Supreme.

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme – Live In Seattle

After nearly six decades, a private recording of a rare, nightclub performance by John Coltrane of his magnum opus, A Love Supreme, is set for commercial release. Recorded in late 1965 on the culminating evening of a historic week-long run at The Penthouse in Seattle, A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle is a musical revelation of historic importance, capturing Coltrane as he began to expand his classic quartet catapulting him into the intense, spiritually focused final phase of his career.

A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle is a fascinating and rare performance of the full suite, marked by a looser and more improvisational approach, and a overriding sense of communal participation—much like a Sunday church service; the lineup featured John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders on saxophones, McCoy Tyner on piano, Elvin Jones on drums, and Jimmy Garrison and Donald (Rafael) Garrett on basses. Carlos Ward, then a young saxophonist just getting started on the scene, sat in as well.

Bob Gorry – GoBruCcio

The trio of guitarist Bob Gorry, bassist Pete Brunelli, and drummer Peter Riccio create dynamic and consistently intriguing free improvisations on GoBruCcio. The three long-time musical friends perform spontaneous interplay that takes the music in unexpected directions while offering listeners plenty of variety and surprises.

Guitarist Bob Gorry, bassist Pete Brunelli, and drummer Peter Riccio have played together through the years in many different settings but never recorded as a trio prior to GoBruCcio. They draw from their wide variety of musical experiences during five fascinating free improvisations. Their music progresses through varied movements with one player often taking the lead, the others following and building on his ideas, and then one of the musicians shifting gears to take the group improvisation in a surprisingly different direction.

Dave Mullen Ensemble – Solace

Saxophonist/composer Dave Mullen offers a welcome dose of Solace to a world sorely in need of it on his invigorating new album. Far from the somber elegy the title might imply, however, Mullen finds his comfort in the inspiring voices of some of jazz’s most iconic figures, in the warming embrace of family, and in the exhilarating musicianship of a group of his masterful peers: pianist Jon Cowherd, bassist Hans Glawischnig, drummer E.J. Strickland and, in a pair of special guest appearances, trumpeter Jim Seeley. The album was also mixed by the Grammy-winning producer engineer Jeff Jones, a regular collaborator with Jazz at Lincoln Center who has worked with the likes of Wynton Marsalis and Dr. John.

Jared Schonig – Two Takes Vol. 2 Big Band

Two Takes Vol. 2: Big Band –
Jon Gordon-alto 1, Charles Pillow-alto 2, Donny McCaslin-tenor 1, Jason Rigby-tenor 2, Carl Maraghi-baritone ; Tony Kadleck-tpt 1, Jon Owens-tpt 2, Brian Pareschi-tpt 3, Jonathan Powell-tpt 4 ; Michael Davis-trombone 1, Marshall Gilkes-trombone 2, Alan Ferber-trombone 3, Jeff Nelson-trombone 4 ; Nir Felder-guitar, Dave Cook-piano, Ike Sturm-acoustic and electric bass (on Sound Evidence), Matt Clohesy-bass (on Climb ), Jared Schonig-drums

N∆BOU – You Know

Nabou Claerhout Trombone
Roeland Celis Guitar
Trui Amerlinck Bass
Mathias Vercammen Drums

Single from their meanwhile long-awaited debut album “You Know”. As the rising stars in the jazz & beyond skies from the Benelux for quite some time now, the quartet around trombonist & composer Nabou Claerhout is signed to Outnote Records for the full length follow-up to their first EP ‘Hubert’ (2019).

Javier Subatin – Mountains

Javier Subatin’s laser-accurate guitar drive grounds the interplay on Mountains, a natural world infused spin through the past and future of improvised music. Sidestepping the jazz concept of rhythm-section-with-lead-“voice” the partnership here operates with fluidity . Demian Cabaud’s double bass and Pedro Melo Alves’ drums suffuse Javier’s compositions with colorful innovation, restraint, heft, elation…guests (Samuel Gapp, piano; Ricardo Jacinto, cello; João Mortágua, alto sax) expand the sound

Roy Campbell, John Dikeman, Raoul van der Weide, Peter Jacquemyn, Klaus Kugel – When The Time Is Right

When The Time Is Right opens with John Dikeman’s saxophone and Roy Campbell’s unmistakable, unrelenting trumpet, striking the first chord of a full-throttle performance, recorded live at an Amsterdam festival in 2013. From the unforgettable introduction, the quintet’s performance moves confidently between intricately arranged limbos and lush interludes, approaching each turn of their performance confidently and with enthusiastic commitment to the creative process. The five musicians hand off complex melodies and tempos between their eight instruments, building a performance that seems propelled by momentum. After their hour-long improvisation, Campbell told his fellow musicians, “what I liked the most is that from the very beginning, we went directly to the point.” This album, best summarized by Campbell, is also a tribute to his lifelong legacy of musical achievement, encapsulating the forward-thinking contributions he made in the experimental jazz scene throughout his career. And this group, comprised of Raoul van der Weide, Klaus Kugel, Peter Jacquemyn, John Dikeman and the late Roy Campbell, only ever played together once, offering a dynamic and truly singular performance. When The Time Is Right marks the second album featuring Campbell on 577 Records

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