Aural Delights 459

  • Adventures of Salvador – Skin ‘n’ Bones
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – Everything Was Funny
  • Easter – Suicidal Kiss
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Dreadlock
  • Lost Dog Street Band – Shady Grove
  • The Speed of Sound – Opium Eyes
  • The Nearlys – Vanessa
  • Jim Bower – Can of Worms
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – Wilco got no Wilco
  • Easter – Pixel Princess
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Dub Crisis
  • Lost Dog Street Band – From The Day You Were Born
  • The Speed of Sound – Virtual Reality
  • Be Bop Deluxe – Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape
  • Burning Spear – Jah See and Know
  • The Nearlys – Stevenson’s Parade
  • Blokeacola – The Confidence of Ignorance
  • Dave Graney and Clare Moore – The Anita Effect
  • Easter – Doubt Rings
  • Lee “Scratch” Perry – Power Dub
  • Lost Dog Street Band – The Mountain
  • Sarah McQuaid – Last Song
  • The Speed of Sound – Blood Sweat and Tears
  • The Nearlys – I Will Still Believe In You
  • Goat – Stonegoat
  • Kammahav – Fly The Flag
  • Thalia Zedek Band – Binoculars
  • Peter Hammill & The K Group – Happy Hour

Adventures of Salvador

A new single

Dave Graney and Clare Moore

The pandemic and a long lockdown in Melbourne seeped into the music. Dave Graney and Clare Moore had planned two albums for 2021,a rock album with their band the mistLY and then something like this one – something more unbuttoned and freaky. Then a second long lockdown happened and it was impossible to rehearse let alone record with the band so the two changed tack and got freaky in their own studio with keyboards and drums and new guitar tunings and time signatures. It’s called Everything Was Funny.


Recorded at the School Of Sound Recording, Manchester behind closed doors on the cusp of the big lockdown, this set captures the band at their most freewheeling; with a new lineup giving the songs a fresh take off the back of a tour with Bromide and Dark Globes.

Lee “Scratch” Perry

By way of tribute to the great man featuring tracks from

  • Black Ark In Dub
  • Megaton Dub 2
  • Songs To Bring Back The Ark

Lost Dog Band

The first in the second phase in the excellent Magnolia Sessions. Lost Dog Band was formed in the winter of 2010 after husband-and-wife duo, guitarist/vocalist Benjamin Tod and fiddle player Ashley Mae, parted ways with former musical project Barefoot Surrender. Originally conceived as a duet, Tod and Mae quickly dedicated themselves to carrying the tradition of the American troubadour – hopping trains and hitchhiking across the country while delivering their unique brand of original songwriting and tragic storytelling.

The Speed of Sound

From the new album Museum of Tomorrow

The Nearlys

Helen Walker returns with the first LP release of a two LP retrospective set – new recordings of previously unreleased and limited release songs that she wrote in the 1980s and 1990s – it’s called Someone I Used To Know

Jim Bower

From the forthcoming album Life Support

Be Bop Deluxe

Re-mastered super-deluxe expanded boxed set limited edition release (comprising 15 CDs and a DVD) of Live! In The Air Age


From the forthcoming album “Canopy”

Sarah McQuaid

Born out of the pandemic and due for release on October 15, The St Buryan Sessions will be the sixth solo album by award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid, and is her most powerful and emotive offering yet.


‘Headsoup’ is a new compilation that deepens Goat’s legend even further. Collecting non-album material from across their career, standalone singles, B-sides, digital edits and never before heard songs


New single from Christian Gustafsson & Tony Jenkins

Thalia Zedek Band

Perfect Vision follows Thalia Zedek Band’s 2018 album Fighting Season, created in the midst of growing tensions across the U.S. On Fighting Season Zedek sought resistance, where on Perfect Vision Zedek searches for clarity during a time of exponential isolation and doubt. On “Binoculars,” she explores the difficulty of staying afloat, while overwhelmed by uncertainty of conflict and fear. Zedek’s simple and repetitive guitar line marches forward while longtime collaborator David Michael Curry’s viola swirls intensely around her.

Peter Hammill & K Group

The Margin is a brilliant document of Hammill’s early-mid 1980’s ‘Beat Group’ on active live duty.

This expanded version includes an extra disc of material.

The booklet includes erudite musings from PH himself and the album contains scorching band treatments of solo classics such as the 20 minute Flight and the compelling 10 minute Happy Hour.

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