World of Jazz 454

  1. Alex Pope Norris “Fleet From The Heat” from Fleet From The Heat (Steeplechase) 00:00
  2. Jon Gordon “Stranger Than Fiction” from Stranger Than Fiction (Artist Share) 08:47
  3. Lisa Hilton “Santa Monica Samba” from Transparent Sky (Ruby Slippers Productions) 16:37
  4. Marc Johnson “Freedom Jazz Dance” from Overpass (ECM) 20:54
  5. Neil Ardley & The New Jazz Orchestra “Saturday’s Child” from Jazz Calendar: Olympic Studios ’66 (Jazz In Britain) 27:52
  6. Caroline Davis “Worldliness and Non-Duality” from Portals, Volume 1 : Mourning (Sunnyside) 33:41
  7. Curtis Fuller “A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening” from The Opener (Blue Note) 40:57
  8. Alex Pope Norris “Dude Where’s My Deli” from Fleet From The Heat (Steeplechase) 48:07
  9. Jon Gordon “Dance” from Stranger Than Fiction (Artist Share) 53:13
  10. Lisa Hilton “Chromatic Chronicles” from Transparent Sky (Ruby Slippers Productions) 1:00:41
  11. Marc Johnson “Samurai Fly” from Overpass (ECM) 1:03:55
  12. Neil Ardley & The New Jazz Orchestra “Monday’s Child” from Jazz Calendar: Olympic Studios ’66 (Jazz In Britain) 1:08:05
  13. Kazemde George “Things Line Up” from I Insist (Greenleaf) 1:11:22
  14. Roy Campbell, John Dikeman, Raoul van der Weide, Peter Jacquemyn, Klaus Kugel “When The Time Is Right (Edit)” from When The Time Is Right (577 Records) 1:15:39
  15. Strange Winds “Ghosts of our Gigs” from Socially Distanced (ears&eyes) 1:27:10
  16. Alex Pope Norris “Untamed Land” from Fleet From The Heat (Steeplechase) 1:33:00
  17. Jon Gordon “Modality” from Stranger Than Fiction (Artist Share) 1:39:52
  18. Lisa Hilton “Transparent Sky” from Transparent Sky (Ruby Slippers Productions) 1:46:52
  19. Marc Johnson “Life of Pai” from Overpass (ECM) 1:51:50
  20. Neil Ardley & The New Jazz Orchestra “Thursday’s Child” from Jazz Calendar: Olympic Studios ’66 (Jazz In Britain) 1:56:46
  • On this weeks brand new releases plus some classic Blue Note sounds from 1957 and British Jazz from 1966. You will hear Jon Gordon, Lisa Hilton, Marc Johnson, Neil Ardley & The New Jazz Orchestra, Caroline Davis, Curtis Fuller, Kazemde George, Roy Campbell, Strange Winds and Alex Pope Norris.
  • ALEX POPE NORRIS – Alex Pope Norris, who has appeared on close to 90 recordings as a sideman (many of them on Steeplechase), now celebrates the ten-plus year anniversary of his Quintet, with Fleet From The Heat, his debut on Steeplechase Records, and his third recording as a leader. The album is comprised of a combination of old and new material, much of it workshopped and performed at Smalls in NYC since 2008. The members of the band, Norris’ “go-to Quintet,” tenor saxophonist Ari Ambrose, pianist Jeremy Manasia, bassist Paul Gill and drummer Brian Floody, are all veteran New York City jazz musicians.
  • JON GORDON – Gordon’s new ArtistShare release Stranger Than Fiction is a nonet project of all original music. It features faculty members and former students from the University of Manitoba jazz program – where Gordon teaches – alongside special guests from across North America, including jazz greats Orrin Evans, John Ellis, and Alan Ferber, among others.
  • LISA HILTON – As America and other countries re-emerge from the limitations of 2020, Lisa Hilton and her trio with Rudy Royston and Luques Curtis, enthusiastically embrace the moment with a vibrant new jazz offering titled Transparent Sky, that will inspire, uplift and motivate us all. Rich with glorious harmonies and unique compositions, Hilton’s swinging band radiates a sun bleached aura to listeners. Throughout the album Hilton, Royston and Curtis develop a surprisingly wide range of rhythmic ideas from a variety of genres, masterfully blending classic traditions with new approaches and upbeat style.
  • MARC JOHNSON – With Overpass, recorded in Brazil in 2018, Marc Johnson makes a decisive and intriguing contribution to ECM’s solo bass recordings. It is an album that takes note of that tradition – Johnson has said that Dave Holland’s Emerald Tears was among the solo recordings that fired his imagination almost half a century ago – and builds upon it in a personal and imaginative way.
  • NEIL ARDLEY LEADING THE NEW JAZZ ORCHESTRA – Dave Gelly says “In September 1966, a kind of mini-NJO turned up at Olympic Studios in Barnes. The twelve of us, with Neil conducting, were there to record three pieces from the music of a ballet, so that the composer, Richard Rodney Bennett, had something for Frederic Ashton, the choreographer, Derek Jarman, the director, and various Royal Ballet bigwigs to listen to. They must have approved of what they heard, because the ballet, A Jazz Calendar, went into the repertoire in 1968 and remained there for the best part of ten years’.
  • CAROLINE DAVIS – Portals, Volume 1 is a collection of pieces that Davis wrote for her current quintet along with a string quartet, her first time orchestrating for this instrumentation. The quintet has been her regular group since 2019 and features trumpeter Marquis Hill, pianist Julian Shore, bassist Chris Tordini, and drummer Allan Mednard. For the string quartet, Davis knew that she desired string players who placed improvisation at the center of their practice. Having had the good fortune to work previously with a number of multi-talented players, she was able to recruit violinists Mazz Swift and Josh Henderson along with violist Joanna Mattrey and cellist Mariel Roberts.
  • CURTIS FULLER – 1957 – The Opener was trombonist Curtis Fuller’s first album for Blue Note and it is a thoroughly impressive affair. Working with a quintet featuring tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley, pianist Bobby Timmons, bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Art Taylor, Fuller runs through a set of standards
  • KAZEMDE GEORGE – preview track – releases October 22, 2021 on Greenleaf – Personnel: Kazemde George, tenor saxophone ; Sami Stevens, vocals ;Isaac Wilson, Wurlitzer and piano ;Tyrone Allen II, acoustic bass ; Adam Arruda, drums
  • ROY CAMPBELL et al – When The Time Is Right opens with John Dikeman’s saxophone and Roy Campbell’s unmistakable, unrelenting trumpet, striking the first chord of a full-throttle performance, recorded live at an Amsterdam festival in 2013. From the unforgettable introduction, the quintet’s performance moves confidently between intricately arranged limbos and lush interludes, approaching each turn of their performance confidently and with enthusiastic commitment to the creative process. The five musicians hand off complex melodies and tempos between their eight instruments, building a performance that seems propelled by momentum
  • STRANGE WINDS – Mai Sugimoto – alto sax, flute, percussion, toys, Hunter Diamond – tenor sax, clarinet, percussion, toys, vocals, Artie Black – tenor sax, percussion, toys, Alexander Massa – trumpet, percussion, toys, vocals – pay what you want on Bandcamp

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