World of Jazz 453

  1. Alex Lefaivre “Boiler Room” from Naufragés (Arté Boréal) 00:00
  2. Ashley Summers “King of Swords” from True North (ears&eyes) 08:55
  3. Jessica Ackerley and Daniel Carter “Converging” from Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams and Time Travel (577 Records) 15:46
  4. Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos “Cuento #19” from Volume 4 (ears&eyes) 24:48
  5. Rodrigo Faina and Change Ensemble “Deep, and Blue” from Different Roots (Red Piano Records) 28:49
  6. Tony Malaby “Murga Gringa” from Jersey Candombe (Turnpike Diaries Volume 5) (Bandcamp) 35:35
  7. Alex Lefaivre “Reset” from Naufragés (Arté Boréal) 49:16
  8. Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos “Cuento #21” from Volume 4 (ears&eyes) 57:15
  9. Ashley Summers “True North” from True North (ears&eyes) 1:00:53
  10. Jessica Ackerley and Daniel Carter “Lucid Dreamer” from Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams and Time Travel (577 Records) 1:08:15
  11. Rodrigo Faina and Change Ensemble “A Room Full Of People” from Different Roots (Red Piano Records) 1:18:52
  12. Luis Vicente & Vasco Trilla “Swirling Winds” from Made of Mist (577 Records) 1:27:38
  13. Alex Lefaivre “Sin City” from Naufragés (Arté Boréal) 1:38:32
  14. Ashley Summers “Eli” from True North (ears&eyes) 1:44:49
  15. Jessica Ackerley and Daniel Carter “Awakening” from Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams and Time Travel (577 Records) 1:48:27
  16. Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos “Cuento #23” from Volume 4 (ears&eyes) 1:52:04
  17. Rodrigo Faina and Change Ensemble “If I’m To Live” from Different Roots (Red Piano Records) 1:55:29

On this weeks show new music from Ashley Summers, Jessica Ackerley and Daniel Carter, Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos, Rodrigo Faina and Change Ensemble, Tony Malaby, and Luis Vicente and Vasco Trilla, but we’ll kick off with another new release from Alex Lefaivre.

Alex Lefaivre – Naufragés – Arté Boréal

Erik Hove – Alto Saxophone
Nicolas Ferron – Guitar
Alex Lefaivre – Bass
Alain Bourgeois – Drums

Alex Lefaivre is a bassist, composer and educator based in Montreal. He is a founding member of Parc X Trio, winners of the 2010 TD Grand Prix de Jazz at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. He is also a widely celebrated sideman, having shared the stage and recorded with a wealth of Montreal artists including Michelle Sweeney, Joel Miller, Aliocha, Klo Pelgag, Sonia Johnson, and Kalmunity. Lefaivre’s new album Naufragés (“Castaways”) is the follow up to YUL, his critically acclaimed 2018 quartet recording. Here, Lefaivre presents a new collection of five original compositions and three covers that reflect his contemporary aesthetic and visceral sound. After many failed attempts at scheduling the recording during to the COVID 19 pandemic, the group finally managed to assemble at Montreal’s Studio Madame Wood on April 5th 2021. Recorded over the course of two spontaneous sets of music, the listener can feel the urgency and sheer joy erupting out of Alex and his bandmates. The session was recorded and mixed by Simon
l’Espérance and was mastered by Lefaivre himself.

Naufragés’ eclectic and cinematic contemporary jazz style features echoes of punk, disco, Film Noir and even reggae, giving the music a biting energy that oscillates freely between raw, rough textures and moments of refined grace, all the while leaving lots of room for these brilliant musicians to stretch out.

Naufragés will be released worldwide on Friday, August 27th 2021 on Arté Boréal.

Ashley Summers – True North – ears&eyes

Seamus Blake, saxophone
Daniel Bruce, guitar
Daniel Murphy, piano
Chris Baker, drums
Ashley Summers, bass

Story: One Nomad’s True North: A Study of Contrasts

“True North,” is a sophisticated study of contrasts by Chicago-based, Canadian-born bassist and composer Ashley Summers. In her long-awaited debut album as a leader, Summers’s collection of originals crafts a love letter to icy air, shimmering city lights, and the capacious joys and tragedies of urban life. Above all, this is music about resiliency—like the words of Albert Camus: the “invincible summer” found “deep within the midst of winter.”

Ever the nomad, Summers is a self-proclaimed ‘city girl’ that has spent her career exploring many corners of the world in pursuit of music scholarship and performance. From her childhood home in Canada to the cobblestone streets of Paris and humbling hills of Kentucky, this collection of compositions serves as a tribute to the people, experiences and values that keep her grounded regardless of locale or circumstance. “I became a ‘wanderer’ the moment I discovered jazz and creative improvised music,” Summers says in reference to the many different cities she has called home. “It’s embedded in the spirit of the music; you go where it takes you. Each move has been prompted solely by music coupled with either restlessness or a dream I was chasing.” In 2015, when a close family member was in the midst of a battle with cancer and two of her musical heroes died suddenly, Summers says: “I started to examine the significant attachments in my life that keep me grounded, which are not geographical or physical at all.”

“Every one of my compositions is a tribute to or reflection of a person in my life or an experience I’m trying to narrate, but this was different. I was trying to define what it is that ultimately guides my journey as an artist and an individual, and I realized that what I was searching for was an ‘anthem’ of sorts that would tie my work together.” The result of this revelation is the spirited, exultant melody in True North, which Summers acknowledges as “certainly a propos in light of the tremendous pride I have for my country and the intensity of the yearning I feel for my homeland as I wander the world, which is all reflected in the shifting metres and moods of my composition.” Having crafted her anthem, and after spending a significant portion of her career supporting other artists in the studio, she finally felt ready to release an album of her own. The album contains stories of patriotism, resilience, heartache, injustice, mysticism, hope and heroism, all told from the perspective of an artist perpetually guided by her “True North”.

There is no better assemblage of musicians to help Summers in this storytelling endeavor than Seamus Blake, Daniel Bruce, Daniel Murphy and Chris Baker. While each have their own unique artistic voice, they have all had a profound presence in Summers’s life for well over a decade. Saxophone powerhouse and fellow Vancouver native Seamus Blake has been a major influence on Summers from the moment she heard him in her teenaged years. His extraordinary sound and inimitable playing style has invariably inspired the sweeping melodies she writes. Here, his articulate improvisations charge the project with unbridled optimism and streetwise bravado. Pianist Daniel Murphy has been Summers’s co-conspirator since a 2006 tour with Cleveland saxophonist Bobby Selvaggio that sparked their friendship and musical camaraderie. His talents blend seamlessly with her compositional style and his incisive, front-edged technique contributes a certain suave elegance to the project. Similarly, the spirited guitar playing of Summers’s close friend and longtime collaborator Daniel Bruce adds a layer of intrigue and momentum that he executes effortlessly. The album glitters with the elegant playing of Summers’s drummer and husband, Chris Baker, who deftly balances ferocity with subtlety to make her compositions come alive here.

Summers herself performs her eloquent compositions with stunning sincerity, balancing impetuous, razor-sharp rhythmic clarity with the introspection of an old soul who has stories to tell. Achingly long melodies drape gracefully over persistent rhythmic syncopations like walls of fog rolling over the clamoring streets of her native Vancouver. Summers’s world is one in which collaborators breezily finish each other’s musical sentences, and perpetually building intensity crests and falls as naturally as waves into foam.

“My hope is that the album as a whole inspires a feeling of momentum”, Summers affirms. “It’s meant to stir and invigorate the listener, propelling them in whatever direction is true for them.”

Released March 24, 2017

Jessica Ackerley and Daniel Carter – Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams and Time Travel – 577 Records

Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams and Time Travel documents a fresh collaboration between multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Carter, and guitarist, Jessica Ackerley. Both musicians are active improvisers on the New York free jazz scene, but rather than collaborating on a formal stage, their musical relationship developed over a few casual outdoor sessions during the summer of 2020. This release captures the joyful ease of their collaboration, as each musical interaction creates a warm transcendence, inspired by the dream-like, meditative effect improvised music is known for. Rippling guitar strums cascade under the sustained swells of various horns and reeds, allowing passages of space and minimalist tendencies in the music to ebb and flow like breathing. The use of acoustical instruments lends itself to the stylings of primitive guitar music and nods to baroque cadences without compromising each musicians’ free jazz and experimentalist foundations. The 8-track album documents a precious encounter between two friends, inviting the listener to glimpse into their tranquil inner world. This marks Jessica Ackerley’s debut on 577 Records, anticipating future releases scheduled on the 577 catalog later in 2022. Friendship: Lucid Shared Dreams and Time Travel will be available in September 2021 on CD/digital editions.

Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos -Volume 4 – ears&eyes

Doug Stone – tenor saxophone
Nick Finzer – trombone
Matthew Golombisky – electric bass & compositions
Chris Teal – drums

Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos is an ongoing project of composing, recording, and releasing music with trusted bandmates from around the globe and become inspired by and with close music cohorts. With Cuentos, Golombisky composes simple aural “plots” with a couple or few “characters” for each story. The cuentos are meant to humbly encourage that the music that comes forth stays within the realm of a short story format and doesn’t develop into a full novel, so to speak; they aren’t meant to convey visual or physical plots, characters, or scenes. Preferring not to interfere with the listener’s own experience of the music, Golombisky did not name the pieces; they are simply numbered in the order composed (six cuentos per volume).

The structures are meant to be simple and showcase the improvisational precision of each performer on conveying a ​modest concept with fluidity, clarity, and focus. What the listener is left with is an​ introspection​ into​ a single objective that comfortably emerges​ over the course of the piece, leaving them with a comprehensible aural encounter. Even the lengths of the pieces represent a briefness, here and gone before a single musician is able to explore every possibility of the story; Golombisky’s intention. Most pieces range in three minutes length–single ideas presented, explored, and left to the listener for reflection.

released August 6, 2021

Rodrigo Faina and Change Ensemble – Different Roots – Red Piano Records

Brooklyn-based Red Piano Records is proud to announce the release of Different Roots from composer Rodrigo Faina and Change Ensemble. This recording marks a step forward in Faina´s artistic evolution, who after years of writing commissions for different soloists and ensembles, takes full artistic control and leads a brand new ensemble of twenty-three musicians that features the most prominent jazz soloists of the Dutch contemporary music scene, and some of the leading instrumental voices in Europe.

The title of the album refers to Rodrigo´s musical roots and influences, as well as his South American origin, and it is inspired by the composer´s early years in his native Argentina, where the literature of Julio Cortazar and Jorge Luis Borges, together with music, played a fundamental role in Faina’s life.

As a point of departure, to compose each piece Faina selected small fragments and short stories from three different books, The Aleph, from Jorge Luis Borges, and Julio Cortazar’s Cronopios Famas and Save Twilight. The texts were chosen not only because of their beauty and powerful evocative force, but also as a strong connection to a specific time and place in the composer’s life.

Opening, the first track of the album, welcomes you into a sound-world of rare eloquence. It begins with horns resembling a distant wind, from which a lonely clarinet emerges. Gradually other woodwinds, strings and brass join in a rich display of color and lines, creating an intricate and evocative texture. A simple and expressive melody emerges bringing the piece to an end. Deep, Dark and Blue, an odd choral, eloquently combines carefully chosen instrumental voicings (from Kenny Wheeler-flavored chords to classical contemporary influenced harmonies), an ad libitum piano solo, sensitive drums and bass improvisations and richly layered brass, reeds and voice. At Night, a piece with a subtle air of Tango, aims to capture the spirit of Julio Cortazar’s Speech of The Bear, a text of immeasurable beauty that acts as a prologue of a wistful melody that takes the listener on an exciting journey. The mood changes substantially on, A Room Full of People. The impetuous improvisations of the whole group, combined with guttural orchestral textures and a solid rock groove, creates a sudden rush of energy. Celano’s eccentric and powerful guitar solo precedes an angular melody with hints of composers such as Schoenberg and Webern. Finally, as the piece fades out, the band members display a vast array of sounds and techniques. On An Installment of Time the tension fades and a new landscape emerges. A gentle pulsation, a simple motive, the woodwinds and strings quoting the melody and a deceptive rhythm in 4/4 gradually transforms into an intricate and virtuosic melodic line that serves as musical counterpart to Cortazar’s Instructions on How to Wind a Watch. Towards the end a collective improvisation, where some instructions as the first and final chords are given by the composer, brings the piece to an end with the aim to leave something magical floating in the air. If I’m To Live displays an alluring and hypnotic blend of brass and woodwinds that repeats a cycle of soft chords as a sort of a mantra, while Fanny Alofs’s voice gently soars above the ensemble, capturing the spirit of Julio Cortazar’s poem with the same title. An alternate take of Deep, Dark and Blue follows, where the saxophone section is replaced by electric guitar and clarinets, giving more weight to the brass section and therefore subtly changing the character of the piece. The album ends with Dreams, a bonus track performed by the Metropole Orkest. The piece uses some of the same compositional techniques found on
the rest of the album and exhibits a lush and richly detailed orchestration. Timbre and color take on a new dimension on this piece, giving shape and structure to the music and an overriding arc to the album.

Tony Malaby – Jersey Candombe (Turnpike Diaries Volume 5) – Bandcamp

Field recording from 5/8/21 Jersey City,NJ

released August 6, 2021

Tony Malaby saxophones
Kenny Warren trumpet
Billy Mintz percussion
Ches Smith percussion
Flin van Hemmen percussion
Sean Ali bass
Brandon Lopez bass

Luis Vicente & Vasco Trilla – Made of Mist – 577 Records

From Portuguese trumpet player Luis Vicente and Portuguese-Catalan percussionist Vasco Trilla, comes Made of Mist, an ethereal and avant-garde project exploring the boundaries of musical composition. Recorded in Lisbon, after performing numerous concerts around Europe together, this album documents the duo at their most artistically bold. Aspiring to create music that flows from textural to spiritually-infused free jazz, they share an aesthetic that values noise and sound at least as much as it does rhythm and harmony. Throughout the album’s six extended tracks, continuous timbral variations move the music forward through slow shifts in Trilla’s percussive density and Vicente’s abstract trumpet melodies. Despite its intense experimentality and sometimes-disorienting effect, the music is emotive, casual, and richly varied, offering an exciting and deeply original improvisational album. Made of Mist marks Luis Vicente and Vasco Trilla’s debut on 577 Records, and will be available in both digital and disc editions.

Luis Vicente: Trumpet
Vasco Trilla: Drums and percussion

Recorded in September, 2019 by Nuno Morão at Scratch Built Studios, Lisbon
Mixed and mastered by Rafal Drewniany, DTS Studio, Krakow, Poland

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