Aural Delights on the Overflow 80


  • Flea – Banal
  • The Speed of Sound – Tomorrows World – The Speed Of Sound have announced the autumn release of their fifth studio album ‘Museum of Tomorrow’, to be issued on CD and Deluxe LP via California’s Big Stir Records, 32 years to the day the band released their debut EP back in 1989. Ahead of this, the band reveal the lead track ‘Tomorrow’s World’
  • RJ Archer & The Painful Memories – A Little Mercy – another single from the forthcoming album
  • Blokeacola – Reverie – another single from the forthcoming album
  • The Red Propellers – I Love You (You Big Dummy) – The band were asked to cover / interpret the Captain Beefheart song for a film soundtrack. The film ‘you big dummy’ about a record shop owner is due out in the autumn.
  • Moff Skellington – Skrotu – The second in Moffs new audio visual series
  • Four Candles – Doughnuts – from the Alternative Golf EP
  • The Cravats – Big Red Car – from the Dustbin of Sound lp
  • Jim Bower – Wrong – from the forthcoming album
  • Frank Zappa – Sofa No 2 – from One Size Fits All
  • Can – Father Cannot Yell – from Monster Movie

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