Aural Delights 455


  1. Flea – Banal
  2. Blokeacola – Reverie
  3. King Crimson – Larks’ Tongues In Aspic Part II
  4. The Moodists – Frankies Negative
  5. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Goin’ Back To Florida
  6. The Go Betweens – Apology Accepted
  7. Robert Forster – Danger In The Past
  8. Harvey’s Rabbit – Is This What You Call Change?
  9. The Go Betweens – Cut It Out
  10. The Dream Syndicate – John Coltrane Stereo Blues
  11. RJ Archer and the Painful Memories – A Little Mercy
  12. The Red Propellers – I Love You (You Big Dummy)
  13. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – I’m Going To Booglarise You Baby
  14. Old Grandad – Forty Two
  15. The Moodists – Everybody, Don’t Tell Her
  16. King Crimson – Devil’s Triangle
  17. Inferior Complex – Invisible
  18. Jim Bower – Wrong
  19. The Go Betweens – Don’t Let Him Come Back
  20. The Apartments – No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal
  21. Grant McLennan – What Went Wrong
  22. Adele & The Chandeliers – German On My Mind
  23. The Moodists – Bullet Train
  24. The Stress of Leisure – Girl On A Lilo
  25. The Go Betweens – Unkind and Unwise
  26. The Speed of Sound – Tomorrows World
  27. King Crimson – Discipline
  28. Frank Zappa – Sofa No. 2


Although this show is predominantly supposed to be about new releases there is the odd occasion when there is simply not enough new music to fill a two hour show. This week proved to be one of those situations. After a deep dive on the Snarski Brothers a couple of weeks back I though I’d focus on another Australian institution, albeit one that is slightly better known. The Go-Betweens were unique and rather special and i’ve picked some of my favourite tracks from the bands first phase as well as selecting music by the two main members Robert and Grant in solo and side project mode. There are also contemporary companions who joined Robert and Grant on the journey who are featured.

I’ve been listening to a lot of King Crimson lately and it struck me I had not featured them much in recent years. With Van Der Graaf they tend to be regarded as worthy survivors of that first prog wave between 1969-1976. Indeed they have stayed the course and KC are touring as I write and VDGG have some dates coming up next year. Their back catalogue is immense and picking tracks is always a time consuming affair. I hope i’ve done them justice.

My continuing detailed look at the back catalogue of the Moodists is close to conclusion, there are a few more live tracks and the tracks that appeared on the Creation box set a few years back to feature. After that is finished i’ll get back to my exploration of Dave Graney and Clare Moore’s discography and am keenly anticipating a new album soon.

James from The Red Propellers has kindly given me an exclusive with a new track – it’s a cover of a Captain Beefheart classic and shows a new face of the band. It’s from the soundtrack of a new film. Of course I had to play some Captain as well.

There are some new releases as well – just not as many as usual!


  • Flea – new single
  • Blokeacola – new single
  • King Crimson – KCCC 45 – Live In Toronto, ON 24.06.1974
  • The Moodists Two Fisted Art
  • Lightnin’ Hopkins – 1959 self titled album
  • The Go Betweens – Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express
  • Robert Forster – Danger In The Past
  • Harvey’s Rabbit – Radio Sessions
  • The Go Betweens – Tallulah
  • The Dream Syndicate – The Medicine Show
  • RJ Archer and the Painful Memories – new single
  • The Red Propellers – I Love You (You Big Dummy) – exclusive – from forthcoming film You Big Dummy
  • Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – The Dust Blows Forward: An Anthology
  • Old Grandad – Vol. 666 / OGD EP Reissue
  • The Moodists – Two Fisted Art
  • King Crimson – Pandemonium
  • Inferior Complex – single
  • Jim Bower – single
  • The Go Betweens – The Lost Album
  • The Apartments – No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal
  • Grant McLennan – – Horsebreaker Star
  • Adele & The Chandeliers – Single
  • The Moodists – Two Fisted Art
  • The Stress of Leisure – Achievement
  • The Go Betweens – Spring Hill Fair
  • The Speed of Sound – lead track from forthcoming album
  • King Crimson – Absent Lovers: Live in Montreal 1984
  • Frank Zappa – One Size Fits All

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