Aural Delights on the Overflow 79


  • The New Fools – Murry Wilson – Single (2021)
    • meant to be one in a series of singles but, life kind of got in the way so the recording only features Tony and Pete on the drums, Christian then completed the track with bass and guitars. Tony says “another case of getting a title I liked then putting a song together which has nothing to do with the title really”
  • Ron S Peno and The Superstitions – When Worlds Collide – Do The Understanding (2021)
    • Four years (and one global pandemic) since the Australian Music Prize-longlisted ‘Guiding Light’ (2017) elevated the band to new peaks of artistry, Ron S. Peno and The Superstitions return with ‘Do the Understanding’, a stunning new record born from connection and perseverance.
  • Scenius – Escalation – Generation Blitz (2021)
    • Generation Blitz will be released as a double CD and cassette via Bandcamp and the label website as well as the usual streaming sites. Physical copies will be accompanied by a 7” square magazine with introductions to the artists, the highly influential radio shows that have nurtured this community over the years and essays on the cultural impact of that original Generation Blitz.
  • Lotus Thrones – Lovers – Lovers In Wartime (2021)
    • Philadelphia-based LOTUS THRONES, the solo project formed by former Wolvhammer and Across Tundras drummer Heath Rave during the 2020 quarantine, has completed its first full-length release. Following a five-year hiatus from releasing music, Heath Rave launched LOTUS THRONES in the past several months, to stay creative and return to playing music during lockdown. With the advent of technology making it easy to work alone, he began investigating new instruments and recording methods, exploring styles and genres of music he grew up on, including post-punk, industrial, goth, post-metal, dream pop, shoegaze, and more with an occasional nod to his hardcore roots, merging influences from the likes of Killing Joke, Sisters Of Mercy, Neurosis, Danzig, Justin Broadrick, Portishead, The Cure, and more, and handling all instrumentation on his own.
  • Marc Riley & The Creepers – Jumper Clown – Single (1983)
  • The Fall – The Man Whose Head Expanded – Single (1983)
  • Disappear – Doppelgänger – Single (2021)
    • Whiskey Pickle digital is back with another curveball for all y’all. Did ya miss us? On this release we have Denied Music music head honcho Daniel Allen debuting his new downtempo alias Disappear. He’s turned out four deep mellow cuts of pure psychedelic bliss that are sure to twist your melon man.
  • Adam & Elvis – The Landlord – Single (2021)
    • ADAM & ELVIS are a wonky six-piece from Reading who bring ragtime and new wave together in their energetic songwriting. Their sets are notoriously playful and crammed full of spine tingling melodies and off kilter disco beats. It has taken over twenty different lineups for the band to get the sound they are happy with. Only Irish brothers Patrick and Thomas Malone have remained from the original band.
  • Great North Star – Deus Ex Machina – Great North Star (2021)
    • Acid Test Recordings have announced a vinyl release of the self titled debut album from Great North Star which has previously been available digitally from Bandamp.
    • The listener is asked to imagine Richard Thompson during his Grizzly Man soundtrack era and Papa M’s Live From A Shark’s Cage meeting the stargazing qualities of primetime Harmonia and the muted electronica of Aphex Twin and you are in the same headspace as this two piece. Dean Thom’s rangy electric guitar stretches out wistfully over Phil Considine’s drums and electronic flutter.
  • Ron S Peno and the Superstitions – Everything Has Changed – from the new album
  • Marc Riley & The Creepers – Violins – B Side to the Jumper Clown Single
  • Harry Stafford & Marco Butcher – There’s Someone Tryin’ To Get In – Single (2021)
    • Preview Track from the forthcoming album “Bone Architecture”
  • Frank Zappa – Inca Roads – You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 2: The Helsinki Concert (1974)

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