The Buzz

Exploring the iconic trio format, Sean Conly (Bass), Francisco Mela (Drums) and Leo Genovese (Piano) mix composition and improvised music into a shared language. Inspired by both contemporary and traditional musical arrangements, the musicians’ distinct inclinations blend together in playful form, delivered in an easy dialogue between the members of the trio. The Buzz’s 10 tracks are gentle and warm, displaying the comfort that the artists have with each other, and lending the album a similarly inviting aura throughout. This marks Sean Conly’s debut on 577 Records, the second album on the label for Leo Genovese (following Trio Sin Tiempo: Ritmos De Agua) and will be Francisco Mela’s third album on 577 Records, following MPT Trio (2021) and Music Frees Our Souls, Vol. 1 (2021). The Buzz will be available as a LP, CD and digitally on October 8, 2021.

Singles from the album will be released in advance with The Buzz on August 26th, and Send In The Clones on September 16th.

To be featured on World of Jazz 452, 455, and 458

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