Saxophonist and Composer Andrés Hayes has released his new album Siete or 7 via Club del Disco. This new record includes his own compositions and two songs in collaboration with young composer and singer Juana Sallies. He is ably supported by trumpeter Juan Cruz de Urquiza, bassist Ezequiel Dutil, drummer Bruno Varela and two guitarists Damien Poots and Ramiro Franceschin.

The unique pairing of two different sounding guitars coupled with the interaction between Hayes’ saxophone and Juan Cruz de Urquiza’s trumpet produce some unique and innovative sounds. Hayes refers to and evokes other artists in his compositions with for example Duke Ellington from a musical perspective and experimental Argentinian novelist Roberto Arlt from the literary side of the arts.

Hayes has previously released six albums with his own music, El Silenciero (Sofa Records, 2009); Desde un Jardín (Sofa Records, 2011); El Imperio de las Luces, with the participation of George Garzon (2013); Alondra, together with Gustavo Hernández (La Croqueta Records, 2017) and Marea Alta (Club del Disco, 2019), and also released a session with Austrian musicians and Patricio Carpossi (Maybe, 2020). In 2020 he recorded two singles together with the Siete septet: El Ápice and Presagio de las Estaciones (Club del Disco, 2020).

Andrés Hayes says: “Siete is the album in which I dare to move through different genres. The voice, lyrics and folk ways, which are undoubtedly a difficult area for jazz appear for the first time. With Siete I wonder where the frontier of language is. Is it Jazz? Is it a song? The album name comes about because in 7 we have the number of artists involved in the album and the number of albums I have released.”

This is a delightful album, mellow and laid back, with fine interaction between all of the players.

To be featured on World of Jazz 452 – 29th August 2021.

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