Made of Mist

From Portuguese trumpet player Luis Vicente and Portuguese-Catalan percussionist Vasco Trilla, comes Made of Mist, an ethereal and avant-garde project exploring the boundaries of musical composition. Recorded in Lisbon, after performing numerous concerts around Europe together, this album documents the duo at their most artistically bold. Aspiring to create music that flows from textural to spiritually-infused free jazz, they share an aesthetic that values noise and sound at least as much as it does rhythm and harmony. Throughout the album’s six extended tracks, continuous timbral variations move the music forward through slow shifts in Trilla’s percussive density and Vicente’s abstract trumpet melodies. Despite its intense experimentality and sometimes-disorienting effect, the music is emotive, casual, and richly varied, offering an exciting and deeply original improvisational album. Made of Mist marks Luis Vicente and Vasco Trilla’s debut on 577 Records, and will be available in both digital and disc editions.

Luis Vicente: Trumpet
Vasco Trilla: Drums and percussion

Recorded in September, 2019 by Nuno Morão at Scratch Built Studios, Lisbon
Mixed and mastered by Rafal Drewniany, DTS Studio, Krakow, Poland

To be featured on World of Jazz 453 and 455

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