World of Jazz 446

  1. Sons of Kemet “Think of Hope” from Black to the Future (Impulse!) 00:00
  2. Andrés Elstein “Busca Misterio” from Familia (ears&eyes) 04:40
  3. Slowly Rolling Camera “You Are The Truth” from Where The Streets Lead (Edition Records) 15:07
  4. William Parker “Happiness” from Painters Winter (AUM Fidelity) 20:20
  5. Matias Riquelme “A Cello Cog” from 7 (577 Records) 33:16
  6. Sons of Kemet “Throughout The Madness, Stay Strong” from Black to the Future (Impulse!) 39:07
  7. Andrés Elstein “Celebracion” from Familia (ears&eyes) 44:53
  8. Slowly Rolling Camera “The Afternoon of Human Life” from Where The Streets Lead (Edition Records) 51:50
  9. William Parker “Tabasco” from Mayan Space Station (AUM Fidelity) 1:00:00
  10. Tony Malaby “Scratch The Horse (Edit)” from Turnpike Diaries Volume 4 (Bandcamp) 1:05:31
  11. Sons of Kemet “Let The Circle Be Unbroken” from Black to the Future (Impulse!) 1:24:50
  12. Andrés Elstein “Nomade” from Familia (ears&eyes) 1:31:19
  13. Joe O’Connor, Theo Carbo & Tim Green “I” from Ecologue (577 Records) 1:40:28
  14. Slowly Rolling Camera “Feels Like Fiction” from Where The Streets Lead (Edition Records 1:54:55

  • Sons of Kemet
    • Saxophonist, composer, philosopher and writer Shabaka Hutchings returns with a brand-new album from his Mercury Prize nominated outfit Sons of Kemet. Black To The Future, the band’s fourth LP and second on Impulse! Records, release May 14.
    • Musically, Black To The Future is a bigger affair than previous Sons of Kemet records. The core group – Theon Cross (tuba), Edward Wakili-Hick (percussion), Tom Skinner (percussion) – is enhanced by guests such as Jazz warrior UK saxophonist Steve Williamson, Chicago bandleader/vocalist Angel Bat Dawid, American poet Moor Mother, legendary British Grime MC D Double E, British artist/rapper/spoken word musical artist Kojey Radical, and more. Shabaka Hutchings also adds complex layers of woodwind instrumentation throughout the record, which he did during lockdown.
  • Andrés Elstein
    • Familia is Andrés Elstein’s fourth album as drummer and composer and the first with the quartet including Lucas Goicoechea on alto sax, Nataniel Edelman on piano, and Juan Bayón on double bass. Familia was developed over 3 years, where the group’s meetings, as well as the live concerts, were fundamental to generate a collective language. A rich and complex album moving through key points, movements and themes in jazz history to create a fascinating collection.
  • Slowly Rolling Camera
    • Inspired by colliding worlds of jazz, trip-hop, and cinematic soundscapes, Slowly Rolling Camera’s music blends strong melodies, big grooves, and surprising turns of phrase, and is infused with expansive emotional gravitas.
    • Dave Stapleton – Fender Rhodes, Piano, Moog. Deri Roberts – Electronics, Elliot Bennett – Drums
    • With Mark Lockheart – Soprano and Tenor Sax, Stuart McCallum – Guitar, Jasper Høiby – Double Bass, Verneri Pohjola – Trumpet, Chris Potter – Tenor Sax, Sachal Vasandani – Vocals
  • William Parker
    • Following on the monumental Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World box set earlier this year, composer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, griot, improviser and community leader William Parker will release an astonishing Pair of brand new trio albums which further expound on his profound and limitless vision: Mayan Space Station -&- Painters Winter. One of the iconic and enduring music leaders to emerge in the world over the last half century, Parker continues to raise the bar higher.
    • Painters Winter features the reconvened trio communion of Daniel Carter, William Parker , and Hamid Drake. Carter & Parker have been perpetual space-ways traveling companions since first meeting & immediately beginning to channel music together in early 1970s NYC. Their work together in Other Dimensions In Music with Roy Campbell & Rashid Bakr for well over two decades manifest in bountiful music for the ages. They recently featured together in similar majestic open form on the album, Seraphic Light. Here, Carter again brings the full assembly of instruments he has for decades been a master of: trumpet, alto & tenor saxophones, clarinet and flute.
    • Mayan Space Station is William’s first electric guitar trio album. The unparalleled rhythmic firmament created by Parker & Cleaver is matched by Mendoza in full flight. This is cosmic multi-hued blues, perfect for space and time travel.
  • Matias Riquelme
    • Beginning with fragmented sounds and assorted improvisations collected from friends in Paris, Barcelona and Santiago, composer Matias Riquelme arranged a collection of tracks for his new conceptual album, 7. During quarantine, Riquelme requested that his fellow musicians send in home recordings of their experimental performances, and received contributions on violin, guitar, cello, drums, piano and saxophone. In the spirit of contemporary composition and free improvisation, Riquelme took an organic revisionary approach that drew from the samples themselves and assembled musical collages, cutting, pasting, editing and sculpting sounds into lingering and exploratory moments. The pieces gradually took shape until they rendered, unintentionally, seven pieces, from seven musicians—a symbology that resonated with Riquelme, and informed the songs’ names, anagrams of the word “Collage.” The album, “7” will be available digitally on 577 Records July 31, 2021.
  • Tony Malaby
    • Great field recording (9/10/20) with cellist Christopher Hoffman, William Parker and Billy Mintz. For this session I sketched out 4 themes – most are no more then 2 bars long and were given to Chris the night before – William and Billy are free agents. I knew things were on because of how Billy came out of the starting gate, and how William begins with Chris to generate that string electricity – booom – it’s on! These sketches have been fleshed and out will be used for my next recording with Sabino next week – here’s a great chance to hear them at a very raw stage. I love the capture. Recorded by Randy Thaler, mixed by Christopher Hoffman and mastered by Eivind Opsvik. Cover by Tim Berne. 
  • Joe O’Connor, Theo Carbo & Tim Green –
    • Early in 2019, Joseph O’Connor, Theo Carbo and Tim Green came together for a week of rehearsals and recording in Melbourne, Australia to create an experimental project. In the origins of their rehearsals, they focused their creative dialogue less on how they wanted their music to sound, and more on how they would interact as musician, specifically imagining how their gestures would move across one another in an ambient space, and architecting a sparse, avant-garde effect. Much of their inspiration was derived from the hocchiku playing of Watazumi Doso Roshi, whose arrangements are simultaneously asymmetrical and organic. Though the group’s first recording in January 2019 was encouraging, their second recording in July later that year achieved what they aspired for: ideas flowed naturally and patiently, echoing throughout the space. Piano, drums and guitar inhabit distinct and detailed territories of their own, but in this performance, these territories are intertwined like rough-hewn tiles in a mosaic. The results are intricately textured and richly harmonic. Tim Green is a member of Cyclone Trio and has one release on 577 Records, The Clear Revolution (2021) and two releases on Orbit577 Electric (2020) and Cataclysm… Live at Cafe Oto (2020). Eclogue released digitally on 577 Records on July 16, 2021.

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