The album is based on the 15-year relationship between Ernesto Jodos and Barry Altschul. They met in Buenos Aires through a mutual friend and did several concerts together in 2005. Altschul returned several times to Argentina, and on each trip, there were more concerts, tours, and even a quintet recording (still unreleased). In 2017, after a series of concerts in Buenos Aires, they decided that it would be very good to do a piano trio recording. The bass player had to be found, to which Altschul responds: “We can have any bass player we want.” A year later, a series of concerts with Mark Helias, triggered an email: “Dear B: I found the bass player.” Almost as a joke, since Altschul and Helias have a musical relationship that exceeds 40 years….

So this is the story of a collaborative album, made by three musicians who have known each other for years, who have shared music, food, wine, travel, and other things. Even the engineer Michael Brorby, himself a drummer, had taken lessons with Altschul in 1979!

The session was full of anecdotes, jokes, the occasional tense moment, and a lot of enjoyment, and resulted in this original music album in which you can feel good energy and desire to play together.

To be featured on World of Jazz 449 (8th August 2021)

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