This new album from Matías Formica (tenor and alto sax, flute and alto flute) and Jonatan Schenone (double bass) reflects a period of creative process during 2020. This project arose as “an excuse to travel+ the global pandemic in a creative way” according to the liner notes. Following eight months of introspection, a lot of study, many compositions and no space to test them, Formica proposed to Schenone that they prepare a duet album with his compositions plus some improvised pieces. The result is a superb album capturing two musicians working together to create evocative and entertaining music. The title Aislados translates as Isolated and there is a sense of melancholy in the music which reflects the peculiar circumstances the pandemic brought about. However there is also the joy and release of two musicians combining to create great music It was recorded on 27th of February and 13th of March, 2021 in La Plata, Buenos Aires.

To be featured on World of Jazz 448 (1st August 2021)

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