La Disidencia de las Máquinas is a research project on the piano trio setup taking the jazz tradition as a foundation and merging that language with the gestures, timbres, and specific techniques from contemporary music. The title of the album, Imago, refers to the homonymous term in zoology that designates the mature stage of the metamorphosis of an insect. On the other hand, in the psychology field generally imago designates an unconscious idealized, fixed, and univocal image.

It features drummer Federico Isasti, pianist Ernesto Jodos and bassist Juan Bayon.

The inspiration that brought these pieces together comes from very diverse sources: an artistic residence in Italy , the psychoanalytic experience , the state of infatuation , the plastic arts , and the discovery of new musicians.

This is Isasti’s first album as a leader and also the first release for La Disidencia de las Máquinas.

The balance between written music and improvisation here is interesting, also the balance between the instruments is unique, the piano takes on a percussive role at times with the drums adding a variety of sounds and the bass is the lead instrument. There are echoes on Thelonious Monk in the delivery with the off kilter rhythms and changes creating a tension and release transition. At other times the piano takes a melodic lead with Isasti’s busy drumming adding a fresh and energetic sound and Bayon’s bass tumbles inexorably between the other two players. The percussive approach to the delivery is the backbone to the album.

This album will be featured on World of Jazz 450 (15th August 2021).

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