Argentinian drummer and composer Axel Filip continues his journey as a leader with a fascinating new album. Jazz influences mixed with Argentinian folk music, as well as elements of Afro-American tradition form part of the mix Entitled Sendero it is released on the ears&eyes label on August 20th 2021.

Inspired by landscapes from his childhood in the woods, walking through trails to find rivers, waterfalls and being in communion with nature, Axel conceived this album by imagining each song as a path to a certain place, historic event, or feelings reminding him of love, loneliness, and peace.

The album was recorded at Estudio Dr. F in Buenos Aires, and engineered, mixed & mastered by Pablo Lopez Ruiz.

Featured musicians are Axel- drums/compositions/arrangements/lyrics with Mariano Sarra – piano and Flavio Romero – contrabass Guests on the album are Melina Moguilevsky and Milton Amadeo – vocals, Pablo Passini – guitar and the Surdelsur Ensemble string quartet.

This is a truly fresh and different type of Argentine jazz, Axel Filip has created an exciting mix of music and there is outstanding playing from Romero and Sarra throughout, complimenting their leaders impressive percussive skills.

To be featured on World of Jazz 450 (15th August 2021)

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