A Cult That Worships A God Of Death

San Antonio, Texas-based post hardcore trio The Grasshopper Lies Heavy release their A Cult That Worships A God Of Death full-length via Learning Curve Records July 16th 2021.

A Cult That Worships A God Of Death weaves post-hardcore, noise rock, and metal, mixed with dark post-rock into a distinct sound. It is a record of two halves with side a being in your face hardcore and side b being more introverted Recorded during the 2020 lockdown, it’s a record that captures the chaos and tribulations of a year gone bad.

“2020 sucked for everyone,” comments guitarist/vocalist James Woodard. “I had just bought a house before the lockdown, so I decided to build out a room in the garage so I could track my own music and take my time recording.”

The band tracked everything at Woodard’s house and collaborated with long-time friend and owner of Ecsttatic Studio Ali Jaafar (Another Heaven) for the mixing and production while mastering was handled by James Plotkin (SunnO))), Thou, Electric Wizard). The result is the groups heaviest offering to date. Woodard says “I am so, so excited to have everyone hear this record! We can’t wait to get back in front of crowds again and feel that sweaty electric magic again.”

In advance of the release of A Cult That Worships A God Of Death, the band unveiled a video for first single, “The Act Of Buying Groceries,” compiled from footage of their 2019 Japanese tour. Elaborates Woodard of the timely track, “‘The Act of Buying Groceries’ is about the struggles of isolation and how doing simple things like going to the grocery store can be an overwhelming experience in the context of Our Times. The song chugs away at an angular 7/8 rhythm like a washing machine with a cinder block inside, ready to rip itself apart, before falling into a super riff-heavy groove to ride the listener out before feeding them into the meat grinder of everyday existence.”

A Cult That Worships A God Of Death will be released on vinyl and digital formats.

A challenging and thought provoking collection which shows both the raw unbridled ferocity of the group as well as more considered and structured side to their work.

The album will be featured on Aural Delights 452 (29th July) and Overflow 77 (1st August)

Band photograph by Oscar Moreno.

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