World of Jazz 445

  1. Joel Frahm Trio “Blow Poppa Joe” from The Bright Side (Anzic Records) 00:00
  2. Luciana Morelli “Viaje” from Lo abismal, el agua (ears&eyes) 05:28
  3. Noa Fort “The Stories We Tell” from Everyday Actions (ears&eyes) 09:19
  4. Peace Flag Ensemble “Human Pyramid” from Noteland (We Are Busy Bodies) 13:52
  5. Colin Hinton/Stephen Gauci “#4” from Colin Hinton/Stephen Gauci Pandemic Duets (gaucimusic) 18:12
  6. Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure, Federico Ughi “New York Flower” from New York United, Volume 2 (577 Records) 25:27
  7. Gregg Belisle-Chi “Chance” from Koi: Performing the music of Tim Berne (Relative Pitch) 35:33
  8. Joel Frahm Trio “Omer’s World” from The Bright Side (Anzic Records) 42:15
  9. Luciana Morelli “Fotografía de guerra” from Lo abismal, el agua (ears&eyes) 47:06
  10. Noa Fort “Everyday Actions” from Everyday Actions (ears&eyes) 51:26
  11. Peace Flag Ensemble “Woke Up Like The Room, Tarzana” from Noteland (We Are Busy Bodies) 55:09
  12. Eli Wallace/Stephen Gauci “#3” from Eli Wallace/Stephen Gauci Pandemic Duets (gaucimusic) 1:00:00
  13. Dave Douglas “Partita No. 2” from Hudson Solos (Greenleaf) 1:11:36
  14. Gregg Belisle-Chi “Middle Seat Blues” from Koi: Performing the music of Tim Berne (Relative Pitch) 1:16:27
  15. Kenneth Jimenez/Stephen Gauci “#8” from Kenneth Jimenez/Stephen Gauci, Pandemic Duets (gaucimusic) 1:19:32
  16. Joel Frahm Trop “The Beautiful Mystery” from The Bright Side (Anzic Records) 1:26:42
  17. Luciana Morelli “Lo abismal, el agua” from Lo abismal, el agua (ears&eyes) 1:31:52
  18. Noa Fort “Deeping” from Everyday Actions (ears&eyes) 1:38:59
  19. Peace Flag Ensemble “No Police In The Parade” from Noteland (We Are Busy Bodies) 1:45:02
  20. Gregg Belisle-Chi “Huevos” from Koi: Performing the music of Tim Berne (Relative Pitch) 1:48:56
  21. Raf Vertessen/Stephen Gauci “#3” from Raf Vertessen/Stephen Gauci Pandemic Duets (gaucimusic) 1:53:32

  • On this weeks show more of the outstanding Pandemic Duets curated by Stephen Gauci together with a selection of brand new releases from Luciana Morelli, Noa Fort, Peace Flag Ensemble and Gregg Belisle-Chi interpreting the music of Tim Berne. We’ll kick off with a new band the Joel Frahm Trio.
  • Joel Frahm – The Joel Frahm Trio is a new band featuring Joel Frahm on tenor and soprano saxophones, Dan Loomis on bass, and Ernesto Cervini on drums. The Bright Side is their debut recording for Anzic Records, and is the culmination of a musical partnership that has developed over the course of many tours and recording sessions spanning the last decade
  • Luciana Morelli – “These songs were written at the crossroads, at a point of no return, in a tide of change, in the search for the unexpected, between uncertainty and euphoria, in a process that led me to emigrate from Argentina to Switzerland (even without knowing it) and from which I continue to learn. Each song is, in a way, an episode of this story and a call to be like water so that, with resilience and a lot of love, we know how to confront ourselves with the abysmal of these times.” Luciana Morelli: vocals and composition, Philipp Hillebrand: clarinet and bass clarinet Mauricio Silva Orendain: piano, Sebastián de Urquiza: doublebass, Paulo Almeida: drums
  • Noa Fort – Israeli-born vocalist, pianist, composer, and music therapist Noa Fort is blurring the lines between written and composed, group and individual, inner and outer soundscape, giving and receiving; all on the path to healing, with music. Noa Fort – voice, piano, compositions, Josh Deutsch – trumpet, Dan Loomis – bass and Ronen Itzik – drums
  • Peace Flag Ensemble – an experimental jazz collective from scattered points across Saskatchewan. Their debut album, Noteland, released June 18, 2021 on We Are Busy Bodies. Noteland is an exercise in pure collaboration. Built around Jon Neher’s piano improvisations, it is free flowing in form and meter. Each member contributed freely but also remained open to having their playing completely recontextualized. Travis Packer’s electric bass is tightly moored to the piano while Dalton Lam and Paul Gutheil, trumpet and saxophone respectively, drift between melodic passages and textural elements. The album was produced by ambient artist Michael Scott Dawson, who also contributes electronics, guitars, and field recordings to the collective. The result is a pastiche of improvisation, composition, and collage that cycles through quiet moments of imperfection and discomfort followed by peaceful resolutions. It draws from such influences as Keith Jarrett and Mark Hollis.
  • Pandemic Duets – further releases on Bandcamp from the excellent series curated by Stephen Gauci
  • Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure, Federico Ughi – New York United is an experimental group at the musical intersection of a classic New York avant-garde scene and forward-looking electronic production. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist and 577 label -cofounder Daniel Carter (Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet), electronic producer Tobias Wilner from Blue Foundation (Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocals, Piano, Guitar), Wu-Tang Clan bass player Djibril Toure and 577’s Federico Ughi (Drums), their sound reflects their decades of collaboration. This second volume follows their celebrated debut, the eponymous New York United (2019), and matches its characteristically dreamlike effect, while maintaining a steady, rhythmic momentum. Like the first volume, this album was initially recorded in an improvised studio performance, and manipulated by Wilner in post-recording production, lending a uniquely ambient, electronic effect to otherwise spontaneous composition between musicians. Inescapably connected to its namesake city, the project is a testament to the transformative energy that sustains New York, dissolving individual boundaries into a collective sense of itself. New York United, Volume 2 will be available as a CD, 12’’ black vinyl and 12’’ grey vinyl (limited edition of 100) on September 3, 2021.
  • Gregg Belisle-Chi – This record is a brand new endeavor for me: a collection of solo acoustic guitar renditions of Tim Berne’s masterful compositions. I remember hearing “forage,” Matt Mitchell’s breathtaking solo piano record of Tim’s music, in 2017 and thinking to myself “Goddam, wouldn’t it be amazing if a guitar player did this too?” I didn’t expect that guitarist to be me, but with Tim’s blessing and guidance, we were able to make it happen…and I think it turned out extremely well.
  • Dave Douglas – a series of solo trumpet pieces written and performed by Dave Douglas. This music is only available to Greenleaf Music subscribers.

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