Aural Delights 449


This week new music from Cosmic Panthers, Keltrix, Amenra, Slow Down Molasses, TFS and Soma Crew, plus a tribute to David R Edwards of Datblygu, classic Frank Zappa, and more from the Moodists

  • Cosmic Panthers – Manchester
  • Datblygu – Bagiau Gareth (Gareth’s Bags) (13-05-87)
  • The Moodists – Chad’s Car
  • Keltrix – Never
  • AMENRA – Ogentroost
  • Slow Down Mollases – Street Haunting
  • Frank Zappa – The Grand Wazoo
  • Tropical Fuck Storm – G.A.F.F.
  • Cosmic Panthers – Lotus Eater
  • Soma Crew – You’re So Cool
  • Moff Skellington and the Raildogs – Window Tapper
  • The Moodists – Gone Dead
  • Keltrix – Gaslighting
  • Datblygu – Fanzine Ynfytyn (Idiot Fanzine) (17-02-88)
  • Frank Zappa – Waka/Jawaka
  • AMENRA — Voor Immer
  • The Moodists – The Disciples Know
  • Keltrix – Leave Me Alone
  • Soma Crew – Mighty Forces
  • Datblygu – Pop Peth (Pop Thing) (09-02-91)
  • Cosmic Panthers – Something Better

  • Cosmic Panthers
    • Several years back the band Kill Pretty went into a recording studio in Liverpool to lay down their third album, tentatively titled “Bubblegum Now” . A double albums worth of material was recorded and progress was being made for a release, however with the departure of firstly the bands manager and then the lead singer, both in acrimonious circumstances, the momentum was lost and that material was shelved never to see the light of day. It has long been an ambition for at least the lyrical content of that album to be used in some form, it was that strong.
    • German Shepherd co-owner Ian Moss was that lead singer. His partnership with Ben Mancell of the New York based Fuzzy Warbles label to release Hamsters material and subsequently new material with Cosmic Panthers lead to the flowering of the germ of an idea. Enter stage left legendary Mekons and Three Johns member Jon Langford, an old friend and associate of Ian Moss, and the trio of Ian, Ben and Jon after months of work has created the vehicle/vessel for those songs in a new set of clothes.
  • Datblygu
    • Following the sad death of David R. Edwards a selection of tracks from the highly influential Welsh band
  • The Moodists
    • More from the compilation Two Fisted Art
    • Chads Car – This would be a Mt Gambier vibe at work in the lyric. I don’t know where the Chad bit came from. Acoustic guitar, none of us owned an acoustic but one always ended up in the studio when we recorded.
    • Gone Dead – Two chords. Steve (Miller) excelling himself. Again, that damned acoustic guitar was hangin around.
    • The Disciples Know – We started off playing “Mona” ( and played it lots) because I loved the way the Quicksilver Messenger Service did it. The Doors also made Bo’s “who do you love?” their own as well. We ended up here.
  • Keltrix New album –
    • Keltrix return, after the stripped back “Naked”, album with a rich, evocative, sometimes symphonic, suite of songs. There are some interesting developments in the overall sound of the band with steps into more experimental elements but the core “dance meets folk” approach is still there.
    • A truly cathartic experience this is an album of extremes both emotional and musical- it is not for the faint hearted – however if you would like to be spiritually transformed and find a conduit to let loose the angst of fifteen months of lockdown this is certainly a way of achieving some sort of release. A stunning album!
  • Slow Down Molasses
    • An early listen to a great new album which is due out on October 8th. Canadian post punkers
  • Frank Zappa
    • – classic long form pieces from Uncle Frank
  • Tropical Fuck Storm
    • – sneak preview of the new album Deep States
  • Soma Crew
    • York band – new double release – full (hopefully!) audience launch (part 2) at Fulford Arms on 30th July. The Hunmanby Gap Sessions Volume I & II. All tracks played are from Vol 1 – more to follow from Vol 2 in future weeks
  • Moff Skellington and the Raildogs
    • From the recently re-released album The Main Road Threatening Invasion

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