Para las esporas

Tomás Cabado is releasing his second album as a leader and his first on Isla Desierta Discos, an independent label releasing jazz and new music from Buenos Aires. Para las esporas combines a fascinating mix of Brazilian, baroque and romantic music in a jazz context.

The album is consistent with Tomas’s previous work A veces el faro, a veces el barco, a veces se encuentran, a bassless trio, by presenting a combination of non standard instrumentation. Tomás’s guitar is joined by a trio of winds consisting of Jeanette Nenezian (trumpet), Cecilia Dottore (alto sax) and Manuel Calvo (trombone). The lack of a rhythm section facilitates a more chamber like approach where the arrangements, and the interaction between musicians, and the contrasting sounds of the instruments are given space. The sound of the album is completed by the expressive voice of Juana Sallies, on the tracks Música lejana and Vértigo, the latter an arrangement of a song by Shaman Herrera and only cover on the album.

The album is released on 30th July 2021

The is a remarkably good album with a fresh sound giving each musician the opportunity to express themselves eloquently. A tour de force of composition creating a memorable listening experience. The calm and measured approach to the music is welcomed creating an oasis of tranquil pleasure.

It will be featured on World of Jazz 447 on July 25th 2021

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