Beginning with fragmented sounds and assorted improvisations collected from friends in Paris, Barcelona and Santiago, composer Matias Riquelme arranged a collection of tracks for his new conceptual album, 7. During quarantine, Riquelme requested that his fellow musicians send in home recordings of their experimental performances, and received contributions on violin, guitar, cello, drums, piano and saxophone. In the spirit of contemporary composition and free improvisation, Riquelme took an organic revisionary approach that drew from the samples themselves and assembled musical collages, cutting, pasting, editing and sculpting sounds into lingering and exploratory moments. The pieces gradually took shape until they rendered, unintentionally, seven pieces, from seven musicians—a symbology that resonated with Riquelme, and informed the songs’ names, anagrams of the word “Collage.” The album, “7” will be available digitally on 577 Records July 31, 2021.

Samples on the album were contributed by Tazio Caputo, Sarah Claman, Leonardo Garcia, Lucas Gaudin, Javier Riquelme, Sebastian Vidal and Matias Riquelme himself.

A fascinating exploration of tone and texture

To be featured on World of Jazz 466

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