World of Jazz 442

  1. Broken Shadows “Street Woman” from Broken Shadows (Intakt Records) 00:00
  2. Ornette Coleman “Broken Shadows” from The Complete Science Fiction Sessions (Columbia Jazz) 03:48
  3. Silke Eberhard Trio “Strudel” from Being The Up and Down (Intakt Records) 10:56
  4. Thumbscrew “Benzinho ” from Theirs (Cuneiform Records) 18:29
  5. Broken Shadows “Dogon A.D.” from Broken Shadows (Intakt Records) 22:12
  6. The Julius Hemphill Sextet “Holy Rockers” from At Dr. King’s Table (New World Records) 29:34
  7. Tim Berne “The Glasco Cowboy (for Julius Hemphill)” from The Empire Box Set : The Five Year Plan (Screwgun Records) 37:12
  8. Silke Eberhard Trio “Laika’s Descent” from Being The Up and Down (Intakt Records) 47:26
  9. Thumbscrew “Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)” from Theirs (Cuneiform Records) 51:55
  10. Broken Shadows “Song for Ché” from Broken Shadows (Intakt Records) 56:52
  11. Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra “This Is Not America” from Not In Our Name (Verve) 1:00:00
  12. Chris Speed Trio “Arrival High” from Platinum on Tap (Intakt Records) 1:07:20
  13. Dewey Redman “Everything Happens To Me” from Choices (Enja Records) 1:14:02
  14. The Bad Plus “1983 Regional All-Star” from Never Stop II (Legbreaker Records) 1:24:12
  15. Silke Eberhard Trio “Stray Around” from Being The Up and Down (Intakt Records) 1:31:51
  16. Thumbscrew “Dance Cadaverous” from Theirs (Cuneiform Records) 1:38:13
  17. The Julius Hemphill Sextet “Band Theme” from Five Card Stud (Black Saint) 1:45:07
  18. Ornette Coleman and Prime Time “Harmolodic Bebop” from Opening The Caravan Of Dreams (Caravan of Dreams) 1:50:39
  19. Tim Berne’s Snakeoil “Dear Friend” from The Fantastic Mrs 10 (Intakt Records) 1:56:45

  • This weeks show focuses on the reissue of the album by Broken Shadows a band inspired by the music of Ornette Coleman, Julius Hemphill Charlie Haden and Dewey Redman. There is music from that release plus tunes from the musicians that inspired them, as well as from the individual members of the Broken Shadows band. Also featured is the new album from Silke Eberhard, and the 2018 album from Thumbscrew.
  • Broken Shadows – a new issue of the album originally released on Newvelle in 2019. Broken Shadows brings together four luminaries of the American jazz scene: Tim Berne, Chris Speed, Reid Anderson and Dave King. Broken Shadows has very strong connections, intwos. Saxophonists Tim Berne and Chris Speed have been playing together since 1992; Bassist Reid Anderson and drummer Dave King – two thirds of the legendary band The Bad Plus –have been playing together for over 35 years. Named after an Ornette Coleman composition, this all-star project honours the legacy of the music of their idols and mentors Ornette Coleman, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden and Julius Hemphill.
  • Ornette Coleman – Alto Saxophone, Composed By – Ornette Coleman, Bass – Charlie Haden, Drums – Billy Higgins, Ed Blackwell, Tenor Saxophone – Dewey Redman, Trumpet – Bobby Bradford, Trumpet [Pocket] – Don Cherry. Recorded at Columbia Studio E, New York City on September 9, 1971. Originally released as part of the Broken Shadows album. This compilation released in 2000.
  • Silke Eberhard – Silke Eberhard’s new CD with her trio with Jan Roder on bass and Kay Lübke on drums was recorded both in the studio as well as at a live concert at the A-Trane in Berlin. This was the result of her winning the prestigious Berlin Jazz Prize, which affords the winner the honour of playing a concert and getting some recording days by Radio Berlin Brandenburg. Thus on this disc you hear a seamless blend of studio and live performances.
  • Thumbscrew – Michael Formanek – bass, Tomas Fujiwara – drums, Mary Halvorson – guitar….2018…. An album featuring a selection of covers, Fujiwara says, “Each of us brought in a number of covers–more than double what we ended up releasing–that we were curious for Thumbscrew to try. We played through each composition many times, trying different arrangements, and slowly started to focus in on which ones felt right for the group.” Formanek states that “for me it was mostly a matter of which tunes I thought would have strong enough bones to sustain a Thumbscrew interpretation. It was also a matter of imagining how certain pieces would work with Mary, Tomas, and my approaches that wouldn’t sound like just another version.”
  • The Julius Hemphill Sextet – Recorded April 15 and 16, 1997 at Avatar Studios, NYC. 1997. Alto Saxophone, Flute – Andy Laster, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Sam Furnace, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Alto Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Marty Ehrlich, Baritone Saxophone – Alex Harding, Tenor Saxophone – Gene Ghee and Andrew White – Composed By – Julius A Hemphill
  • Tim Berne – Recorded on 25 April 1979 at Melnitz Hall UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. Bass – Roberto Miranda ; Alto Saxophone – Tim Berne Percussion – Alex Cline – originally released separately on vinyl in 1979. Box Set released in 1999.
  • Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra – 2005 release – Recorded July 19-22, 2004 at Studio Forum Music Village, Rome Italy.
  • Chris Speed Trio – Recorded live at Brooklyn Recording on March 3, 2016. Chris Tordini – Bass, Dave King – Drums, Chris Speed – Tenor
  • Dewey Redman – Recorded on July 29-30, 1992 at Tom Tedesco Studio, Paramus, New Jersey. Dewey on tenor with Bass – Cameron Brown and Drums – Leon Parker
  • The Bad Plus – 2018 release – Orrin Evans with Reid Anderson and Dave King – Recorded September 2017 at Brooklyn Recording, NYC
  • The Julius Hemphill Sextet – 1994 release – Alto Saxophone – Tim Berne , Baritone Saxophone – Fred Ho. Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone – Marty Ehrlich, Sam Furnace, Tenor Saxophone – Andrew White, James Carter, Composed By, Conductor – Julius Hemphill – Solo on this track by Andrew White.
  • Ornette Coleman and Prime Time – 1985 – Bass – Albert MacDowell, Jamaaladeen Tacuma , Alto– Ornette Coleman Drums – Denardo Coleman, Sabir Kamal, Guitar – Bern Nix, Charles Ellerbee
  • Tim Berne’s Snakeoil – 2020 – Recorded … at Clubhouse, Rhinebeck, NY, on May 29th, 2019. – Alto Saxophone – Tim Berne, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet – Oscar Noriega ; Drums, Vibraphone , Glockenspiel – Ches Smith, Guitar – Marc Ducret, Piano, Synth – Matt Mitchell

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