Familia is Andrés Elstein’s fourth album as drummer and composer and the first with the quartet including Lucas Goicoechea on alto sax, Nataniel Edelman on piano, and Juan Bayón on double bass. Familia was developed over 3 years, where the group’s meetings, as well as the live concerts, were fundamental to generate a collective language, where friendship and trust are a central axis of the music. This gestation time was essential to be able to choose the pieces that best represent the quartet.

Each piece in Familia proposes a journey, a framework between composition and improvisation. Looking to explore different possibilities within the form and the orchestration. Leaving enough space for the individual band members to express themselves.

A rich and complex album moving through key points, movements and themes in jazz history to create a fascinating collection.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Florencio Justo at Estudio Doctor F. in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Album design by Matthew Golombisky

Band photo – Emiliano Polledo

To be featured on World of Jazz 446

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