Aural Delights on the Overflow 70

  1. Elli De Mon “Prove It On Me Blues” from Countin’ the Blues (2021)
  2. The Moodists “Chevrolet Rise” from Two Fisted Art 1980-1986 (2007)
  3. Horace Andy “Money (Dreadzone Version)” from Broken Beats (2021)
  4. Fly Pan Am “Fences” from Frontera (2021)
  5. Eleventh Dream Day “Cracks In My Smile” from Since Grazed (2021)
  6. Zion Train “Steve Biko Dub” from Star of Hope (2021)
  7. Physical Wrecks “Random” from Is It Too Late? (2021)
  8. Jim Bower “When David Bowie Died” from Life Support (2021)
  9. Thomas Strønen, Ayumi Tanaka, Marthe Lea “Bayou” from Bayou (2021)
  10. Victorian Tin “Tired” Single (2021)
  11. Zion Train “Kwame Nkrumah Dub” from Star of Hope (2021)
  12. The Moodists “Frankies Negative” from Two Fisted Art 1980-1986 (2007)
  13. Horace Andy “Wicked Babylon (Jah Schulz Version)” from Broken Beats (2021)

  • Elli De Mon – Elli de Mon may not be so well-known in the UK, but for the best part of the past decade she’s been thrilling blues audiences across Europe with her unique take on the form. To say she’s a blues singer or blues guitarist is putting it too simply: rezophonic guitar, drums, bells, voice and saturated sound – she is, in every sense, a real one woman band.
  • The Moodists – Australian post-punk band. They were formed in late 1980 by Dave Graney on lead vocals, Clare Moore on drums and Steve Miller on guitar, all from punk group the Sputniks. They added bass guitarist Chris Walsh in early 1981, and in April 1983 added guitarist Mick Turner (ex-Sick Things, Fungus Brains). They issued their sole studio album, Thirsty’s Calling, in April 1984. Turner left in January 1985 and the group disbanded in 1987. In 2003, a compilation double CD, Two Fisted Art, was released on the W.Minc label[2] – run by Miller with Graham Lee – and the band reformed for a limited number of live performances in Melbourne. Two Fisted Art featured one disc which collected most of the band’s studio recordings; the second disc was live and unreleased material from 1982 in Melbourne and 1984 in London. In 2004, a DVD, The Moodists Live in London, of a performance recorded for British TV in 1984 was released by Umbrella Entertainment. The band were asked for new contributions, and reconvened for a filmed interview for the disc, as well as providing film of another, more raw performance at The Haçienda in Manchester.
  • Horace Andy – Although his merits as a roots reggae singer go back to the 70s, Horace Andy has always loved experimenting: he recorded two albums with the British dub master Mad Professor (who also transformed Massive Attack’s “Protection” into “No Protection”); for a track on the “Inspiration Information” series by Strut Label he let house master Ashley Beedle work with his voice. Age may have deepened his voice, but it is by no means weaker, as can be heard on this album, on which Echo Beach welcomes old friends and new faces: there’s Rob Smith, who as part of More Rockers and Smith & Mighty was just as crucial for Bristol’s musical reputation as Massive Attack or DJ Krust & Roni Size. Today, he ensures continuity by working under the label and producer name
  • Fly Pan Am – Fly Pan Am, one of Constellation’s most beloved artists, have composed some of their most direct, visceral and immediately satisfying for the acclaimed contemporary dance piece FRONTERA. Juxtaposing stern foreboding electronics and minimalist motorik avant-rock, the Frontera studio album superbly captures the bristling, sculpted, intensely evocative live score that Fly Pan Am developed in close conception and collaboration with Dana Gingras and her Montréal-based dance troupe Animals Of Distinction. The result is an immediate dose of krautrock polyrhythms and searing guitar, interspersed with atmospheric soundscapes and glitched-out musique concrète.
  • Eleventh Dream Day – First album for six years and their 13th overall
  • Zion Train – Unreleased Dubs from Zion Train studio 1996-1999 All proceeds to support ‘Star Of Hope – Africa’ (Children’s home in Entebbe, Uganda)
  • Physical Wrecks – Chris Lambert; vocals; Alan Wild; Drum Programming, Bass, Guitar, Piano; Ken Park; Bass Synth, Keyboards. Formed in1976 after seeing the Damned at the Electric Circus. The original band had short explosive life but re-formed to play the 2015 Deeply Vale reunion gig, in 1977 they were the first punk band to play the festival. The band now operates as three piece, we retain our punk ethos but the sound has developed and was recently described by ex Drones guitarist Glenn Jones as Lancashire Gothic. The new album ‘Is It Too Late’ recorded over the past year is due out in July, they are looking at how they release at the moment and are hoping it would get picked up but if not they will self release.
  • Jim Bower – from the forthcoming album Life Support. The video features the Leeds-based post-punk singer-songwriter’s face woven into a series of iconic Bowie album covers. “I thought this was a great visual idea,” says Jim. “Bowie fans will either love it or be outraged! I like to think the man himself would have approved.” On the surface, “When David Bowie Dies” is a heartfelt tribute, but Bower’s trademark dark undercurrent is present. “Bowie’s death in January 2016 seemed to mark the beginning of an ugly time, as though everything seemed to fall apart without him. So it’s as much about Brexit, Trump and Covid.”
  • Thomas Strønen, Ayumi Tanaka, Marthe Lea – new release on ECM. Conceived primarily as an open-form rehearsal and sound research project, “drifting between elements of contemporary classical music, folk music, jazz, whatever we were inspired by. Sometimes the music was very quiet and minimalistic, and sometimes it was the opposite. Playing together generated some special experiences.” That spontaneous spirit is reflected in the trio’s debut recording. With the exception of the title piece, based on a traditional Norwegian tune, the music on Bayou was created collectively, in the moment, drawing upon the individual and shared histories of the musicians.
  • Victorian Tin – new single on Everlasting out on 1st June.

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