There are several theories of the Origin of the Universe. According to one of them, our world is just a simulation created by an advanced civilization. Those creators have a strong rational mind, but a creative mind does not work so well, so humanity was invented to be creative. The creators look at us through the glass. In all countries and eras with cultural stagnation, major cataclysms invariably began, bringing desolation and death. Modern humanity lives in the paradigm of endless cultural self-copying, not trying to create something new, walking the beaten path. Creative channels became filled with identical content, and we already feel the wrath of the creators.

Those are the mystifying liner notes from the new album Interweavement from Russian jazz group Fugu Quintet. released on April 16th 2021. They say “This album is our attempt to demonstrate that human creativity has not been exhausted yet, our attempt to postpone the next great cataclysm which will be generated by the cultural asphyxia of our society. But that is not for sure . . .”

The musicians involved are

  • Ilya Kondrashkov – Tenor sax, Alto sax ,
  • Konstantin Ivanov – Guitar, Synths,
  • Aleksandr Kichev – Bass, Ocean drum
  • Aleksei Shchekochikhin – Keys, Synths,
  • Igor Borodin – Drums

Plus guests

  • Artemiy Fakhrutdinov – Drums
  • Aleksandra Gagarinova – Percussion
  • Vladimir Bastin – Trumpet Flugelhorn,
  • Mikrokosm – Drone Synths
  • Konstantin Khazanovich – Keyboards
  • Ivan Rukinov – Violin
  • Olga Vasilevskaya – Violin
  • Irina Molchanova – Violin
  • Sofia Larina – Viola
  • Aleksandra Agapova – Viola
  • Aleksei Makin – Cello
  • Artemiy Iliashevich – Cello

This a great album with a broad mix of modern jazz with added ambient, rock, and progressive sounds with elements that would not be out of place on a sci-fi film soundtrack . The writing is of a very high quality throughout plus there is an excellent reading of Gil Evans “Where Flamingo’s Fly” to add value to the overall collection.

A track from the album will be featured on World of Jazz 444.

This is a self released digital only album and is available as pay what you want

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