World of Jazz 440

  1. Yaniv Taubenhouse “Sailing Over The Horizon” from Moments in Trio Vol. 3 : Roads (Fresh Sound/New Talent) 00:00
  2. Zane Carney “Found” from Alter Ego (Orenda Records) 06:55
  3. James Brandon Lewis : Red Lily Quintet “Jesup Wagon” from Jesup Wagon (Tao Forms) 14:24
  4. Matt Booth & Palindromes “Agua e Vinho” from Mythomania (ears&eyes) 21:25
  5. Nate Wooley “Mutual Aid Music I” from Mutual Aid Music (Pleasure of the Text Records) 29:50
  6. Soundprints “Antiquity to Outer Space” from Other Worlds (Greenleaf) 40:53
  7. Gabor Lesko “Earthway” from Earthway (Creativity’s Paradise Music) 48:53
  8. Matt Booth & Palindromes “Howard Beach Memoirs” from Mythomania (ears&eyes) 54:08
  9. Yaniv Taubenhouse “Prayer” from Moments in Trio Vol. 3 : Roads (Fresh Sound/New Talent) 1:00:51
  10. Zane Carney “Lost” from Alter Ego (Orenda Records) 1:10:52
  11. James Brandon Lewis : Red Lily Quintet “Lowlands of Sorrow” from Jesup Wagon (Tao Forms) 1:17:34
  12. Nate Wooley “Mutual Aid Music III” from Mutual Aid Music (Pleasure of the Text Records) 1:24:35
  13. Yaniv Taubenhouse “Blue Forest” from Moments in Trio Vol. 3 : Roads (Fresh Sound/New Talent) 1:35:03
  14. Matt Booth & Palindromes “Structure” from Mythomania (ears&eyes) 1:42:39
  15. Ojoyo “Station Road Strut” from Plays Safro Jazz (Sunnyside Records) 1:49:29
  16. Soundprints “Sky Miles” from Other Worlds (Greenleaf) 1:55:26

  • Yaniv Taubenhouse – Pianist/composer Yaniv Taubenhouse once again assembles his trio, going on seven years of creating music together, of Rick Rosato on bass and Jerad Lippi on drums, to craft their third tour-de-force, Moments in Trio Volume Three – Roads (available on April 9, 2021 on Fresh Sound/New Talent). The trio’s camaraderie and solidarity is unmistakable and saturates their work together. In the face of the long, storied history of the piano trio in jazz, Taubenhouse, Rosato and Lippi endeavour, and succeed, in finding new roads on their creative journey.
  • Zane Carney – “Alter Ego” embodies an adventurous new wave of free improvisation, along with modal jazz in its most electric, high-octane form. The album features a series of improvised compositions, experiments, and sketches, as well as two rearranged standards. It consists mostly of first takes, with no editing, and aims to subvert convention. In addition, all tracks were mixed from the drummer’s perspective, placing the listener in the middle of the live action, on stage with the group. The album features Jerry Watts Jr. on bass, Gene Coye on drums, and Katisse Buckingham on woodwinds, and was released on April 30, 2021 on Orenda Records.
  • James Brandon Lewis – Red Lily Quintet, anchored by the tectonic rhythm section of bassist William Parker and drummer Chad Taylor, and rounded out by cornetist Kirk Knuffke and cellist Chris Hoffman. Voted Rising Star Tenor Saxophonist in the 2020 DownBeat Magazine International Critic’s Poll, James Brandon Lewis supercharges his remarkable evolution with Jesup Wagon, a brilliant and evocative appreciation of the life and legacy of turn-of-the-19th century African-American musician-painter-writer-scientist George Washington Carver.
  • Matt Booth & Palindromes – “Mythomania” is the second release from New Orleans-based quartet Matt Booth & Palindromes. A premier ensemble in the city’s fruitful scene of creative improvised music, the band presents original music and a unique ensemble sound that pushes at the boundaries of what is generally accepted as “New Orleans music”. Helmed by bassist Matt Booth, Palindromes also features top sidemen from the city: saxophonist Brad Walker, guitarist Chris Alford, and drummer Doug Garrison. “Mythomania” features four of Booth’s own compositions and three unlikely covers by Egberto Gismonti, Melvin Gibbs, and Dirty Projectors, offering an alternative take on contemporary jazz.
  • Nate Wooley – a set of eight ensemble concertos sprouts from a compositional system that asks musicians to question what they add to the ensemble as human beings first and musicians second. Rather than the traditional aim of faithfully reproducing a score through its mastery, the members of the ensemble are prompted to make decisions that purposely force the music away from facsimile and toward a spontaneity that may feel awkward and uncomfortable. Each supports each in the search for something new and interesting; a music that is not only greater than the compositional whole, but has the potential to recast the way we think about the balance of virtuosity and improvisational spirit
    • Nate Wooley – Trumpet
    • Ingrid Laubrock – Sax
    • Joshua Modney – Violin
    • Mariel Roberts – Cello
    • Sylvie Courvoisier – Piano
    • Cory Smythe – Piano
    • Matt Moran – Vibraphone
    • Russell Greenberg – Vibraphone and Percussion
  • Soundprints – The third full length album by Sound Prints, co-led by Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas, includes ten new compositions by the co-leaders and features Lawrence Fields, Linda May Han Oh and Joey Baron.
  • Gabor Lesko – Gabor Lesko is an inventive and talented guitarist, keyboardist and composer from Italy …..Gabor Lesko – Guitars, Dave Weckl, Marco Fuliano, Sophie Alloway, Eugenio Mori, Gergo Borlai – Drums, Hadrien Feraud, Federico Malaman, Jimmy Haslip – Bass, Guido Block – Vocals, Eric Marienthal – Sax section and soprano solo
  • Ojoyo – originally released in 1996 . Morris Goldberg, a masterful saxophonist and penny whistle player, performs nine attractive originals that pay tribute to his South African heritage and his love of melodic jazz. this 25th Anniversary reissue (which has been enhanced by remastering), the first recording by Goldberg’s group Ojoyo, also features trumpeter Chris Botti and is filled with picturesque music. Morris Goldberg – Saxophone and Pennywhistle, Anton Fig – Drums, Cyro Baptista – Percussion ; Chris Botti – Trumpet, Bakithi Kumalo – Bass, Tony Cedras – Keyboards, Dan Carillo – Guitar

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