Aural Delights on the Overflow 69

  1. End You “SLPWLKR” from Aimless Dread (2021)
  2. Firefriend “Dead Icons” from Dead Icons (2021)
  3. Robots of the Ancient World “Agua Caliente” from Mystic Goddess (2021)
  4. Kahoutek “Cosmic Grease” from Jurad (2021)
  5. Molosser “Solid Gold” from Appear (2021)
  6. Crosby. Stills, Nash and Young “Helpless” from Deju Vu 50th Anniversary Edition (2021)
  7. Moff Skellington and the Raildogs “I Stitch Together Tiny Birds” from The Main Road Threatening Invasion (2021)
  8. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention “Son of Orange County” from Roxy and Elsewhere (1974)
  9. John Martyn “Ways To Cry” from Inside Out (1973)
  10. Dark Bird “Minefield” from Out of Line (2021)
  11. Dave Graney “2068 Babe” from Knock Yourself Out (2009)

  • End You – Pax Aeternum presents the debut album from Philadelphia hardcore/noise rock solo outfit, END YOU, aka Eric Smith titled Aimless Dread.
  • Firefriend – Hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil Firefriend. Firefriend are Julia Grassetti, bass and vocals, Caca Amaral – Drums and Yury Hermuche on guitar and vocals. Released on Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) Little Cloud Records (USA)
  • Robots of the Ancient World – Portland, Oregon based psychedelic stoner doom band Robots of the Ancient World release their Mystic Goddess full-length via Small Stone on May 21st, 2021. Described as a place where doom, psych, and stoner rock collide.
  • Kahoutek – While they have released a decent number of cassettes & CDs, Jurad is only the fourth vinyl album released by this long-running DC-to-Philly-based space-juggernaut. Recorded by a quartet iteration of the always mutating ensemble, the music on this one veers between the kind of psych-prog wallow for which Kohoutek is most often celebrated, and the less formally rockoid improvisational proclivities they sometimes display. The session for Jurad went down at Philadelphia’s Sex Dungeon studio in 2012 and resulted in three long tracks. Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) / Feeding Tube Records (USA)
  • Swedish Molosser deliver an interesting and different sound with down-tuned acoustic guitars, vocals and drums. Tess and Jahn of Molosser found each other in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city and home of a lively music scene. There, both were playing in various bands and constellations, mainly of the loud and noisy variety. This music is more reflective and atmospheric. Molosser’s first album released in May 2021, preceded by four singles – Saguaro, 4th of July (a cover of the Soundgarden song), Unsolid and Solid Gold.
  • Toronto’s ROAN BATEMAN, before the pandemic was declared the intention for his long-running DARK BIRD project was to assemble a full band for the first time in 13 years and – having existed solely as a home recording concept to date – head into a studio to collectively craft OUT OF LINE, an album that had begun to evolve at the beginning of 2020. But needs must, so rather than await an uncertainly distant opportunity to realize his ideal vision for the album, Bateman ploughed on, largely solo, harnessing and channeling what he describes as “all the crazy 2020 energy” he could muster to advance and complete OUT OF LINE. Despite the unprecedented circumstances forcing the 9-song album to be created in relative detachment from his prospective collaborators, the pandemic’s silver lining for Bateman comes with the facts that he has taken a significant leap forward in terms of personal home recording achievement and, by presenting “the many faces of DARK BIRD as one fully-formed, unified sound,” forged the most beautiful collection of his dreamy psychedelia yet unveiled. Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) / Noise Agony Mayhem (NAM) (N.America)

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