Aural Delights 444

Hour One
Hour Two
  1. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Braille” from Transit Tapes (2021)
  2. Molosser “Water My Way” from Appear (2021)
  3. Dave Graney “So Easy” from Knock Yourself Out (2009)
  4. End You “Orb Weaver” from Aimless Dread (2021)
  5. Gridfailure Featuring Mac Gollehon “Evisceration Guest List” from Dismemberment Cabaret (2021)
  6. Moff Skellington and the Rail Dogs “The Main Road Threatening Invasion” from The Main Road Threatening Invasion (2003/2021)
  7. John Martyn “Outside In” from Inside Out (1973)
  8. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young “Carry On” from Déjà Vu (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (2021)
  9. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “A Paper Boat” from Transit Tapes (2021)
  10. Molosser “Saguaro” from Appear (2021)
  11. Dave Graney “I Don’t Wanna Go Bush” from Knock Yourself Out (2009)
  12. End You “Alt Delete” from Aimless Dread (2021)
  13. Gridfailure Featuring Mac Gollehon “Roaming Blackouts” from Dismemberment Cabaret (2021)
  14. Moff Skellington and the Rail Dogs “Unsentimental Song” from The Main Road Threatening Invasion (2003/2021)
  15. Robots of the Ancient World “Out of the Gallows” from Mystic Goddess (2021)
  16. Firefriend “Three Dimensional Sound Glitch” from Dead Icons (2021)
  17. Moff Skellington and the Rail Dogs “The House of Sober Judgement” from The Main Road Threatening Invasion (2003/2021)
  18. Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “A Window” from Transit Tapes (2021)
  19. End You “Asterix” from Aimless Dread (2021)
  20. Dave Graney “Oakleigh Bowie Blues” from Knock Yourself Out (2009)
  21. Molosser “Ellesmere Island” from Appear (2021)
  22. Gridfailure Featuring Mac Gollehon “Pieces” from Dismemberment Cabaret (2021)
  23. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention “Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen’s Church)” from Roxy & Elsewhere (1974)
  24. Mose Allison “Wild Man” from Complete Atlantic / Elektra Musician Albums 1962-1982

  • Lucy Kruger – Following on from the release of her previously shared single ‘Evening Train’ earlier this year, Berlin based South African Lucy Kruger now returns with The Lost Boys to announce the details behind her new studio album ‘Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around)’, which lands on the 2nd June 2021 via Unique Records. Written by Lucy Kruger and forged in a tiny 34°c rehearsal space in Berlin, ‘Transit Tapes’ melts dreamy indie rock with dark folk and returns 12 pensive tracks exploring restlessness and a yearning to feel alive. This project is the first time Kruger has worked with drummer Martin Perret, guitarist Liú Mottes and bassist Andreas Miranda, who form The Lost Boys.
  • End You – Pax Aeternum presents the debut album from Philadelphia hardcore/noise rock solo outfit, END YOU, aka Eric Smith titled Aimless Dread.
  • Firefriend – Hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil Firefriend. Firefriend are Julia Grassetti, bass and vocals, Caca Amaral – Drums and Yury Hermuche on guitar and vocals. Released on Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) Little Cloud Records (USA)
  • Robots of the Ancient World – Portland, Oregon based psychedelic stoner doom band Robots of the Ancient World release their Mystic Goddess full-length via Small Stone on May 21st, 2021. Described as a place where doom, psych, and stoner rock collide.
  • Swedish Molosser deliver an interesting and different sound with down-tuned acoustic guitars, vocals and drums. Tess and Jahn of Molosser found each other in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city and home of a lively music scene. There, both were playing in various bands and constellations, mainly of the loud and noisy variety. This music is more reflective and atmospheric. Molosser’s first album released in May 2021, preceded by four singles – Saguaro, 4th of July (a cover of the Soundgarden song), Unsolid and Solid Gold.

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