World of Jazz 439

  1. Shijin “Mystery of a White Dwarf” from Theory of Everything (Socadisc/Bandcamp) 00:00
  2. Joey Alexander “Under The Sun” from Under The Sun (Verve) 08:21
  3. Gerald Cleaver “Geri Allen” from Griots (Positive Elevation) 16:58
  4. Geri Allen “In The Year Of The Dragon” from Live At The Village Vanguard (DIW) 22:09
  5. Tony Malaby “The Dancing Bear (for Tatiana) and Birds of Pray” from Turnpike Diaries Vol.3 Big Mammals (Bandcamp) 30:30
  6. Gerald Cleaver “William Parker” from Griots (Positive Elevation) 54:15
  7. William Parker Organ Quartet “Uncle Joe’s Spirit House” from Uncle Joe’s Spirit House (Centering) 1:00:00
  8. Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra “The Hand (Twisting Ways part 1)” from Twisting Ways (Self Released) 1:09:27
  9. Lee Konitz; Bill Frisell; Gary Peacock; Joey Baron “Body & Soul” from Enfants Terrible : Live at the Blue Note (Half Note Records) 1:19:43
  10. David Virelles, Ramon Diaz, Nosotros Ensemble “Tierra” from Gnosis (ECM) 1:31:32
  11. Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra “Lydian Sky” from Twisting Ways (Self Released) 1:38:16
  12. Cecil Taylor, William Parker, Masashi Harada “Looking Into The Universe” from The Dance Project (FMP) 1:46:26
  13. Shijin “Time Travel” from Theory of Everything (Socadisc/Bandcamp) 1:57:18

  • On this weeks show new releases including Gerald Cleavers new fascinating marriage of electronica and jazz which honours musicians who have influenced him; the fulsome sound the Winnepeg Jazz Orchestra, more from the Tony Malaby Turnpike Diaires and lots more including the sophomore album from Shijin – here they are with Mystery of a White Dwarf
  • Shijin – second full length – Laurent DAVID : Electric Bass – Stéphane GALLAND : Drums – Stéphane GUILLAUME : Saxophones, Flutes, Bass Clarinet – Malcolm BRAFF : Piano, Rhodes, CP70. 8 interactive pieces, which are first developed as duets, then completed by the other two musicians and finally put together into a complete format that is rarely used in jazz production: the “Concept Album”, which combines electrical and acoustic music as well as improvisation and composition. Within this particular conceptual framework, even contemporary music and traditional jazz can be reconciled.
  • Joey Alexander – Three-time GRAMMY Award-nominated pianist Joey Alexander follows his major-label debut album, WARNA (Verve Records), with three new singles “SALT” (March 19: LINK), “Under the Sun” (April 23: LINK), and “Summer Rising” (May 28) set for global release on Verve. In just seven years subsequent to the release of five critically-acclaimed albums (My Favorite Things, Countdown, Joey.Monk.Live!, Eclipse, WARNA), Alexander leads a career rarely witnessed in the jazz genre. He’s garnered international acclaim from mainstream media, three nominations from The Recording Academy, and high praise from legendary jazz icons while evolving into one of today’s most distinguished composers and bandleaders. Featuring bandmates Daniel Winshall (electric and upright bass) and Tyson D. Jackson (drums).
  • Gerald Cleaver – Expanding on 2020’s ‘Signs’, his electronic debut, ‘Griots’ sees Cleaver diving further into the spider’s web of modular electronics, further exploring the electronic history of his Detroit roots. Combining his unique talent for composition with a curious ear for the unpredictable, Cleaver delivers another outstandingly dense and sprawling LP for a split release by Brooklyn-based Positive Elevation and Belgium’s Meakusma.
  • Geri Allen – a live album by pianist Geri Allen, bassist Charlie Haden and drummer Paul Motian. It was recorded in December 1990 at the Village Vanguard and released on the Japanese DIW label
  • Tony Malaby – Another in Malaby’s remarkable series of field recordings which was captured on March 12, 2021. Malaby says “Two of my favourite sound designers, William Parker and Billy Mintz, came and propelled me into beautiful landscapes bringing out the soaring screech of raptors, the sea mammal and dancing bear in me”. Two huge pieces of modal jazz with all three players performing at their very best. Tony Malaby – Tenor and Soprano saxophones, William Parker – Bass and Tuba, Billy Mintz – Drums.
  • William Parker Organ Quartet – William Parker: bass, compositions, Darryl Foster: tenor sax, Cooper-Moore: organ, Gerald Cleaver: drums. A simply gorgeous soul-jazz organ quartet album that hearkens back to early-mid 60s sessions of similar form; fully revitalized by William Parker’s indelible compositions and the generous musical gifts of Darryl Foster, Cooper-Moore and Gerald Cleaver. A straight-up late summer joy to celebrate life with all year ’round. This very special recording project was fully produced by William Parker for his own Centering Records imprint, and dedicated to his Aunt Carrie Lee & Uncle Joe (who is pictured on the album cover). It was created to celebrate the occasion of their 65th wedding anniversary on August 6th, 2010. William really wanted to get this album done in time for that auspicious date, and he did! Seven of the songs on this CD were written in December 2009 especially for this recording session; Ennio’s Tag and Oasis were previously written and they fit in perfectly.
  • Winnepeg Jazz Orchestra – In 2019, two jazz composers from French and English Canada joined forces with the support of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra to compose a 25-minute, multi-movement art song called Twisting Ways. A UK-Canadian collaboration, the piece combines the poetry of Dr. Lee Tsang (Liverpool) with music by Montreal-based composer, Philippe Côté (“Amazing” – NYC Jazz Record) and three-time-Juno Award winning Toronto pianist/composer, David Braid (“Uncategorizable” – Paris Transatlantic). The music is masterfully performed by the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, directed by Richard Gillis, and featuring acclaimed vocalist, Sarah Slean (“Compelling”– Time Magazine). The album also features vibraphonist Stephan Bauer (NYC) on a variation from Côté’s, La feur et la roche from his acclaimed album Lungta with David Binney (“a grand sweeping accomplishment” – Ottawa Citizen) and Braid’s Lydian Sky from The David Braid Sextet Live, Vol 2 ( “astonishing” – All About Jazz). Lydian Sky features new words by Tsang, plus performances by multiple Juno winning saxophonist Mike Murley and vocalist Karly Epp (a fnalist in the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition).
  • Lee Konitz – Lee Konitz: alto saxophone; Bill Frisell: guitar; Gary Peacock: bass; Joey Baron: drums. Lee Konitz joined forces with Bill Frisell, Gary Peacock, and Joey Baron for a week-long booking at the Blue Note in New York City in early June 2011 (though no one was officially designated as the leader), with highlights from two nights being selected for this CD.
  • Ramon Diaz, Nosotros Ensemble, David Virelles – the Santiago-raised and New York-based pianist-composer David Virelles looks towards one melting pot from the vantage point of another. A far-reaching work with deep cultural roots, Gnosis speaks of transculturation and traditions, and of the complex tapestry of Cuba’s music, the sacred, the secular, and the ritualistic, but the work’s shapes and forms could only have been created by a gifted contemporary player thoroughly versed in the art of the improvisers. Strings, woodwinds and percussion all have their roles to play in Gnosis, viewed by Virelles as several families functioning within one unit: this dynamic symbolizes multicultural interaction. Virelles’ responsive piano and the vocals and percussion of Román Díaz, a profound figure in the transmission of Afro-Cuban musical history, are at the centre of the action. Gnosis was recorded at New York’s Avatar Studios in May 2016 and produced by Manfred Eicher. Personnel: David Virelles (piano, marímbula, vocals); Román Díaz (lead vocals and percussion – bonkó enchemiyá, ekón, nkomos, erikundi, itones, nkaniká, marímbula, claves, mayohuacán, pilón, carapacho de jicotea, coconut shells); Allison Loggins-Hull (piccolo, flute); Rane Moore (clarinet, bass clarinet); Adam Cruz (percussion – steel pan, claves); Alex Lipowski (percussion – orchestral bass drum, temple blocks, bongos, gong); Matthew Gold (percussion – marimba, glockenspiel); Mauricio Herrera (percussion – ekón, nkomos, erikundi, claves); Thomas Morgan (double bass); Yunior Lopez (viola); Christine Chen (violoncello); Samuel DeCaprio (violoncello); Melvis Santa, Mauricio Herrera (vocals)
  • Cecil Taylor, William Parker, Masashi Harada – Cecil Taylor: piano, William Parker: double bass, Masashi Harada: percussion. Recorded live during the Summer Music concert series by Manfred Hoffmann & Jost Gebers on July 8th,1990, at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.

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