Aural Delights 443

Hour One
Hour Two

  1. Horsemeat “Rusted” Single (2021)
  2. Zane Carney “Ego” from Alter Ego (2021)
  3. Balmorhea “Day Dawns In Your Right Eye” from The Wind (2021)
  4. Dave Graney “I Need My Guitar” from Knock Yourself Out (2009)
  5. Mercury Rev “Senses On Fire” from Snowflake Midnight (2021)
  6. Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell “Heleali (The Sea Will Rise)” from Burn (2021)
  7. Moff Skellington “My Savage Grandma” from Owlish Perspicacity (2021)
  8. Other Mirror “Psychic Horizon” from Other Mirror (2021)
  9. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band “Grow Fins” from The Dust Blows Forward: An Anthology (1972)
  10. Creedence Clearwater Revival “Green River” from Live at Woodstock (2019)
  11. Hprizm “AKA Radiator” from Signs Remixed (2021)
  12. Balmorhea “The Myth” from The Wind (2021)
  13. Dave Graney “Sell Out!” from Knock Yourself Out (2009)
  14. Mercury Rev “Lullaby For Legs Diamond” from Snowflake Midnight (2021)
  15. Moff Skellington “The Coalminers Magic Word” from Owlish Perspicacity (2021)
  16. Other Mirror “More Alive” from Other Mirror (2021)
  17. Rory Gallagher “Cradle Rock” from Tattoo (1973)
  18. Cream “Born Under A Bad Sign” from Wheels of Fire (1968)
  19. Grave Flowers Bongo Band “Smile” from Strength of Spring (2021)
  20. John Lee Hooker “Boogie Chillen'” from King of the Boogie (2017)
  21. Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell “Orion (The Weary Huntsman)” from Burn (2021)
  22. Other Mirror “Mystery of Mars” from Other Mirror (2021)
  23. Mercury Rev “The Fall Of Sophia” from Snowflake Midnight (2021)
  24. Moff Skellington “Take a Bone Hard Compass” from Owlish Perspicacity (2021)
  25. Balmorhea “Vent Pontian” from The Wind (2021)
  26. Dave Graney “Throwin’ One into the World” from Knock Yourself Out (2009)
  27. Man “Bananas” from Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day (1972)
  28. Zane Carney “Oleo” from Alter Ego (2021)

  • Dave Graney – 2009 album with essentially the Mistly as is now in support
  • Mercury Rev – Originally issued in September 2008, SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT was the seventh album by Mercury Rev and followed The Secret Migration (2005) and All Is Dream (2001) – both of which have already been treated to deluxe editions by Cherry Red. New 5 CD box set. Joining the original album are a second disc of previously unissued outtakes, entitled Hymn Of The Heavenly Snowflake, a third disc cryptically entitled Snowflakes From A Train (again, hitherto unheard) and a fourth disc of live material (again, unreleased until now). Disc 5 offers the first commercial CD outing for STRANGE ATTRACTOR, with the added bonus of those four 12” remix tracks
  • Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – originally on the Spotlight Kid Album
  • Hprizm – In this album, legendary New York electronic music producer Hprizm (Antipop Consortium), also known as High Priest, reworks Gerald Cleaver’s acclaimed ’Signs’ (577 Records, 2020). Throughout, Hprizm expands the sonic boundaries of the original work through dream-like, transcendent electronic manipulations. Hprizm’s album is an innovative rework of Gerald Cleaver’s debut electronic project, building off of Cleaver’s long career as an accomplished Jazz percussionist
  • Rory Gallagher – fourth studio album from 1973
  • Cream – Wheels of Fire is the third album by Cream. It was released in 1968 as a two-disc vinyl LP, with one disc recorded in the studio and the other recorded live. Clapton parodies Albert Kings’s original version
  • Horsemeat – new single
  • Grave Flowers Bongo Band – Los Angeles’ Grave Flowers Bongo Band’s sophomore LP “Strength of Spring” captured by Ty Segall
  • Balmorhea – The Wind marks both a return to Balmorhea’s original set-up and a new beginning for the Texas-based duo of Rob Lowe and Michael A. Muller. Addressing their concerns for the way in which climate change is continuing unabated, and reflecting the solace that so many people are now finding in connecting with the natural environment, the album is a timely reflection on the need to cherish and protect our planet.
  • The NJE – This mini-album by The Near Jazz Experience highlights the band’s hypnotic improv grooves, salutes a pop hero and explores new ground in the shape of electronic beats and live sound manipulation. But never mind all that. It sounds great – just what you’d expect from Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Mike Garson), Mark Bedford (Madness, BUtterfield 8) and Simon Charterton (The Higsons, Alex Harvey).
  • John Lee Hooker – first recorded by John Lee Hooker in 1948. It is a solo performance featuring Hooker’s vocal, electric guitar, and rhythmic foot stomps. The lyrics are partly autobiographical and alternate between spoken and sung verses. The song was his debut record release and in 1949, it became the first “down-home” electric blues song to reach number one in the R&B records chart. Hooker’s song was part of a trend in the late 1940s to a new style of urban electric blues based on earlier Delta blues idioms. Although it is called a boogie, it resembles early North Mississippi Hill country blues rather than the boogie-woogie piano-derived style of the 1930s and 1940s. Hooker gave credit to his stepfather, Will Moore, who taught him the rhythm of “Boogie Chillen'” (“chillen'” is a phonetic approximation of Hooker’s pronunciation of “children”) when he was a teenager. Some of the song’s lyrics are derived from earlier blues songs. Hooker’s guitar work on the song inspired several well-known guitarists to take up the instrument. With its driving style and focus on rhythm, it is also considered a forerunner of rock and roll. Music critic Cub Koda calls the guitar figure from “Boogie Chillen'” “the riff that launched a million songs”
  • Moff Skellington – from the recent re-released album
  • Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell – best known for their work as part of the legendary band Dead Can Dance, present the studio album ‘Burn’. Produced by James Chapman (MAPS), this long-play is being released via Atlantic Curve, a London-based label that is part of the Schubert Music Europe. The record began its journey more than seven years ago, when Lisa met Irish theatre composer Jules Maxwell before working together for the first time. Things really took root when Gerrard and Maxwell began writing songs for their earlier collaboration ‘The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices (Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares)’. They were later introduced to Chapman and asked him to produce this album, which represents a stunning departure for all three of them.
  • Other Mirror – Other Mirror was formed by longtime friends, Jonny Cuba (Soundsci Producer), Amelie Chevalier (vocalist), and James Tilley (multi-instrumentalist). In 2018, the band found themselves creating music together, for a project that they had talked about starting since becoming school friends many years prior. Although this is the band’s debut album and debut on KingUnderground, the members who make up the group are far from newcomers.
  • Zane Carvey – “Alter Ego” embodies an adventurous new wave of free improvisation, along with modal jazz in its most electric, high-octane form. The album features a series of improvised compositions, experiments, and sketches, as well as two rearranged standards. It consists mostly of first takes, with no editing, and aims to subvert convention. In addition, all tracks were mixed from the drummer’s perspective, placing the listener in the middle of the live action, on stage with the group. The album features Jerry Watts Jr. on bass, Gene Coye on drums, and Katisse Buckingham on woodwinds, and was released on April 30, 2021 on Orenda Records.
  • Man – the seventh album by the Welsh psychedelic/progressive rock band. Issued just two months after the previous album, Live at the Padget Rooms, Penarth, it features a radically different line-up. Martin Ace having left, and Deke Leonard having been fired, Clive John returned, bringing with him Phil Ryan and Will Youatt, with whom Clive had formed Iorwerth Pritchard and the Neutrons when he left Man in 1971. This is the only studio album by this particular line-up, which also recorded the live Christmas at the Patti before Clive John left again.

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