Aural Delights on the Overflow 67

  1. Legs on Wheels “Milktop Mandy” Single (2021)
  2. Jim Bower “Shut Up About Your Girlfriend” Single (2021)
  3. Sons of Kemet “To Never Forget The Source” Single (2021)
  4. Van Der Graaf Generator “Afterwards” from Banquet : Underground Sounds of 1969 (2021)
  5. Danny Short “One Minute Longer” from Hope (2021)
  6. Kosmodemonic “Drown In Drone” from Liminal Light (2021)
  7. Georgio Valentino “The Temptation of Saint Georgio (feat. Emmanuele Gattuso)” Single (2021)
  8. Edgar Broughton Band “Evil” from Banquet : Underground Sounds of 1969 (2021)
  9. Blokeacola “Mango Insane” Single (2021)
  10. Auster Boys “Sentimental Towers” from Let ‘Em Dangle (2021)
  11. Austin Stambaugh “Do Your Best With What You Have Now” from The Magnolia Sessions (2021)
  12. Crab Dance GIs “Stage Fright” Single (2021)
  13. Family “No Mules Fool” from Banquet : Underground Sounds of 1969 (2021)
  14. Danny Short “Song of Hope” from Hope (2021)
  15. Sons of Kemet “Hustle” Single (2021)

  • Legs on Wheels – ambitious and structurally challenging post-prog pop adventurers from Manchester. Elementally playful, the band administers rolicking riffs, dastardly rhythms and dreamily impressionistic interludes with pinpoint precision. Debut single –
  • Jim Bower – Leeds based ex Shatner front man. Jim Bower releases his debut solo album ‘Life Support’ through the Subspace label on July 2nd, the first of two pre-release tracks –
  • Sons of Kemet – Saxophonis Shabaka Hutchings returns with a brand-new album from his Mercury Prize nominated outfit Sons of Kemet. Black To The Future, the band’s fourth LP and second on Impulse! Records, released May 14.
  • This is the band’s most dynamic project yet, featuring prominent vocalists including Angel Bat Dawid, poets Moor Mother and Joshua Idehen, and grime artist D Double E.
    • “To Never Forget The Source” is the musical centerpiece of Black To The Future: the opening and end of the album flow inwards through this contemplative, prayerful, instrumental track, which features Eddie Wakili-Hick and Tom Skinner on percussion, Theon Cross on tuba, and Shabaka Hutchings on woodwinds
    • The first single “Hustle” features Kojey Radical with backing vocals from singer Lianne La Havas and is out today with a dance-inspired metaphorical video directed by Ashleigh Jadee.
  • Van Der Graaf Generator – Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the next release in their series of compilations celebrating the so-called “underground” rock music – “Banquet – Underground Sounds of 1969”, is a 3CD clamshell boxed set which gathers together nearly four hours of music from 1969, a year that saw a huge progression both musically and socially. Featuring three tracks – the first of which is from VDGGs debut album The Aerosol Grey Machine. Cherry Red Release June 25th.
  • Danny Short – profilic Danny back with a new EP –
  • Kosmodemonic – New York City-based band presents their second album, Liminal Light, via Transylvanian Recordings –
  • Georgio Valentino – From Georgio Valentino’s forthcoming album, Lines of Flight. Featuring Emmanuelle Gattuso – and
  • Edgar Broughton Band – another one from Banquet – from their debut album Wasa Wasa
  • Blokeacola – another single –
  • Auster Boys – from the new album Let Em Dangle – material originally released in the early 1990s which has been spruced up.
  • Austin Stambaugh – Anti-Corporate Music presents the ninth title in their acclaimed intimate, outdoor performance singer/songwriter series, The Magnolia Sessions, this time by Nashville-based folk artist Austin Stambaugh.
  • Crab Dance GIs – re-released single from 2020 – their sixth release –
  • Family – another one from Banquet – he group’s first single in chart in the United Kingdom, reaching number 29 included in the expanded version of the A Song For Me album

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