Mystic Goddess

Portland, Oregon based psychedelic stoner doom band Robots of the Ancient World release their Mystic Goddess full-length via Small Stone on May 21st, 2021.

Described as a place where doom, psych, and stoner rock collide their 2019 debut Cosmic Riders has garnered over 300,000 plays and counting on digital streaming sites.

They entered Seattle’s Soundhouse Studios in February 2020 to record this second album with Jack Endino, famed sonic architect of the grunge revolution, and his long-time protégé Mikel Perkins. The result is a forty-three-minute journey through a wide range of styles that is interesting, never losing focus or sacrificing flow.

“Raw, powerful, no nonsense production is what we were seeking,” says guitarist Justin Laubscher. After connecting with Endino through a friend and veteran of the grunge wars, Laubscher says the band “scraped up every nickel we could and went for it.”

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in six days, Mystic Goddess almost crashed and burned prior to liftoff. Four days in, Endino abruptly fell ill, “wrecked from this weird flu from hell,” according to Laubscher. “At the time, COVID-19 was not yet a thing in the US.” Perkins engineered the final two days of tracking. “Perkins is a legend, stepped in without missing a beat, and we all felt at ease. He entertained our more fringe ideas, the ones up until that point I was apprehensive to present to Jack.” Endino eventually finished the mixes remotely and Perkins is credited as co-producer.

Musically, the new album includes nods to stoner rock titans like the Stooges, Kyuss, and Boris but the band also wasn’t afraid to borrow ideas from Guns ‘N’ Roses and Santana, while deep diving into their usual lyrical fetishes. “I’m intrigued by psychedelics, esotericism, and conspiracy theories. I love to go deep with secret societies, other dimensions, and all that jazz. So, when you hear the Carl Sagan intro to ‘Cosmic Riders’ or David Icke closing out ‘Mystic Goddess,’ it’s a tribute,” notes Laubscher, “a nod to those dudes who are a creative inspiration for my song writing.”

The band comprises : Caleb Weidenbach – vocals, Nico Schmutz – guitar, Justin Laubscher – guitar, Trevor Berecek – bass, and Harry Silvers – drums.

The album powers through eight numbers initially starting with something that could easily be mistaken as early Black Sabbath track before adopting a more blues focused heavy rocker which sounds like The Doors (without Ray Manzarek) and then getting into punk/grunge territory with “Agua Caliente” where the group start to display their own identity. The spirit of Jim Morrison is never far away however as the group focus on a hard rock sound with Lizard King vocal inflections. They might also be described as having a heavier version of the Pearl Jam sound.

To be featured on

  • Aural Delights 44
  • Overflow 66

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