Aural Delights on the Overflow 66

  1. St Lucifer “Casanova” from CSNVA (2021)
  2. The Vintage Caravan “Psychedelic Mushroom Man” from The Vintage Caravan (2018)
  3. Culture “Work On Natty” from Children Of Zion: The High Note Singles Collection (2021)
  4. Inferior Complex with Dominic Carlton Jones “Believe In Me” Single (2021)
  5. Sarah McQuaid “Rabbit Hills” Single (2021)
  6. Liquid Tension Experiment “Liquid Evolution” from LTE3 (Deluxe Edition) (2021)
  7. The Vintage Caravan “On The Run” from Gateways (2018)
  8. St Lucifer “Screaming In Stages” from CSNVA (2021)
  9. Sarah McQuaid “Time To Love” Single (2021)
  10. Moff Skellington with The Parasite “Opening/Heaven is a Heaping of Rococco Lucky Treatment” from Abstercot Lounge Aural Palate Cleanser (2021)
  11. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Death Is Not The End” from Murder Ballads (1996)
  12. The Vintage Caravan “Forgotten” from Monuments (2021)


  • St Lucifer – the new four track EP released on 7th May 2021, via AnalogueTrash.
  • The Vintage Caravan – a focus on the Icelandic rock band featuring their latest album and two preceding
  • Culture – Cherry Red compilation of singles released May 14th. Arguably the greatest Jamaican vocal group to emerge on the reggae scene during the latter half of the Seventies, the Joseph Hill-led trio Culture wrote and performed some of the finest roots music of the era, initially making their mark with producer Joe Gibbs before joining the revered roster of Sonia Pottinger’s High Note Records.
  • Inferior Complex with Dominic Carlton Jones – new single on German Shepherd Records
  • Sarah McQuaid – two new singles from the forthcoming St Buryan Sessions album
  • Liquid Tension Experiment – jazz rock supergroup with a brand new album
  • Moff Skellington with The Parasite – a new experimental album featuring a series of Haikus and instrumental pieces
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – noting the sad passing of Anita Lane with this duet with Nick Cave

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