Shut Up About Your Girlfriend

Jim Bower is a Leeds-based post-punk singer-songwriter and his new album has been produced by Will Jackson, whose credits include many of the best-known artists from the West Yorkshire region including The Kaiser Chiefs, The Music, The Pigeon Detectives and The Cribs. “It’s been a joy,” says Jim. “Will is perfect, and we have both really enjoyed the process. I think that shows.”

The album also features cover art by former Forward Russia frontman Tom Woodhead.

‘Life Support’ has become an audio-visual project. Rather ambitiously, Jim has decided to either make or commission video content for all ten tracks. “It’s been a huge challenge, some would say insane.”

The first pre-release track and video “Shut Up About Your Girlfriend” is one of the lighter tunes on the album, but a good example of how he is able to inject a dark undercurrent beneath the surface of a breezy melody.

“Lyrically it’s a song about what’s unsaid. The protagonist is pleased his friend has found love, but it touches a nerve, and he becomes increasingly annoyed hearing about it, to the point where he loses patience,” he says. “It was inspired by a real night out I had with a friend who was smitten. I haven’t told him about the song but once he hears it, I might get a phone call.”

Although this is Bower’s first solo album, he’s well known in the Leeds music scene as frontman/songwriter for Shatner, recently described as “somewhere between the Clash and the B52s” and last seen in 2019 performing live with such bands as Altered Images and Half Man Half Biscuit.

“It’s been liberating not to be trying to capture a band sound,” he says, “I had the freedom to do pretty much anything, so I’ve used a lot of orchestral loops and string parts for a bit of grandeur, plus plenty of synths and pianos which haven’t featured in my recent stuff.”

The single will be featured on the Aural Delights Show on 20th and 23rd May.

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