Aural Delights on the Overflow 64

  1. Arda & The Stolen Moon “Emotional Hacking” from Outsider in Perpetual Motion (2021)
  2. Spacehopper “Milk Metal” from Milkmetal : Sonic Switchblade (2021)
  3. Clamm “Liar” from Beseech Me (2020)
  4. There Were Wires “Walking” from Somnambulists (2021)
  5. Lara Taubman “Hookup” from Revelation (2020)
  6. Duncan Reid and the Big Heads “Kelly’s Gone Insane” from Live at Akkurat (2021)
  7. The Wylde Tryfles “Gonna Miss Me” from Fuzzed and Confused (2021)
  8. The Parasite “Landfill Trash” from True Crime Stories (2021)
  9. Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell “Deshtra (Forever)” Single (2021)
  10. Le Bruits des Dofs “Artgressif” from La Combinatronique (2021)
  11. The Legendary Pink Dots “The Seer” from Chemical Playschool Volumes 21 & 22 (2021)
  12. Clamm “Bossman” from Beseech Me (2020)
  13. Spacehopper “Crane” from Milkmetal : Sonic Switchblade (2021)


Ardra & The Stolen Moon – Jazmin Road is excited to announce the 28th May release of the sophomore Arda & The Stolen Moon album “Outsider in Perpetual Motion”. Armed with the excellent reviews garnered by the first album (“Minutes into Years”, 2017), Arda has come up with a set of songs that are playful, mature, poetic and carry the trademark catchy melodies that introduced her to the world.

Spacehopper – Spacehopper existed for a brief fiery period, scorching with with intensity, before burning up leaving our orbit. Speed was their essence, summoning up an heard holy racket informed by white light and white heat of ’93-’96 Glasgow. Their 10” Milkmetal EP was the first release on Glasgow’s Creeping Bent label, followed shortly afterwards by a 7” single, Mars Bonding. Spacehopper were scheduled to release their debut album, Sonic Switchblade, but their fuel ran out on re-entering the atmosphere and they were gone. The timing now feels right for Sonic Switchblade to be posthumously released, it still sounds wild and uncontrolled. Creeping Bent is releasing the album as a download + Milkmetal EP 10” – Milkmetal was the first record release on Creeping Bent back in 1995, and sounds as ferocious now as it did then.

David Aitcheson : Vocals & Guitar
Sarah Heardman : Guitar
David Fitzpatrick : Bass
Bryn Thorburn : Drums

Clamm – are Jack Summers, Maisie Everett and Miles Harding. Beseech Me recorded by Nao Anzai at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, Collingwood
Mixed and Mastered by Mikey Young in Rye

released April 9, 2021

On this recording

Bass: Luke Scott
Drums and backup vox: Miles Harding
Guitar and vox: Jack Summers

There Were Wires – Turn-of-the-millennium-era label Iodine Recordings announces its triumphant return after seventeen years off the grid. The label is excited to present Somnambulists, the celebrated album from Massachusetts-based There Were Wires, on vinyl for the first time ever, as a split release with Tor Johnson Records. There Were Wires was an hardcore/metal band from Boston that formed in the late ’90s. They quickly gained notoriety in New England for their intense and chaotic live shows, playing played regularly throughout the early 2000s. Originally released on Iodine Recordings in 2003, Somnambulists was the bands’ second album. The record was a departure from their original fast and thrashy sound, which was dominant on their self-titled debut

Lara Taubman – Lara Taubman heard the call to sing and write songs four years ago after a career as a visual arts writer and curator. Her music falls gracefully under the folk genre but within are inspirations of rock and country music, urban street music and the hill music of the Appalachian mountains where she grew up. Today she uses her voice, words and a guitar to do what she loves most – make music, heal, perform and connect to listeners with music. Her debut album, Revelation, (Wolfe Island Records/Continental Record Services) released in May,2020, was born from the darkness and created in the name of life and light. She lives happy, free and grateful in her home of New York City and Wolfe Island, Canada.

Duncan Reid & The Big Heads – As singer and bass player of Joey Ramone’s favourite band, The Boys, Duncan rode on the crest of a wave during punk’s original late-1970s heyday as part of a wider collective of friends and peers that included Sex Pistols, The Clash, Generation X and a host of other power-chord pioneers. The Boys remain one of the best-loved and influential bands of their generation. This the first live album from the band of a show at Akkurat, Stockholm from 2018. Recorded without the band’s knowledge by the venue it perfectly captures the band.

The Wylde Tryfles – the french garage rockers are back with a great album which channels the spirit and intent of Nuggers

The Parasite – the German Shepherd co-owners are back with another challenging album

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell – Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell, best known for their work as part of the legendary band Dead Can Dance, present ‘Deshta (Forever)’, the second single from their forthcoming studio album ‘Burn’.

Le Bruits des Dofs – Le Bruit des Dofs is the noise of the world and the mess in our heads. A music that takes you in a hellish spiral. A powerful, organic jazz, with psychedelic contours, impregnated with progressive rock. La Combinatorique, the trio’s new album distributed by Circum-Disc, combines genres, sounds, stories in 9
paintings that remind us that with a guitar, a bass and a drum set we can always shout our rage, taste trance, be ecstatic too, or sink into a frenzied delirium.

The Legendary Pink Dots – This small but wildly colorful monument will emerge in 3 different formats in the months to come. Vinyl and cassette will be courtesy of Witch Cat Records in Denver. The double CD will materialize via The Dots’ own Terminal Kaleidoscope label.

Erik Drost – Guitars, Bass;
The Silverman – Keyboards, Devices;
Edward Ka-Spel – Voice, keyboards.

Special guests:
Patrick Q. Wright – Violins, keyboards on 2;
Quentin Rollet – saxes, sopranino sax on 1,4,5,8,9.

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