Aural Delights on the Overflow 63

  1. Tombstones In Their Eyes “Quarantine Blues” from Looking For A Light (2021)
  2. Hiraki “Common Fear” from Stumbling Through The Walls (2021)
  3. Agent Starling “Helicopter Arms (Radio Edit)” from European Howl (2021)
  4. The Fall “Crop Dust” from Are You Are Missing Winner (expanded) (2021)
  5. Angela Autumn “Shooter” from The Magnolia Sessions (2021)
  6. Darsombra “Nightgarden (Moon Side)” from Call The Doctor/Nightgarden (2021)
  7. Hemispheres “Adrenaline” from Dawn Adrenaline Dusk (2021)
  8. Tombstones In Their Eyes “Ship On The Sea” from Looking For A Light (2021)
  9. Mythic Sunship “Redwood Grove” from Wildfire (2021)
  10. The Flavians “Better Than This” from The Flavians (2021)
  11. Mark Corrin “Theme From Southport Beach 1994” from Electric Dimension Colonel (2021)
  12. Yikes “Just Me” Single (2021)
  13. Agent Starling “Delores County Ride” from European Howl (2021)


Tombstones In Their Eyes – new album – released April 20, 2021. Tombstones in Their Eyes is John Treanor, Stephen Striegel, Josh Drew, Paul Boutin, James Cooper, Paul Roessler. Produced by Paul Roessler and John Treanor

Hiraki – the explosive second album from the Aarhus, Denmark-based progressive/avant noise rock trio.

Agent Starling – debut album

The Fall – reissue of the album in a box set with three live albums included – out of July 16th – originally released November 2020.

Angela Autumn – Anti-Corporate Music presents the eighth title in their acclaimed intimate, outdoor performance singer/songwriter series, The Magnolia Sessions, this time by Nashville-based Americana/folk artist Angela Autumn.

Darsombra – Baltimore’s enigmatic psychedelic/prog explorers present a new two-song EP, Call The Doctor/Nightgarden, surprise-released on AprilBandcamp Friday. The EP bridges the gap between their 2019-issued Transmission LP and its successor, which is currently under construction.

Hemispheres – a spellbinding EP created by musicians from Australia & the UK, who’ve utilised technology to collaborate from both sides of the world, resulting in an uplifting and optimistic response for 2021 and the future. The Dartmoor & North West Australian inspired soundscapes meld electronics with the live sounds of the Didgeridoo, flute, reeds, upright piano, rhythm sticks and ethereal vocals.

Mythic Sunship – With their new album the renowned Copenhagen-quintet  begins a new chapter of the free-form rock journey that has seen them put out a critically acclaimed album annually for the last five years and made them one of Europe’s most interesting new psychedelic bands. “

The Flavians – from the upcoming self-titled EP by the Berlin based band.

Mark Corrin – an instrumental only album from Mark – out on German Shepherd Records

Yikes – their second single of the year featuring 2000’s post-hardcore emo legend Geoff Rickly from the band Thursday.

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