World of Jazz 431

  1. Hector “Building 8” from Uncharted (Self Released) 00:00
  2. Mareike Wiening “Metropolis Paradise” from Live at Bird’s Eye Basel (Greenleaf) 08:19
  3. Out to Dinner “Random” from Play On (Positone) 19:31
  4. Sarah Jerrom “Snowblind” from Dream Logic (Three Pines Records) 24:32
  5. TuneTown “Billyish” from Entering Utopia (Three Pines Records) 32:21
  6. Jazz Station Big Band & Gregoire Maret “The Jazz Studio” from Live in Dinant (Hypnote) 36:47
  7. Alexander Hawkins, Evan Parker, Riot Ensemble “Indistinguishable From Magic” from Togetherness Music (Intakt) 44:51
  8. Hector “Here and Now” from Uncharted (Self Released) 54:11
  9. Out to Dinner “Rebbeca’s Dance” from Play On (Positone) 1:00:49
  10. Sarah Jerrom “Accolade Parade” from Dream Logic (Three Pines Records) 1:06:17
  11. TuneTown “Sycamore” from Entering Utopia (Three Pines Records) 1:10:04
  12. Jazz Station Big Band & Gregoire Maret “Blueserinho” from Live in Dinant (Hypnote) 1:16:36
  13. Alexander Hawkins, Evan Parker, Riot Ensemble “Sea No Shore” from Togetherness Music (Intakt) 1:23:55
  14. Hector “Richard’s Rhyme” from Uncharted (Self Released) 1:31:13
  15. Mareike Wiening “Future Memories” from Live at Bird’s Eye Basel (Greenleaf) 1:40:11
  16. Out to Dinner “The Essential Passion” from Play On (Positone) 1:46:28
  17. TuneTown “Memories Remain/Look Down” from Entering Utopia (Three Pines Records) 1:52:55

On this show seven new albums showing the musical diversity of the world of jazz. Three of those albums feature Canadian artists reflecting the current strength in depth of the scene in that country.


Self released debut

Hector is a Toronto-based jazz collective featuring Chris Gale, Ted Quinlan, Jeff McLeod and Chris Wallace. With influences ranging from Jimmy Smith to King Crimson, Hector revels in shifting gears stylistically making their sets feel both unpredictable and seamless. The members of Hector have performed with a who’s who of artists including: Dave Holland, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Freddie Hubbard, David Clayton-Thomas, Bo Diddley, Serena Ryder, Blue Rodeo, Jeff Healey, Colin James, The Shuffle Demons, Michael Kaeshammer, Brandi Disterheft and more.”

released October 22, 2020

Chris Gale – tenor saxophone
Ted Quinlan – guitar
Jeff Mcleod – hammond B-3
Chris Wallace – drums

recorded at: StarBirdHeadquarters
production: Mark Mariash & Hector
engineering & mixing: Ron Chilton
mastering: Ron Skinner at Heading North Mastering
artwork: Howie Shia
layout: Leo Shia

Mareike Wiening

Live at Bird’s Eye Basel was recorded at Bird’s Eye Basel in Switzerland in during a European tour supporting the release of Mareike’s debut album, Metropolis Paradise. The four track set features all original compositions performed by her seasoned touring band featuring saxophonist Rich Perry, guitarist Alex Goodman, pianist Glenn Zaleski, and bassist Johannes Felscher.

This release is available for purchase on Bandcamp in digital format only.

Out To Dinner

A second helping of auditory delights from the Out To Dinner ensemble, as they keep the kitchen open after hours and “Play On.” Featuring a musical menu of inspired selections, Posi-Tone producer Marc Free has assembled this volume of performances to prompt listeners to expand their sonic palettes with an adventurous exploration of the jazz genre. This engaging quintet date is highlighted by front line performances from vibraphonist Behn Gillece, trumpet prodigy Giveton Gelin and rising star tenor saxophonist Nicole Glover, all moving freely together over the solid harmonic foundation of bassist Boris Kozlov and drummer Donald Edwards, both established jazz veterans.

Sarah Jerrom

Released worldwide on Friday, March 26th on Three Pines Records, a new label dedicated to the celebration and preservation of music across Canada.

Dream Logic is the latest album from Canadian vocalist Sarah Jerrom. Following the release of her critically-acclaimed albums The Yeats Project (2017) and Illuminations (2007), Dream Logic showcases Jerrom’s formidable skills as a songwriter, composer, lyricist, and improviser. An adventurous and exciting crossover project, Dream Logic draws its sound from jazz, folk, and pop music, and deals with themes of hope, grief, infertility, and love. This music was written and arranged specifically for Jerrom’s contemporary jazz quartet of the same name – a group of high-profile Canadian musicians including guitarist and vocalist Harley Card (Hobson’s Choice, God’s Gift To Yoda, Stoptime), bassist Rob McBride (David Gillis, The Yeats Project) and drummer Jeff Luciani (Batucada Carioca, Bankruptcy, The Dears.)


The classic saxophone, bass and drums trio has a distinguished history in jazz, going back to Sonny Rollins and Lee Konitz in the late 1950s and early 60s. The Canadian collective TuneTown, formed in 2015, extends and honours the venerable tradition and releases its swingin’ and adventurous sophomore album in March.

TuneTown pools the creativity of three of Canada’s top jazz improvisers; Kelly Jefferson (Saxophones), Artie Roth (Bass) and Ernesto Cervini (Drums, Percussion and Bass Clarinet).

Entering Utopia expands on the creative journey and energy from the collective’s debut album and finds TuneTown again putting their unique stamp on both standards and original compositions. This engaging and fiercely melodic album combines three distinct musical voices on material that runs the gamut, from intense to sublime. Seamlessly assimilating elements from the avant garde, funk, and jazz worlds, Entering Utopia is a welcome addition to the saxophone trio tradition.

The Jazz Station Big Band and Gregoire Maret

The Jazz Station Big Band proves to be one of the most promising ensembles in Europe. The writing is ingenious and ambitious and the arrangements are deep and meaningful. Their astute use of odd time signatures, metric modulations and free improvisation keeps the listener engaged and interested but there’s also great lyricism, simplicity and beauty in their work. Definitely a high quality release from an ensemble that has unlimited potential.

Alexander Hawkins

Recorded July 30, 2020, Challow Park Studios, Oxfordshire, UK

Percy Pursglove: trumpet
James Arben: flute, bass clarinet
Rachel Musson: flute, tenor saxophone
Evan Parker: soprano saxophone
Benedict Taylor: viola
Hannah Marshall: cello
Alexander Hawkins: piano
Neil Charles: double bass
Mark Sanders: drums, percussion
Matthew Wright: electronics

The Riot Ensemble
Mandhira de Saram: violin
Marie Schreer: violin
Stephen Upshaw: viola
Louise McMonagle: cello
Marianne Schofield: double bass

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