Aural Delights on the Overflow 52

  1. Scenius “Make It Shiny – Klammer Remix” Single (2021)
  2. Beautify Junkyards “Dupla Exposição” from Cosmorama (2021)
  3. Moff Skellington “The Coalminers Magic Word” from Owlish Perspicacity (2015/2021)
  4. Charlie Nieland “Tightrope” Single (2021)
  5. The Groundhogs “3744 James Road” from Hogwash (1972)
  6. The Masonics “Schitzo” from Temple Vaults (2012)
  7. Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou “Hollywood” from The Helm of Sorrow (2021)
  8. The Parasite with Moff Skellington “Transcendental Holiday Camp” Single (2021)
  9. Hedfogger “Who Knew?” from 6 (2021)
  10. Cosmic Psychos “Custom Credit” from Down On The Farm (1985)
  11. Scenius “Make It Shiny – Nature Of Wires Remix” Single (2021)

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