Aural Delights 427

  1. The Fall “Kicker Conspiracy” from Palace of Swords Reversed (1987)
  2. Hedfogger “Don’t Mind” from 6 (2021)
  3. Dave Graney & Clare Moore with Stu Thomas “Everybody’s Gone (From Somewhere)” from Keepin’ It Unreal (2006)
  4. The Triffids “In The Pines” from In The Pines (1986)
  5. Scenius “Make It Shiny : Klammer Remix” Single (2021)
  6. The Parasite with Moff Skellington “Transcendental Holiday Camp” Single (2021)
  7. Moff Skellington “Wormcracks” from Owlish Perspicacity (2015/2021)
  8. Beautify Junkyards “Cosmorama” from Cosmorama (2021)
  9. Black Needle Noise “Nocturnal feat. Helena Mamich” Single (2020)
  10. Charlie Nieland “Tightrope” Single (2021)
  11. Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou “Orphan Limbs” from The Helm Of Sorrow (2021)
  12. Marco Oppedisano “Klang” from Walk My Way : Volume Two (2021)
  13. The Body “Tied Up and Locked In” from I’ve Seen All I Need To See (2021)
  14. Hedfogger “Together Forever” from 6 (2021)
  15. Dave Graney & Clare Moore with Stu Thomas “Parchman Farm” from Keepin’ It Unreal (2006)
  16. The Triffids “Jerdacuttup Man” from In The Pines (1986)
  17. Moff Skellington “A swipe of domestic current” from Owlish Perspicacity (2015/2021)
  18. The Masonics “I’m on the outside looking in” from Temple Vaults (2012)
  19. Shinobu Nemoto “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg” from Walk My Way : Volume Two (2021)
  20. Electric Frankenstein “Action High” from Sick Songs (1997)
  21. Hedfogger “Superman (you can’t) not mix” from 6 (2021)
  22. Dave Graney & Clare Moore with Stu Thomas “Am I Wearing Something of Yours?” from Keepin’ It Unreal (2006)
  23. The Triffids “Born Sandy Devotional” from In The Pines (1986)
  24. Moff Skellington “Take a Bone Hard Compass” from Owlish Perspicacity (2015/2021)
  25. Dead Sea Apes_Black Tempest_Adam Stone “Lost Hours” from Dataland (2021)
  26. Scenius “Make It Shiny : Nature Of Wires Remix” Single (2021)
  27. Comatose “Circles/Skin” from A Way Back (2021)

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