Aural Delights on the Overflow 51

  1. Cathal Couglan “Song of Co Aklan” Single (2021)
  2. Miss Lava “Fourth Dimension” from Doom Machine (2021)
  3. Orange Clocks “Space Witch” from Metamorphic (2020)
  4. The Persian Leaps “Your Loss” from Smiling Lessons (2020)
  5. Misty Lanes “The Sargent’s Last Straw” from Misty Lanes (2017)
  6. Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters “Out of My Head” from Smashed Full of Wonder (2020)
  7. Gary Clail “Half Cut for Confidence” from Half Cut for Confidence 12″ (1985)
  8. Still Corners “White Sands” from The Last Exit (2021)
  9. Burning Tree “Fly On” from Burning Tree (1990)
  10. Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke “Alf Leila Wa leila” from Diverso Lontano Incomprensibile (2020)
  11. Arrows To Fire “A Million Miles Away” from A Million Miles Away (2021)
  12. Jefertiti’s Nile “Blue Spirit Blues” from The Electric Hour (2014)
  13. Hairetis Harper “Lost In The City” from Draft (2021)

Aural Delights Part of The Overflow Sunday Service on River Gibbs FM.

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